Leader Mitch McConnell files cloture on 13 district judges

The best thing about the demorats’ years-long impeachment obsession?

They have taken their eyes off of other important issues such as President Trump’s record-setting number of judicial appointments. And Mitch McConnell is about to confirm 13 more conservative nominations before 2020.

While the demorats spend countless hours on their fantasy of removing President Trump, McConnell isn’t about to let that stop him from helping shape our judicial system.

Excerpts from Bloomberg Law:

The Republican-led Senate is aiming to squeeze in a final round of confirmations in another big year for conservative judicial nominees. Trump has appointed more than 170 district and appellate judges since taking office as well as two to the U.S. Supreme Court in a bid to remake the judiciary with young conservatives.

Most of the trial court selections advanced by McConnell for votes this week would go to eight states with at least one Republican senator and five represented by Democrats. Democrats have expressed frustration with many Trump judicial selections, saying they lack the requisite legal qualifications or are too ideological.

McConnell made his move amid reports that Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) is resisting efforts to negotiate a package of lower court judges that could move before adjournment and be approved without roll call votes. Democratic aides said they do not expect a year-end package that is approved by unanimous consent to include more judges.”

Read the whole story here.


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I had doubts before but We are finally showing progress among Republicans, I see young men and middle age republicans in the House and the Senate showing so much courage and knowledge, I believe they are going to be around for a while, Mitch McConnell is standing firm and not letting go. POTUS will shine through as never before, the swamp, though not completely cleansed, will no longer be able to inflict venom and dirt.

greg caruth
greg caruth

We had a woman running the country for 8 years–Valerie Jarrett.


This is the kind of nut-and-bolts political activity that can sustain a political movement. The demonrats understand this very well. I’ve never been a fan of McConnell. While not a swamp rat per se he is the consummate insider. But right now he’s our insider. Let us save our republic first, we can argue about who’s not perfect later


I’ve watched several Senate votes on judicial nominations. As the Dem House was voting party-line against Trump in their so-called impeachment hearings — which will have zero positive implications for them short- or long-term… the GOP Senate was voting party-line FOR Trump judicial nominations in what will affect our nation for decades to come. Brilliant.


Thank you Lord that they fail to recognize that the greatest lasting impact of this presidency will be sweeping appointments of Constitutionally conservative judges. This may even finally straighten out the 9th “Circus” Court.