Leftwing Lunacy: Paving roads is racist

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Caroline Criado-Perez is a Brazilian-born British feminist activist and journalist, a member of the Tribe, and heaped with honors:

  • In 2013, Perez was named one of BBC’s 100 Women.
  • In 2015, at age 36, she was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) ‘For services to Equality and Diversity, particularly in the Media’.

This is a recent tweet posted by Criado-Perez (retweeted by InfoWars reporters Paul Joseph Watson):

“Also spending money on roads instead of welfare is literally choosing rich white men over everyone else — they are the ones who drive.”

Bet you didn’t know that only rich white men drive.

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0 responses to “Leftwing Lunacy: Paving roads is racist

  1. Psychologist = someone who practices psychology
    Psychiatrist = someone who practices psychiatry
    Sociologist = someone who practices sociology
    Podiatrist = someone who practices as a medical foot doctor
    Dentist = someone who practices dentistry
    Terrorist = someone who practices terrorism
    Islamist = someone who practices Islam
    Racist = someone who practices race
    We ALL have a race, the human race. People who have a problem with the color of someone’s skin need to realize that someone’s color is not their own choice but how God decided to paint their skin. Those who have a problem with the color of someone’s skin might have a problem with the painting done, instead. This can go both ways, and I am seeing so many stories on the news sites about how nonwhites are having, or making, problems with white people. Just because they are white, or are not nonwhite. When do I get to see stories about people who are similar to my nonwhite friends who know that skin color does not matter worth a hill of beans? I have many friends who are not white, and it has always been attitude, honesty, friendship, compassion, and even humor that bonded us. Never hate for something. Why does this have to start with hate?

    • Americans should judge and be judged not “by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  2. The ultimate statement:
    If a white does not commit suicide he is racist ! Ha ha !

  3. Alex Jones has reported that interstate highways in Texas have been sold off to private foreign companies that will put tolls on them. So people who need to drive will pay a toll to a foreign company. This amounts to another way to vacuum American money out of the country.
    The United States signed onto the U.N.’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. These platforms or programs are full of extinction protocols, and these treaties—signed under the Obama Administration—aim to eliminate motor vehicles. Right now they have begun to condition the public to this goal, to be implemented incrementally.
    In New York City, former Mayor Bloomberg actually inventoried curbside parking spaces throughout the entire five boroughs, and eliminated over 20,000 of them with bike and bus lanes. (Meanwhile he is buying up parking garages throughout the city). Gas stations and parking lots are disappearing from Manhattan and the other boroughs.
    Yesterday, Volvo, stating that “the internal combustion engine has run its course,” announced it will phase out traditional gasoline engines within the next few years, replacing them with hybrid or electric cars.
    The goal of Microsoft, Google, Tesla and others is that we shall become a nation of renters and stop being a nation of owners. No one will own a car anymore; People will rent them or rideshare them, paying for the electronic rights to them under rental use. Uber and other rideshare platforms are in on the deal.
    The goal is clear: The oligarchical elite is out to prevent us from traveling. They are out to reign us in, and they have gone down the list, item by item. This is but another extinction protocol, along with chemtrails, GMO foods, poisoned vaccines, mandatory healthcare, etc., etc. And to top it off, they have to drag out another lunatic like Perez, who is diverse in that she’s Brazlian and British (by the “adoption” of knighthood). They’re probably hoping we will make the subconscious connection that she escaped the Hunger Games, and leftist kooks will imagine she doesn’t even menstruate!
    What we have been witnessing with this dizzy dame, Justin Trudeau, Jerry Brown, Antifa, CNN, the LGBT cabal and all the rest is the institutionalization of mental illness. MAKE NO MISTAKE: We are being ruled by a Satanic and transhumanist cabal that wants the human race, minus them (of course) to be extinct, because we are Malthus’s “useless eaters.” And they have gained tremendous headway because we of common sense, will not organize and adopt their tactics and fight back!
    Someone should organize and publish a “Lunatic of the Week” site to expose these maniacs!

    • Great analogy Steve,you hit it correctly.

    • They did the same thing in Indiana, and build new highways just to auction them off to toll companies. Then the toll company defaults as it can’t make money and the state has to take it over. Rinse, repeat.

  4. Nutcase who has bought into several goofy leftist theories…including Agenda 21, but this is so like South Africa. Yep, get rid of all the white Europeans who built this wonderful country and what have you got left, those who will destroy it fully.

  5. Evidently this dumba$$ doesn’t drive or she would see millions of NON whites driving on the paved roads!

  6. Not so fast there poopsie. Those roads are bought, built and paid for by men of all colors that need them to go to work to support welfare leeches like you.
    What an ignorant statement.

  7. The world really needs to consider who it allows to vote. If she wants to provide welfare she ought to donate her earnings to charity rather than advocate more theft from the working man through taxes.

  8. What is the “Tribe”?
    And what’s with the increase in dual, hyphenated last names? Is it just from women who refuse to take the name of their husbands in marriage?

  9. Indigenous people of Brazil are accostumed to tread the rough terrains of the Mato Grosso jungle, they don’t want roads because to them is the beginning of the end for their peoples. However, had it no been for roads built by “white men” the world would have lost an important population for lack of modern medicine. Their way of living remains unchanged. This Left wing activist has benefited greatly from the paved roads, otherwise she would be an unknown.

  10. Somebody tell this moron that the computer she writes on and all the food she eats, the cloths she wears, everything she has was transported to her on roads. What a brainless, hypocritical twit.

  11. I guess she never noticed the millions of tractor trailers running down the road. The semis which bring the food to her table.
    Even in her home of Brazil, the largest number of vehicles are delivery trucks.
    I will start listening to her after she has gone 5 years without using a paved road.

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