Lawless in Seattle: Police never respond to Target’s call of theft in progress

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Seattle – like many west coast, progressive-run cities – has some serious problems (homelessness, needles left on the streets, open drug use, feces and urination on the streets, increased crime due to lack of enforcement, etc.).

Just several days ago I told you about a developer whose housing project went up in flames because of homeless drug users. The gentlemen had called the Seattle Police several times and the police even had a conversation with one of the squatters. The police did not ask the squatters to leave nor did they remove the trespassers. The squatters caused a fire which the developer estimates damage at $1.3 million. Read the whole story here.

Now it turns out criminals are able to rob and steal in broad daylight while Seattle Police do not respond to calls for help. reports that a thief was free to steal and assault at a downtown Target store because Seattle Police NEVER RESPONDED to the store’s call for help during the 15 minutes the theft occurred.

From their story:

“Surveillance video from August allegedly shows 41-year-old Jason Lewis confronting sales workers on the electronics floor of the department store. At one point, he head bumps an employee. The terrorized employees left him alone after that. Lewis then destroyed display cases and grabbed as many electronics as he could over 15 minutes.

“He then begins to push over and drags store displays and he uses one as a weapon, swinging it like a sled hammer trying to break a secure container loaded with iPads and Apple watches,” KIRO 7’s Gary Horcher reported. “When that didn’t work, he kicked it repeatedly. Then he got down on the floor and tried to kick it open with both feet. Keep in mind, three minutes have passed since this violent tirade began. Lewis rips down the big video monitor on top of the Apple display, and then he is barely able to budge the very heavy 4-foot by 3-foot locked case.”

The perp is a career criminal who was arrested later that night for car prowling. A judge released him from jail just 19 hours later. That’s when the perp went back to the same Target store and repeated the thefts two more times over three days. Police eventually tackled him outside the store after his final attempt.

Read the whole story and watch the video here.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: Seattle hasn’t had a republican mayor since 1952. And voters knew EXACTLY what they were getting when they elected a demorat mayor and a city council full of demorats (also one socialist).

Sorry Seattleites…I’m fresh out of empathy for y’all.

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7 responses to “Lawless in Seattle: Police never respond to Target’s call of theft in progress

  1. Just so no one gets the wrong idea, it isn’t that there’s a shortage of cops in Seattle. You can’t say they don’t do ANYTHING. They’ve proven themselves to be quite good at shooting at naked people running through restaurants at noon, killing people for failure to buy a ticket on the light rail, beating 14 year-olds for jaywalking……!

    My take is that they’re lazy and corrupt, just like the city council. It has grown from a silly inefficient mess into a scary inefficient mess. Too bad. It used to be a beautiful city.

    • Ah, but the cops are spinning it as a shortage:

      “An officer, who wishes to remain anonymous, told KIRO Radio’s Don O’Neill, “Would you believe that on any given day between the hours of 3 a.m. and noon, you may only have between eight and 10 police officers on duty in the West Precinct.”

      The West Precinct covers downtown Seattle, Queen Anne, South Lake Union, Interbay, and Magnolia.

      It’s not the first time an anonymous officer has made such claims about Seattle’s police staffing. The Jason Rantz Show has received such reports indicating many cops are leaving town to other departments due to a combination of factors: tense relations with city leadership, and lingering union contract negotiations. One officer called it a “mass exodus.” Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best has acknowledged this staffing problem. She feels a recent tentative agreement between the city and the police union will go a long way toward recruiting new officers and retaining current ones.”

      And if the shortage factors ARE true, it’s COMPLETELY due to the lack of leadership by the Seattle demorats in charge.

      • That may be true. They haven’t chased a naked guy for several years (that I know of). The City Council is enough to make anyone quit.

  2. Seattle quickly becoming a sh*thole:

    “Lynn* has worked in downtown Seattle since 1988 — and in her opinion, the streets have never looked as scary as they have within the last six months. “I have never felt so unsafe in the City of Seattle until recently,” she told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson. “Last week, I witnessed a homeless person assaulting another person right in front of Nordstrom. The City of Seattle needs to do something about the working people who try to come to work to do their jobs.”

    The verbal assaults in downtown Seattle have been noticeable for the past few years, but Lynn said that they have especially increased over the past half-year. Lynn carries pepper spray every day in her purse. She also never remains downtown for any social events or shopping, hurrying out of the city at 5 p.m. to get home on the Eastside. “It’s not safe anymore,” she said.”

    • Yeah, I used to feel safe there at night. Not anymore. It is like NYC was before Giuliani. Maybe worse.

      Obviously the city “dads” aren’t doing their jobs. In fact, NOBODY is doing their jobs. They need to run the vagrants out of town and fire that City Council, for openers.

      They could charter some airplanes to take them to Red China or N. Korea. The cops are a more complicated problem. Still, “the fish rots from the head”. There are so many homeless now that those with homes are afraid to get to them.

  3. I don’t blame the police one bit, they want to go home and not waist their time in court dealing with the scum bags, they don’t want to touch the parasites and putting them in the wagon, they want to retire and spend time with their families, not brought to a funeral parlor and his family mourning for the rest of their lives. Police officers are human beings and most are good people and good men.

  4. Here he is:


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