Left Plans Waves of Militant Pro-Union Protests

Last Saturday, a reported 10,000 people marched through downtown Los Angeles to demonstrate their “solidarity” with public employee union workers in Wisconsin. Darsha Philips of ABC7News reports on March 26, 2011:

Wisconsin passed a law stripping public employee unions of collective bargaining rights and local protesters say it could happen in Southern California. Union members and their allies gathered at the Los Angeles Convention Center and marched onward to Pershing Square in hopes of sending out a message that collective bargaining rights cannot be taken away from unions.
A controversial bill in Wisconsin has pitted Democrats and Republicans against each other, limiting collective bargaining rights of government employees. The bill was signed into law by Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Legislators and governors in several other states are seeking to adopt similar laws, citing budget problems.

Anti-government budget cuts protesters, London, March 26, 2011

Given what happened in London on Saturday, where an estimated 400,000 protested against government budget cuts and attacked police with homemade  ammonia-filled light-bulbs, as our writer Candance warned, we can expect more such protests here in America in the days, weeks, and months to come.
In fact, even before Governor Scott Walker’s battle with public unions in Wisconsin, the Left in America already had drawn plans for successive waves of massive militant protests. As Kyle Olson of BigGovernment alerted us on January 13, 2011, “Radicals in Planning Stages of Massive ‘Militant’ U.S. Protests“:

The Huffington Post reported last year about college students shutting down major freeways in California. In Wisconsin, protesters threw “punches and ice chunks” at police after the students were refused entry into an administration building in Madison. Now, plans are being made for a month of similar actions this year, kicking off March 2nd.

Some activists have complained that unions are not currently leading the charge because they’ve become too “corporatist.” But they believe once they make their move, unions will move to “co-opt” the movement.
“Student strikes” will occur in March to fight budget cuts and increased fees for students. What’s happening in Europe is about to be emulated in America, friends. Radicals know this is one of their last opportunities to keep the gravy grain running on time. But reality, courtesy of fed up taxpayers, may interrupt their plans.
One of the movement’s leaders, Los Angeles high school teacher Omar Hussein, recruited “student militants” to support the March 4th protests in 2010. He’s a leader again this time around, according to sources within the movement.
The month of “actions” will be capped off with a global action stemming from a huge union/socialist rally in London March 26th. As many as one million people will show their solidarity with those “in the firing line of the government’s cuts,” according to a statement posted on a public employee union website.
The pro-big government radicals are in the planning stages of something similar in the United States. One radical from Arizona pledged that the actions will be “very militant” because what they’ve done so far hasn’t worked and “there are no other options now.”
Radicals who fantasize about Che Guevara’s revolution, the Soviet States of America and the good ole days of Chairman Mao will soon be making their move. They’ll be doing their best to seize the current “crisis” and push their socialist agenda.
Will they get anywhere?  The big government agenda certainly had its wings clipped in the November election. But that doesn’t mean violence, upheaval and chaos can be stopped. And we shouldn’t kid ourselves that it’s simply a small band of “student militants” that break a few windows and celebrate at the local (fair trade) coffee house. When this action occurs, SEIU, AFL-CIO, NEA, AFT, NAACP and others will be right behind them to push the socialist agenda forward.
This is the moment to stand up to them, reject their agenda and defend a free and capitalist America.


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lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

The Washington State AG, Rob McKenna, is presumed to be the Rino/Repub candidate for Governor in 2012. He has recently gone on the record that he favors collective bargaining. The recently ousted Rino/Repub State Chairman, Luke Esser, has taken on the new job of lobbyist for the SEIU.
In Washington State, BIG LABOR has the Rino GOP in it’s hip pocket. Bah!

Candance Moore
Candance Moore

Independents will have no idea what hit them.


Let the commie puke goonion members protest.
They have no clue how severely outnumbered, as well as outgunned, they truly are.


Each state should stop automatically deducting union duesfrom teacher paychecks, and tell the unions, DO IT YOURSELF!!!!!


which reminds me, those dues are pre-tax dollars.