Leftist Unions Launch Recall Drive Against Wisconsin Senators

Demonrats and their public employee unions have launched a multi-million dollar drive to recall 18 Wisconsin state senators who had voted to rein in those government unions. Here’s the recall TV ad:
Please help those senators fight against this malicious drive. Americans who live outside of Wisconsin can help by donating, all the more because in-state donations are being suppressed.
Salena Zito writes at RCP:

Wisconsin has what can only be described as a screwy recall law; get  enough signatures on a petition and you can trigger new elections. Democrats hope to use this law to undo the GOP’s statehouse majority.
Recall elections could begin as early as June for 16 targeted  Wisconsin state senators — eight Republicans who voted in favor of the law that ends most collective bargaining powers for public-employee  unions, and eight Democrats who ran and hid in Illinois in what turned  out to be a failed attempt to keep GOP lawmakers from voting on the  measure….
While Wisconsin’s story fell off the front page, the left — fueled by unions, the Democratic Governors Association and [George Soros’] MoveOn.org — has begun a multimillion-dollar TV campaign to support the audacious recall effort…. Unions and the left are far outspending pro-business interests and the right on recall ads.
Democrats…see more at stake than a single state Senate majority…. They know this is the first battle of 2012….
If Walker and other governors cannot tame public pensions and union contracts, you will see tax hikes enacted under freshmen GOP governors across the country in the next few years. It is simple math.

You can donate here. It’s important that Wisconsin Republicans get out of state donations, because instate donations have been suppressed due to union threats.
H/t NiceDeb

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Candance Moore
Candance Moore
9 years ago

So much for liberals complaining about out-of-state money buying off local elections.

9 years ago

I think the red diaper-sporting commie goonionists are about to find out just how insignificant they truly are.
That will be a good thing.