Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way Republicans

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I am truly disgusted by the madness called the Debt Talks in Washington. On one side we have Obama and the democrats, who want to raise the debt ceiling presently at $14.3 Trillion and pay for it with massive tax increases. At the same time they want to give the impression of spending cuts through a smoke and mirrors approach which would barely amount to spitting in the Pacific Ocean.

On the other side we have the republicans who are resisting a rise in the debt ceiling and raising taxes to pay for it and stated out demanding massive spending cuts but some of them  appear to be going weak-kneed. I fail to understand why these republicans, when confronted with a real fight, a fight that has the future of the country in the balance, start having their spines turn to jelly.

My message for these republicans in the House and Senate, and you know who you are, is MAN UP YOU BUNCH OF DAMN WIMPS! The very future of this country is at stake. Obama is not a god, he is not the messiah! He is nothing more than a child, that is in way over his head, he’s never had to make a tough decision in his entire sorry life. He’s never held a job of any importance in the private sector and has always had radical snakes covering for him. It’s time to take him on, face him down and stop worrying about what the media and the elitist snobs think of you and start worrying about what we, the people who got you elected last year think of the job you’re doing. If you turn your backs on us and cave in to Obama and the democrats, I can guarantee that with the flick of a switch or a mark of a pen, we will end your political career and vote someone in with some guts.

You’ve got a hell of an opportunity here to stop this train wreck called our economy under Obama dead in its tracks and start turning things around, we cannot continue down this path any further. Jobs are drying up fast and the economy is in the crapper, spending is out of control and we are close to collapse and our military is stretched to practically breaking point engaged in six conflicts around the world, illegals are pouring in over our porous borders and creating havoc in  our states. DAMMIT, THIS IS MOMENT IN TIME WE MUST MAKE TAKE A STAND AGAINST OBAMA’S TREASONOUS AGENDA, IF WE DON’T STOP HIM HERE AND NOW, WE MAY VERY WELL BE FINISHED AS A COUNTRY.


Tom in NC   

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8 responses to “Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way Republicans

  1. Darn straight Tom! Republicans are going the way of dinasours if they don’t stand up for us TEA party will rule if they don’t.

  2. I wrote to my congressman and to Mr.Boehner this week. I told them that I balance our family budget. We live frugally, live within our means and have no debt. That is what being conservative means! Our government needs to evaluate every single budget line item to pare down to the essentials. With all of the untruths and the side shows I despair of ever getting our country back on track.

  3. There was no problem screaming treason when Nixon was in office, and that makes what this administration had done look like stealing candy, of which this WH would approve.

  4. Dennis Kolb Sr.

    Tom in NC is correct about the train wreck Our Nation is about to have; but what Tom and Everyone fails to realize is, “The Tain Has No Brakes”!..Nothing can Stop an “Out of Control Government” when it’s leaders decide to act in a certain way!…..”Have You All Forgotten How We Ended Up With ‘Obama Care???
    Our Government is so-far-away from “Any-Basic-Constitutional-Foundations”, that Any Our Attempts to Stop Them Usually Prove Fruit-Less, After All Is Said and Done!
    The Days of Letter Writing,Faxes,Emails,and Calling Our Repesentatives to Try to get them To-Do-What-We-Want are Just-About-Over!..Although I Firmly Believe in What America Use to Stand For; I Do Reserve Very-Little-Hope, that America Will Ever Be, A “Shining City On A Hill”, that Reagan once quoted?

    any Atempt

  5. Amen!

  6. These gutless wonders can’t even bring themselves to defund Commiecare.

    I’m not holding out much hope that they will defund Obamunism, either.


  7. Damn right Tom!! It’s high time that Obama cuts out the useless socialist handouts (Medicare, Social Security). If old people want to retire or have health care they should Save their money like I did, NOT expect the government to bail them out! And how can the Democrats even consider tax increases at a time like this? While Wall Street is making more $ than ever and GE was given a refund by the Federal Government and taxes are the lowest percentage of GDP in 60 years, tax increases are an insane idea! Though my personal god Reagan raised them 6 times!

    We need to not raise taxes (though after various loopholes we have a very low tax rate) but need to wipe out such wasteful programs such as the liberal bastion NPR, socialist brain-washing camps (i.e. college), health care, and infrastructure funding. In fact I agree with Grover Norquist that we should simply “flush government down the toilet’! It has never done any good ever and never will. F Obama and his communist friends (who incidentally does whatever the Republicans and Wall Street want), they need to F-off to Cuba so I can have my country back!!

    Oh I mean. I HATE THAT BLACK PRESIDENT, HOW IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME!!! Corporate America and the elites raped me and I need someone to blame: therefore I must fight gays, minorities, liberals, Democrats, people with PhDs, scientists, and anyone else that isn’t an old or middle-aged white man!!


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