Left eat left: Libtard TV hostess accused of cultural appropriation because she wore cornrows

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The poor womyn won’t be able to laugh this off. That’s because she’s lost her ability to laugh due to President Trump.

From Yahoo: Padma Lakshmi‘s hairstyle selection for Thursday’s episode of Top Chef isn’t winning rave reviews.

The episode, shot last June, took place at the University of Kentucky’s basketball arena in Lexington. For it Lakshmi opted to wear cornrows, and she was called out on Twitter for cultural appropriation.

“Why did they make Padma get braids for an episode that references basketball?” someone asked. Another person suggested that the TV personality’s hairstylist has a “vendetta against her” for the look.

Some tied her hairstyle to the larger national conversation about race right now after the scandal involving Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. One person wrote, “Padma Lakshmi in cornrows and a wifebeater at a BASKETBALL ARENA challenge. Is she planning on running for Virginia governor in the future?”

This isn’t the first time Lakshmi, who was born in India, sported the controversial look. She also wore cornrows last year — and was criticized then too.

Not everyone was offended though. When the Lexington Herald-Leader covered Lakshmi’s visit in June, her hairstyle was described by the publication as “elegant cornrows.”


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29 responses to “Left eat left: Libtard TV hostess accused of cultural appropriation because she wore cornrows

  1. The Left hoisted with their own petard. LOL

  2. Maybe this kind of crap helps to explain why dems/libs are not bothered by muslims and other foreigners that refuse to assimilate.

    Which I find very telling.

  3. what about all the negros that have tried to wear hairstyles that imitate caucasions hairstyles. straightening etc. wouldn’t that be cultural misappropreation as well.

    • I’m sure you’ve noticed that overtime the Overseers create another meme we start seeing examples, from out of nowhere. Just like Obongo straight out of The Company’s Central Casting.

      At the moment the “enemy” is the White Christian Heterosexual Male. So in advertisements, television programs, billboards, etc., we see these “chocolate”, vaguely queer, androgynous metrosexuals.

      What I find interesting is the speed at which these things can be implemented. The more rootless a population the easier it is to manipulate it. Many of the young actually “envy” non-whites. I don’t think that’s healthy. It certainly is understandable though, if one understands what they’re trying to do.

      It is impossible now to discuss the correlation between “race” and “intelligence” for example. Don’t think for a moment that our overseers don’t know of this. They are breeding down, not up. They want their cattle singing hymns to the Odor while they hand wind generators in mud huts.

  4. They have killed the very possibility of humor. They are all about obedience. The Borg will be angry. There shouldn’t BE a “national conversation on race”. Why would anyone want to focus on differences?

    These are morons who swallowed the communist Kool-aid. They are all either staring at their I-Phones or looking left and right to see if they are PC. How disgusting. They aren’t even alive. They are alive in the way that beakless chickens are alive that are strapped to egg collecting machines.

    These loons are full-on THX 1138 aficionados.

  5. If this race-pandering phony’s family had migrated to the Deep South a century ago, she’d have been sporting a white sheet to ingratiate herself with the ptb. Who’s she kidding? But today she’s putting on the brown face doo to ingratiate herself with the Jews who own TV and thereby own the so-called brown vote. Back in India her kind would have had the Indian equivalent of blacks whipped to death merely for failing to bow in her presence. She’s playing for keeps and we treat it as a curiosity.

  6. I’ve always thought to ‘appropriate’ someone else’s culture was a form of flattery.

  7. @Dr Eowyn Must read.

    The Marrano Moloch Pope meets with the Sabbatean Sunni Inman

    • Yeah, I posted this here yesterday. Wonderful, huh?

      • Sorry Lophatt, missed it. I view this omission from the Bolshevik lying MSM as of epic proportions. Remember this Marrano “Pope” was under AshkeNazi “Psychiatric” (((brainwashing))) care years ago.

  8. Maybe Medusa can win more games if she turns the opposition into stone?

  9. Read about the hair style called a “Conk”…. In “The Autobiography of Malcolm X” there is a reference to it. So if you stick your head in the toilet are you a shithead by default??

  10. If you guys hate blacks so much you should’ve left us in Africa and picked your own cotton. I laugh at your ignorance, because you really don’t know your history. You will soon be the minority, there is no pure race

  11. So then, I am guilty when I wear my Panama hat at the beach on a summer day. How dare a white American of Irish descent put on clothing made in Ecuador and loved in Cuba? The nerve of me! (sarc)


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