Leave Ronald McDonald Alone!

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Stop bashing the clown!

Group Pushes Ronald McDonald to ‘Happy Trails’

Why are liberals so intent on demanding how a private-sector firm promotes their business? First they tried to get McDonald’s to drop toys from their Happy Meals.  Now, they want the corporation to retire Ronald McDonald the clown.
From NewsMax.com: A campaign to stop McDonald’s from marketing fast food to children includes a call for the company’s 48-year-old advertising icon, carrot-topped funster Ronald McDonald, to be retired, The Wall Street Journal reports. The nonprofit group Corporate Accountability International has newspaper ads running this week signed by hundreds of health professionals, and a companion website, retireronald.org, to pressure the chain to send out the clown and change its ways.
The group’s letter acknowledges that no single cause or company is entirely to blame for what it calls a modern-day health epidemic. “But marketing can no longer be ignored as a significant part of this massive problem,” the letter says.
The “Retire Ronald” website states: “But success has come at the expense of our children’s health. Since the inception of Ronald McDonald, obesity rates have more than tripled among American children and the prevalence of diet-related conditions like type 2 diabetes has skyrocketed.”
Of course, they ask for a donation: “It’s going to take a lot to convince McDonald’s to retire its most effective junk food salesman. Our kids can’t wait – the rates of diet-related disease are increasing at a staggering pace. To send Ronald packing, it’s going to take some grassroots outreach, a lot of public education, and the funds to make it all happen.”
So does that mean this “Corporate Accountability” organization will now go after Tony the Tiger, the Burger King, “Jack” from Jack in the Box, and Cap’n Crunch? 
Marketing is a significant part of this massive problem? Here’s a concept: Let the parents decide what is best for their children and to raise them with their idea of healthy food habits. And treat them to a Happy Meal if they want.
Update: McDonald’s Corp. CEO Jim Skinner spoke at the company’s shareholder meeting on Thursday and said Ronald McDonald is staying put!  “This is about choice, this is about personal, individual right to choose in the society we live in. That’s where we play, that’s where you play, and we have every right to do so.” “He does not advertise unhealthy food to children,” Skinner said. “We provide many choices that fit with the balanced, active lifestyle. It is up to them to choose and their parents to choose, and it is their responsibility to do so.” Amen to that.

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0 responses to “Leave Ronald McDonald Alone!

  1. Left/liberal busybodies had granola/wheat bread inflicted upon them as children, so now Ronald McDonald will pay for it.

  2. fat, stupid and lazy is any segment of society that listens to the braying of the liberal agitator.

  3. I was hoping someone would blog this story. Looks like another raid has already taken place.

  4. Moochele probably wants his spot-

  5. yeah i could just imagine either moochelle or barack as the new ronald and the other could be the hamburglar. just get them out of the white house now.
    into jobs they would be much more qualified doing being the clowns that they are.

  6. McDonald’s supports homosexuality. So, I will not support McDonald’s!!

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    • Perhaps you might wish to translate that into English and try again, spammer?
      And I’ll take fried spam over cabbage soup any day of the week.

      • Hilarious! I shut down my laptop early last evening and the spammers go wild. Hey, “sacred heart diet” dude or dudette, you seriously need a Martian to English translation guide ’cause you’re wriitng gibberish!


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