Leader of July 4 armed march on D.C. arrested

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Two weeks ago, I did a post on radio host and Iraq war veteran Adam Kokesh’s plan to lead an armed march on Washington, D.C., this July 4, Independence Day, to put government on notice that we won’t be intimidated.
In a Ron Paul rally on September 2, 2008, Kokesh had made evident his political views when he declared that “While it is our responsibility now to resist tyranny civilly, while we still can, there may come a time when we will say to the powers that be, be it with your blood or ours we have come to water the tree of liberty … who will stand with me?”
True to his words, on May 5, 2013, Kokesh launched the planned armed march as a group on Facebook, the “Open Carry March on Washington.” He hoped to get 1,000 supporters to march into the nation’s capital with loaded rifles.
TPTB are seeing to it that the march will not happen.
As reported by Natural News, three days ago, on May 19, 2013, police dragged Adam Kokesh from a “Smoke Down Prohibition” protest in Philadelphia and charged him with “resisting arrest,” which Kokesh denies. This YouTube video of the arrest shows Adam Kokesh clearly NOT resisting, holding his hands up in a surrender posture and trying to maintain his balance while a gang of police drag him away from the event.

The next day, Kokesh was charged with felony assault of a federal officer and is held without bail. (Source)

Kokesh can’t organize the planned armed march from jail. No doubt, the authorities will hold Kokesh until July 4 is past and gone.
Welcome to the Soft Tyranny of Obama’s America.

Update (May 27, 2013):

Adam Kokesh has been released from jail. He’s now calling for marches on all 50 state capitals. See my post “Kokesh released from jail….”

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0 responses to “Leader of July 4 armed march on D.C. arrested

  1. All the more reason that “there may come a time when we will say to the powers that be, be it with your blood or ours we have come to water the tree of liberty”.

  2. Leave the Obama tribe to show the world what they really are and represent and they will undo themselfs, but we are preaching to the choir, how do we show the other half what they are and we this is going?

  3. Many believe Kokesh to be a fraud, a dangerous schill.

    • Thank you, wildriver and Locke Enlode for your warning about Adam Kokesh.
      I recommend y’all to go to wildriver’s link above. Kokesh is an Obama agent and says on his Facebook:
      Work Info
      Employer: Obama for America
      Position: Revolution Czar

      Time Period: March 2011 to present
      Description: Fomenting unrest

      • Doc, the “formenting unrest” sounds like a play straight from the Alinsky Handbook, eh? Follow the money if you want to know what’s what… his money comes straight from RT – Russia Today, a not so subtle arm of the FSB – Today’s KGB. McCarthy was correct and right. Anyone reading this and believes this moron to be a patriot need only to look at his self-appointed position – “Revolution Czar. Last I looked, the last Czars were taken out and murdered, by the Communists. Follow this moron at your own peril. Me, I’ll follow the Patriots, not the Czars.

  4. Mr. Kokesh is a shill, at best, and much much worse. His radio show was on RT – Russia Today. HELLO!?! Any one out there with any sense (common or otherwise) would see him for what he is … the modern day version of John Kerry and his dispicable display of treason, all for the cause; and that cause is NOT for the Liberty and Freedom provided in the Constitution but what his “handlers” tell him from the FSB.

  5. Two of my sons are Marines, and the mere mention of his name and his ilk are enough to bring on a tirade of contempt and threats of extreme prejudice because these Benedict Arnold’s hide behind the American flag and their military service to advance an alternative agenda, all in the name of Liberty and Freedom? Simply serpents serving Satan and the cause of evil, in my opinion and many others. Also, think on it for a nanosecond… 1000 OPENLY ARMED men descending on DC, the no gun zone of the Western World and he’s just gonna walkl right up and do what? I believe this charlatan to be a colossal moron. Case closed.

