Leftist radio talker wants to behead Tea Partiers

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A delegate to the Democratic National Convention, Julia Rodriguez, openly threatened to kill Mitt Romney.
A week before the Nov. 6 presidential election, MoveOn.org and Michael Moore produced a video of senior citizens in Rosebud Nursing Home, in which a 97-year-old woman vowed: “We’ll burn this motherfucker down” if Romney’s elected.
That video was followed by a murderous “Get Out the Vote” ad released by a Democrat activist website, RepublicanZombieDefense.com, in which Obama supporters use garden shears, chainsaws, machine guns, and grenades to maim, behead, and explode Romney supporters who are portrayed as brain-dead zombies.
Even after they “won” the 2012 presidential election, Demonrats are still seething with murderous rage.
The latest threat of violence from the Left is from Mike Malloy, the host of what he calls a “Progressive” radio show that airs 9-mid ET, Mon-Fri.

On his show of November 26, 2012, Malloy threatened to behead Tea Partiers. This is what he said:
“These Teabag bastards. I just wish they’d all go away, or in Passover, I just wish there was an angel of the lord that would pass over and, instead of killing the first born in all the households of Egypt, just wipe off all the teabaggers. You know, the terrible swift sword. Just shwoosht, shwoosht, shwoosht, lob their heads off!”

H/t Brian Malloney, The Radio Equalizer and the Patriot Action Network

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0 responses to “Leftist radio talker wants to behead Tea Partiers

  1. Bring your dumbass on, you punk! Semper Fi.

  2. Mike Malloy is a malicious individual, whom I detest and wanted very much to comment on his forum. However, the terms of agreement on his website at registration; has some not so veiled threats to hack one’s IP address if something is said that they don’t like. So it’s not worth it. Frankly I would rather go straight to the jackasse’s e-mail if I can find the address and tell him foul I think he really is.
    It’s hard to believe this guy is allowed out without a muzzle and straight jacket.

  3. Since he is an Atheist, I’m surprised he spoke of the Passover or any biblical reference. I once e-mailed him when he said terrible things about some tornado victims. I got a disgusting cartoon back in response. Had to block him after that. Horrible man!!

  4. “We want to thank all of you to listening to The Mike Malloy Show on KPOJ in Portland, Oregon. We are sorry to announce that KPOJ has ceased to broadcast Progressive Talk.”
    Evidently they’ve been getting complaints. But then he still has a podcast. Now he’s asking for donations. Fat chance.

  5. Heirs of Bill Ayers and the rest of the Weathermen…

  6. And Liberals or progressives or just plain lunatics (your choice as to what to call them) wonder why the conservative side of politics just can’t trust them!

  7. Here’s the Libtard’s e-mail address…..

  8. Jerk.

  9. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this revealing post. We are facing “in your face” evil from the very “tolerant” Left, who desire to behead you, tear you apart limb from limb and kill you since you disagree with the evil they support.

  10. Reblogged this on Biblical Times News.

  11. Mike Malloy can stuff his Irish Leprechauns down his throat and choke for all I care! And now that we have his email address, we can punk him badly by creating an email address through trashmail.net. When you go to the site to create a diversion email address that you can give to some trolls, you list malloy’s email address as the real email address that the trashmail email address will forward the emails to.


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