Lawmakers Break Voting Rules -Caught on Tape

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I’ve heard this happened; but, the newscast makes it very graphic.

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    Lawmakers Break Voting Rules -Caught on Tape

  2. The only to stop it is to VOTE THE CROOKS OUT! Washington should look like a ghost town, they are ALL crooks in the Washington Ranks! Semper Fi.

  3. …makes you wonder if they DIDN’T steal the election from algore.
    I predict that they question all of the Ron Paul delegate credentials
    in Miami and have their ‘alternates’ waiting in the wings….with
    enough money, Mittens and the GOP can do ANYthing…..
    Rule 38 and the stealth delegates will affect the platform…
    which will promptly be ignored should the Republicrats take the Whitehouse….like it usually is.

  4. Deplorable

  5. Bingo!!!! I keep waiting to hear the slot machine pay out.

  6. Good grief Texas! Totally embarrassing!!!
    If every other single politician jumped off a bridge would y’all jump too?
    Girl….Please, please pull your head outa your a**!!! You so backed yourself into a corner.


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