Left-wing paper portrays Obamas as monkeys

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As you probably already know, Obama is in Europe to attend EU and NATO summits.

According to The Guardian, Obama’s entourage of 900, including 45 vehicles and 3 planes, is estimated to cost Belgium more than €10m (more than $13.78 million).

Back in the mass-delusion days of the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama was greeted in the U.S. and in Europe by huge crowds of giddy besotted worshippers numbering in the tens of thousands, like this one in Berlin:

July 24, 2008, Berlin

July 24, 2008, Berlin

Sic transit gloria.

At Obama’s press conference in the Hague, Netherlands, only one person applauded.

On March 22, 2014, the Dutch newspaper De Morgen (Tomorrow) dedicated a whole section, “The Daily Herald,” to Obama’s upcoming visit to Belgium in its weekend edition. The weekly satirical page “The Daily Herald” was renamed “The Obama Herald” for the occasion.

The page contains fictitious tweets by Obama, some articles and also a cartoon — a photo that Russian president Vladimir Putin allegedly sent to De Morgen, showing Barack and Michelle with a monkey face.

De Morgen

Michael Torfs reports, March 24, 2014, that De Morgen, “a left-wing daily” witha solid anti-racist reputation in Belgium,” has issued an apology for the cartoon after the digital collage comparing the Obamas with monkeys “triggered numerous international reactions.”

De Morgen says they made an error of judgement about their “tasteless joke.”

On page 2, the daily writes that “when you consider the fragment apart from its context, which is a properly worked out satirical section, then you don’t see the joke but just a picture evoking sheer racism. That was a risk we didn’t consider enough beforehand. We wrongly assumed that racism is no longer tolerated anywhere, and that as a result it could be the subject of a joke,” but we overlooked the fact that in the United States, the comparison between blacks and monkeys is still something that pops up regularly today.

In other words, at the same time as De Morgen apologizes for its “tasteless joke,” the newspaper blames anyone who might be offended by the cartoon on those racist Americans who still “regularly” compare blacks with monkeys.

I don’t call that an apology, do you?

SHAME ON YOU, De Morgen, for your racist cartoon dehumanizing an American president, for which you ALONE are responsible.

And DOUBLY SHAME ON YOU, De Morgen, for twisting your “apology” around to scapegoat the American people.

You make me ill. svomit_100-121

H/t FOTM’s josephbc69 for The Guardian.


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0 responses to “Left-wing paper portrays Obamas as monkeys

  1. Why do people feel the need to apologize for telling the truth? In the world you are always going to “offend” some yahoo, so get over it. I personally thought it was spot on. But then again I despise this POS

    • dee,

      I disapprove of Barack Obama for his malevolent beliefs and what he’s done to America, not for his skin color and “race.” The proof of that is my esteem for blacks like neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson and Rev./Dr. James David Manning.

      To portray Obama as a monkey is to provide ammunition to our ideological-political opponents. Don’t do it.

      • I was referring to his behavior not his race. i don’t care what color someone is. A putz is a putz and they come in all colors, sizes shapes and races. I personally think monkey’s are cute and used to spend hours in the “Monkey house” at the zoo as a kid.
        See how easily people can misinterpret what someone says or does.?

        • dee,

          You wrote “I personally thought it was spot on” about this post on De Morgen, so I could only assume you were referring to De Morgen’s cartoon.

          But thanks for your clarification!

  2. What I want to know is why does he require these incredible extravaganzas of imperial display? He behaves as if he’s an Emperor, not a President.

  3. I had the TV on yesterday, and accidentally caught Obama live, speaking to a stone-faced audience of what seemed to be European leaders. As he rattled on about freedoms, liberties, democracy and the new levels of unprecedented prosperity, the crowd appeared angry, inconvenienced and bored.

    • Having direct experience of two World Wars fought in their nations no doubt made these people listen closely to the PiMP’s aide-written speech. When it was clear that it was BS, their reality checks cut in and they made it known they were not beguiled.

  4. The Obamas are Antichrist Network serpent monkeys to be exact…

  5. Weren’t they in an old movie with Charlton Heston?
    No it wasn’t Ben Hur.

  6. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this excellent post exposing what true racism is about: hatred. Apparently, some of the commenters have missed the point of the post. No matter how much we cannot stand Obama, the portrayal of him as a monkey because he is black is unconscionable and horrible.


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