  6. What are the rest of you going to do? I support Adam and the march. If turns bad it will be the government slaughtering it’s citizens. Stand and be counted. Are you going to ask, pretty please, mat we have our rights back? Peaceful protest ends with police beatings shootings and prepper spraying. MLK, Kent State, OWS, freedom riders, etc

    • So are you going? Is Adam giving you permission to be in his formation? Are you going to pass Adam’s inspection to be in his formation after he gives you permission to march? Are you going to not record anything while you are in the march like Adam says? If you are going to leave if met with resistance (like Adam says) why go? I can guarantee you that crossing that bridge with loaded weapons puts you on the only ground the federal government has a legal means to defend. It gives those agents a real good reason to “just do their job”. Gunning down unarmed college kids (Kent State) is something altogether different.
      What’s the best case scenario? You march into DC, make a lap around the White House and then what? Go home? Get face recognized along the way.
      Lots of worse scenarios possible. You know how the mass media will play it, regardless of truth and how the mass CNN viewer out there will see it. This marijuana rally right beforehand is not a big help.
      Why does Adam choose federal government property for all of his stunts? (the jurisdiction is controlled)
      Why do federal agents arrest only Adam and Richard at Philadelphia and NONE of the violators of the federal War On Drugs and then make it over a bogus charge – when obviously everything is being filmed? Were all the other people fakes not really smoking marijuana? Between the four different uniform types present there, no one else is taken into custody? Sorry, but this is total theater unless there were some previous significant happenings edited out of that video. Or, it’s some of the most incompetent police work by at least four agencies at the same time.

      • Well stated Number41. Benedict Arnold meets John Kerry 2.0. Advance with this charlatan at your own peril. If he were a person of honor and character, why would he place restrictions on filming/recording what his group can say and do? Because the truth is the great disinfector and he has no place for the truth. Only stunts to advance his communist funded agenda.Problem solved. Problem stayed solved.

  7. The video clearly shows the police grabbing him, manhandling him and arresting him while he was speaking. You cannot arrest someone only for resisting arrest. What was the first charge for which you were arresting them that they resisted? You may be next. He may be crazy but that does not mean they aren’t trying to shut him up for criticizing Obama.

  8. Number 41. I am going to the march. I do not own a gun. I will come armed with my camera because if this get any media attention it will be screwed with and spliced. This is standing up for your rights. Not just the second amendment, but all of our rights. People want to say this is madness, but our country was founded by the brave minutemen that fired the “shot heard around the world.” We, as me and the rest owe our very lives and the right to be here. These very real men that stood and took our freedom from the tyranntical government. I guess I couldn’t really expect to see this with the current population. They arrested Adam for no reason and there were other people arrested, but they have a citation and let go. Adam doesn’t just picket federal places. Do you not think the police will “just be doing their jobs” when they start shooting? How about the peaceful marchers? The ones only with a camera. No, we will not be in the armed march but as bystanders. It is only common sense to vet the armed marchers. Make sure each and everyone one of them understands the peaceful armed march and make sure no one sneaks a handgun in. It will be done with rifles strapped to their backs with the barrel pointing to the ground. No camera allowed in the march, so the police can’t say that they thought it was a gun that was being pointed.Oh, never mind when they come for you, you will peacefully go.

    • ” I do not own a gun.”
      Now that’s just funny.
      “It is only common sense to vet the armed marchers.”
      Really? With what? A background check? How is Adam going to “vet” 1000 strangers? What will he tell them? I really believe in not infringing on your right to keep and bear arms, except around me? How will Adam identify the FBI-handled-for-years-but-we-need-the-public’s-help-identifying-them patsy that shows up?

      • Can’t have it both ways. It seems you do believe in government conspricies, what with the FBI involvement keeping us safe. Don’t go to the march. Don’t stand up. go on back home, Hide in your basement and just do what the government wants you to do. All evil needs to reign is for good men to do nothing. You owe your right to live here to the brave minutemen. I don’t own a gun, but I do love the bill of rights and the constitution. Keep on and show us all just how ignorant of American history most of you are.

        • You are right, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t stand on the sideline and call everyone else cowards for not marching with a gun. That’s called an Agent Provocateur. Kind of like Adam with his mic in Philadelphia telling everyone else to “break the law and smoke it anyway”.
          I know my history well enough. Lexington and Concord didn’t go picking a fight. It came to them.

          • What is wrong with you? The minutemen fought for freedom. We haven’t gone looking for it either. It is here, staring you in the face and you do nothing. What is that except a coward? You are invited to get out from behind your keyboard warriors and come unarmed. But you won’t do that.

