Leftwing Crazies

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As we get closer and closer to the midterm elections of November 2, the Left are becoming unglued. Here’s a sampling:

Howard Dean calls TEA Party movement “a monster”

(Politico)– Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said Wednesday that the GOP has “created a monster” by encouraging the tea party movement.
Remember his scream?


Unfunny comIC Sarah Silverman makes crude sexual comment about 9-11 widows

(Newsbusters)– Standup comic and New York Times-bestselling author Sarah Silverman joked on Twitter that widows of the Sept. 11 attacks “give the best handjobs” on Oct. 6, attributing the quote to pseudonymous 19th century author and satirist Mark Twain. “‘9/11 widows give the best hand jobs.’ -Mark Twain,” wrote Silverman, adding the hashtag, “#notcooltwain.”


Dem Congressman Phil Hare (IL) says Obama’s $13+ trillion deficit is a “myth”

Also see HERE for Hare giving the finger to his critics.

VP Joe Biden says he’ll “strangle” Republicans

(FoxNews) Vice President Joe Biden has told Democrats at a Minnesota fundraiser that he’ll “strangle” members of the GOP who complain about the federal budget.
H/t WeaselZippers.

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0 responses to “Leftwing Crazies

  1. There is not a politician on the face of this earth that I trust. NOT ONE! They hold no integrity or truth in their hearts whatsoever.
    I just listened to Howard Dean in THIS video

    I was shocked because of what I heard. He was going to go to the WH after going all over the world and chop that MF’n desk in half? Nice thing to say to a crown with possibly children in the audience Nice Example of behavior. No wonder our nation is in such a mess.
    God help us. I am all for exercising our rights BUT, when it comes to stomping on the rights of others to exercise your OWN, there is something wrong. I think that is where the problems began in the first place.

  2. That’s not the video I listened to. At the bottom of the similar videos, there is a pic of a baby with a funny face. It is in THAT video that Dean said what he did. So, in the vid of Howard Dean, look for that one with the baby’s face if you want to heart it.

  3. Oops, sorry, it’s me again…just call me a foolish old lady. It was a voice over by David Chapelle. I beg your forgiveness but…what I said about the right stomping, is still what I believe.
    And in MANY cases anyway, politicians are still no example for our children.

  4. WEll that wasn’t exactly the most articulate way of expressing his frustration (ahem-hatred). Joe Bite Me Biden is a primary example of the insane arrogance of the left and this administration and congress in general.


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