Leftwing director Oliver Stone says Obama is “scary”

Now he tells us.

Hollyweird director/producer Oliver Stone of such flicks as JFK, Natural Born Killers, Platoon, and Born On the Fourth of July, says things haven’t improved but have gotten “worse” and “scarier” with Obama in the White House, and that he finds Obama himself “scary.”

What if Oliver Stone had said this BEFORE the election?

Patrick Gavin reports for Politico, Nov. 9, 2012, that in his new book with historian Peter Kuznick, The Untold History of the United States, Oliver Stone argues that, “The country Obama inherited was indeed in shambles, but Obama took a bad situation and, in certain ways, made it worse.”

Much of Stone and Kuznick’s book focuses on the threats posed by government secrecy and militarism throughout history and, in an interview with POLITICO Friday, Stone said that things aren’t getting better.

“It’s scarier,” said Stone. “I grew up under Eisenhower … and it’s gotten scarier because of the Bush and Reagan people and now I find Obama scary in a way that I had not done in 2008.” Stone cited reports of American drone attacks in Yemen and Pakistan as examples, as well as Obama’s “kill list.”

Kuznick says Obama “has become judge, jury and executioner around the world.”

But being the diehard Leftists that they are, despite their critique of Obama, both Stone and Kuznick still insist the POS to be the “best of two evils” who “has a heart” and who can be “pushed” in the right direction.

Obama has a heart?

You mean the “man” who three times voted against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act (BAIPA) has a heart?

What potent dope is Oliver Stone smoking?

If Obama has his way and BAIPA is repealed, babies born alive after a failed late-term abortion will be left alone in a room, to slowly die from starvation and neglect….

Obama has a heart as much as the serpent in that first Garden has a heart….

By the way, I’ve never watched even a single Oliver Stone movie, and I don’t intend to start now. Remember to shun all Obama supporters!


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7 years ago

Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this excellent post. Obama has a heart, supporting and advocating for the killing of 51 million children through abortion for purposes of convenience and as you pointed out, he has such a heart that he is for infanticide. Obama’s eyes are getting darker, more frightening and evil. I look forward to God’s Justice in His own timing, protecting His people and taking care of the murderers of human beings, liberty and freedom.