            • “What is wrong with you?”
              You mean why don’t I just swallow your appeal to the Founders and run off to DC and follow a guy I’ve never even met before (who by the way is in federal prison so I’m not sure who is “vetting” the march)? Or, why I don’t just agree with you despite that you seem to have not thought through (and would rather ignore) all of the concerns I mentioned about the march?
              Look man, you are down to name-calling at this point. I don’t trust Adam based on what I have seen. If you do, continue to do his bidding.

          • ding, ding, ding! We have a Winner! Agent Provacateur is the correct identification for this moron and all those that will blindly follow him. Excellent posting Number41. And by the way, “armed” and “peaceful” protest is an oxymoron and a recipe for a stupendous clusterf**k. Thus, Agent Provacateur is the bell ringer. Nicely done.

  9. oh yeah,and if you want go back and listen to the information he gives about the march he wants. Not just for you but all of us.What are you going to do when the military and/or police kills these people? Say, well, they were just doing their jobs. Like the SS explained in the Nazi trials, “but I was just following orders.” A lot of you don’t like him because he smokes pot. IT’S JUST A PLANT and if you want to get upset because it is your Christian faith, I suggest you going back and read all about what God gave us. Among them were “every seed bearing plant.” My brother-in-law died of cancer. His doctor told him to smoke every bit of pot he could to help him eat and to control nausea. While taking “the medical treatment” he was put into so much pain. The chemo and radiation burned, blistered every part of his body. On the inside as well as the outside. He did hospice the last weeks of his life. The day him died the hospice worker told his wife to give him two enemas, so they didn’t have to clean up a mess when he died. That was cruel. The man had not eaten is days. Hemp is used in everything (before government and drug companies.) from paper, to clothing to insulation for building, etc. But our government outlawed it. This is the system of it all.

    • “oh yeah,and if you want go back and listen to the information he gives about the march he wants.”
      I only read what is on his website. That is the information I am going by.
      “We will march with rifles loaded & slung across our backs to put the government on notice that we will not be intimidated & cower in submission to tyranny.”
      Unless of course, you intimidate us, in which case we will cower in submission to tyranny:
      “2) We are not allowed to enter the District and will halt the formation well before the line at which point, with the whole world watching, we will declare the federal government illegitimate, and peacefully disperse.”
      If this is the intent, it just doesn’t make sense to go with loaded weapons. Too much opportunity for sabotage.
      I am glad you are going. I think it is wiser to film than be in that crowd. I would beware of the bridge from a tactical standpoint (since the route is telegraphed at this point).
      You said it is common sense to vet the armed marchers. I believe it is common sense to vet Adam before following him.

      • I believe you shouldn’t have to have a leader, stand up for your own rights. I have said over and over that this is bigger than one man, but Adam has the big hairy balls to do it. What are you going to do to protect your rights if this is so wrong?

        • 1wanderingtruthseeker, no offense, but you sound like either a provocateur (spelling?) or someone incredibly naive. Number 41 is making some excellent points that are just bouncing right off your head. If you don’t know who the sucker is at the card table, it’s you. If you don’t know who the patsy at this event is, maybe it’s you…

          • Ok, what’s your and his plan? Yes, I stand up for what I believe in and that’s the constitution and the bill of rights. Call me a shit starter, I don’t care. But we are losing our rights one by one and the government is not listening to we the people. I believe in the Bible to. It tells us what will happen, but some many, including Christians, who will not stand and put an end to the evil going on in our country. Muslims rule the day here and they worship a different God then I do. Do you know that Christians are considered a domestic terrorist. While the Muslims that said they will not quit until this country is Muslim and there flag flying at the White House. I may be navie, but I am not twisted by the lies that keep coming out of our government.

            • wandering,
              I understand you are frustrated. What I ask from you, however, is some measure of civility and self-control on FOTM.
              Hurling insults at those who don’t agree with you on the July 4 March on D.C., not only is uncivil and rude, it also doesn’t reflect well on your stance or you as a person. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you on tactics and strategy doesn’t make them less of a patriot than you. There can be honest disagreements about both goals and, in this case, means. There are legitimate questions to ask about Adam Kokesh and about the march itself.
              Or have you forgotten the tens of thousands of patriotic Americans, unarmed, who marched in protest, peacefully, in D.C. in 2009? Were you there? If not, to employ your tactics, you must not be a patriot!
              By the way, what actually came out of that 2009 March? The State Run Media refused to report accurately on the numbers, or to report at all. So what did the March accomplish?
              Answer: A big fat Zero.

              • Ok I looked at my comments and I didn’t call anyone aname. All I did was give the definition of a coward I won’t comment anymore or disagree with anyone as it seems you don’t anyone to disagree.

                • “as it seems you don’t anyone to disagree.” [sic]
                  Good grief, wandering. That’s all you’ve been doing for the last 2 days!
                  Questioning others’ patriotism if they don’t agree with you on the march is not an insult? And yet, you sure take umbrage quickly.

                  • Yes, I have been commenting for two days because some of your followers have been replying to my comments and I have stood for what I believe in.. All of you have been telling us to quit taking the bull crap from the government. How, I have asked many times. What, I have asked many times, what is your plan to stop the government? And no one will tell me what their plan is. Yes, I do questions other patriotism if they don’t want to stand up for their beliefs. What is your plan, pray tell me. It might just give me other alternatives to think about, no one will tell any other way.

                    • “because some of your followers”
                      They are not my followers; they are readers of this blog, just like you.
                      What to do?
                      1. Did you join the Tea Party protests against IRS-gate two days ago?
                      2. During last November’s elections, did you volunteer for a local, state, or national candidate of your choice?
                      3. Have you donated money, no matter how small the amount, to groups like Thomas More Law Center that fights for the civil rights of Christians, or True The Vote that uncovers and fights against voter fraud, or just some blog that you approve (not all blogs eschew donations like FOTM)? True the Vote means to sue the IRS, but it needs help for its legal bills.
                      To donate to Thomas More Law Center: https://www.thomasmore.org/donate
                      To donate to True the Vote: https://secure.giveworks.net/m/truethevote/support/?src=CLA1189
                      I can think of more, but you get the idea. Granted the above are little gestures, not a grand one like an armed march on D.C. You are not the only patriot who is frustrated and at her wits’ end. The predicament we find ourselves in is really quite unique in U.S. history, with the Left controlling the Executive Branch; half of the Legislative Branch; most of the media; all of the entertainment industry; schools from K-12, colleges, and universities; much of the intelligentsia. What to do about this? People smarter than you and me have asked and thought about it, but I don’t know of a really good idea that can bring the foulness down in one fell swoop (assuming there is such a magic method). Some, like Ann Barnhardt, are fighting the system by not paying taxes — and she is paying for it, having sold everything she has and is now living in a van by the river on the property of kind friends. I don’t know if that’s the solution.
                      Lastly, do you know why I won’t be at the July 4 Armed March on D.C. even if I think it’s a good idea (which I don’t)? I am home bound, caring for a semi-invalid, frail, sickly, and elderly husband, 6 birds, 1 cat, and flowering plants indoors and out. I haven’t had a vacation, not even a day off, in six years. I, therefore, very much do not appreciate having my patriotism be impugned simply because I don’t agree with you on the March.

                    • If you quit messaging me, you will never hear from me again as I have evicted you from the list of people I follow.

                    • Wow. You are some piece of work!
                      I hope you find some peace, as it is clear you are angry, miserable, and wretchedly unhappy.
                      P.S. Re. your comment that just went to Spam, calling me a “fat homebound” —
                      Sorry to disappoint you. I’m not at all fat — never been fat in my life and I work too hard at FOTM and around the house and gardens to be fat. You’ll have to try for another insult. 😀
                      She who lives in glass house really should not throw stones: https://en.gravatar.com/1wanderingtruthseeker#pic-2

                  • Yes, I have commented for two day, because others on your site disagree with me. Yes, I do question other patriotism for not standing up. I keep asking other to give them their plans so maybe I would have other options to look at. No one will tell me their plans. I have been asking not only your site and others, tell me what is your plan. I have been asking for some time now. I only took umbrage when you told me not to call anyone names when I have just been answering others that disagree with me. So, do you have a plan? Did you see what happened in London? The have no guns and the man stood in the street for twenty minutes, proclaiming muslims would not quite. They had to wait 20 minutes to find someone in the police department that had guns and knew how to shoot them. The only person that tried to stop him was a woman.

                    • 1wandering, have you not read what Adam has represented on his Facebook page as set forth above by Dr. Eowyn. His employer is “Obama for America” listing his position as “revolution czar”. Yet, even with his own representations, you still are willing to follow him like a blind individual. You talk about being “Christian.” This guy is like one of the false prophets that Jesus warned us about. Get a grip 1wandering and think before you come to inappropriate conclusions.
                      Do not insult Dr. Eowyn again. You make rash and unfounded conclusions not based upon substantial evidence. Dr. Eowyn works very hard on a daily basis as a patriot which is the real nature of patriotism. To follow one of the individuals who works for Obama is not only a waste of time, it is utterly stupid: “all form and no substance.” Have you ever heard of Alexander Pope’s warning, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”
                      I did not call you by your full name, because if you really were a truth seeker, you would be more concerned with substance, instead of form, with hard work, instead of mouthy misrepresentations, with supporting true patriots, not supporting individuals who admit they work for the king, people who are putting on a useless show to further the agenda of this administration. Wake up and think, No. One Wandering! This name indeed applies to you!

                  • Dressage Rider

                    Most of this is just common to someone who is bi-polar. Not meaning this behavior should be excused. I would not bother having a logical discussion with someone who can’t be logical!

            • Jesus said: “And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”
              I believe when he said “all nations” he meant all of them. Whether “nation” there is a nation-state like we use it today or more simply a people group, it means all of them. If it is a nation-state, then America will do one of two things: join in the hatred or cease to exist (and maybe both). The sorrows cannot be stopped. They must come to pass. The question is, what would God have you do to endure. This is a spiritual battle, though some portions are manifested in the physical realm. I am hoping for a better country as Abraham and Sarah – one not in this world. I have a peace about defending innocents as I read the scripture, but not being the aggressor. Maybe God would have you go to the march as a witness to the events. Then go. Just make sure which voice you are listening to. Prove all things. Hold fast that which is good.

              • I have a youtube of Sheria law that certain people have said the United States should be under law. It is a vid. taken somewhere in it looks like Africa or somewhere, of a woman being buried straight up and down. Buried with her head above ground. Of course she had a scarf over her hair. They put a blindford on her and lined they whole villiage up and everyone there threw big rocks at her head. They were having fun. Almost a party. They kept throwing them even after she was dead. The whole villiage. This is the fate of America. Stop this madness now. If this is not Satan Himself, I don’t know what is. The Bible tell you to grid yourself up in the armour of God. Fight the devil. I know you will say to arm yourself with the word of God, but what does the word of God tell you to do? Do you not think that evil is here in this flesh and blood world? Ban together and stop it. The control the government has of all of us will just make it easier to fall. Being worked to death to feed the Devil.

                • “The Bible tell you to grid yourself up in the armour of God. “
                  Ok, show me where the bible says that and is talking about taking up physical weapons and killing people.
                  Don’t change the subject again. Show us where that is.
                  “what does the word of God tell you to do?”
                  Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. (Matthew 22:37-40)
                  Let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: for the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.(James 1:19-20)
                  The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me? (Psalm 118:8)

  10. Why would Adam put himself in a position to be arrested a month and a half before his big “F-You, Government” march? And for such small potatoes as the Smoke Down Prohibition? I’m no strategic genius, but even I would know enough to lie low before an announced offense…unless, of course, it were to serve some purpose.

    • Thanks for the link. I bet that one DC park officer is getting pretty tired of him by now….here comes kokesh again.

  11. Dressage Rider

    Maybe Kokesh is just another “crisis actor?”

  12. I had no idea what a tool this guy is. While I stick by the original quote (‘The tree of liberty sometimes has to be watered with the blood of despots and patriots’), I certanly don’t want to be associated with ANYONE associated with the POS or his minions.


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