Law professor: Americans are rising up against government

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In his op/ed for USA Today, Feb. 23, 2014, University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds cites three pieces of evidence that the American people have had enough of increasingly tyrannical government and are pushing back.

Do you agree?


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America’s ruling class has been experiencing more pushback than usual lately. It just might be a harbinger of things to come.

First, in response to widespread protests last week, the Department of Homeland Security canceled plans to build a nationwide license plate database. Many local police departments already use license-plate readers that track every car as it passes traffic signals or pole-mounted cameras. Specially equipped police cars even track cars parked on the street or even in driveways.

The DHS put out a bid request for a system that would have gone national, letting the federal government track millions of people’s comings and goings just as it tracks data about every phone call we make. But the proposal was suddenly withdrawn last week, with the unconvincing explanation that it was all a mistake. I’m inclined to agree with TechDirt’s Tim Cushing, who wrote: “The most plausible explanation is that someone up top at the DHS or ICE suddenly realized that publicly calling for bids on a nationwide surveillance system while nationwide surveillance systems are being hotly debated was … a horrible idea.”

On Friday, after more public outrage, the Federal Communications Commission withdrew a plan to “monitor” news coverage at not only broadcast stations, but also at print publications that the FCC has no authority to regulate. The “Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs,” or CIN (pronounced “sin”) involved the FCC sending people to question reporters and editors about why they chose to run particular stories. Many folks in and out of the media found it Orwellian.

How this program appeared was, like the DHS program, a bit of a mystery: FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai said: “This has never been put to an FCC vote; it was just announced.” But the blowback was sufficient to stop it for now.

Meanwhile, in Connecticut a massive new gun-registration scheme is also facing civil disobedience. As J.D. Tuccille reports: “Three years ago, the Connecticut legislature estimated there were 372,000 rifles in the state of the sort that might be classified as ‘assault weapons,’ and 2 million plus high-capacity magazines. … But by the close of registration at the end of 2013, state officials received around 50,000 applications for ‘assault weapon’ registrations, and 38,000 applications for magazines.”

This is more “Irish Democracy,” passive resistance to government overreach. The Hartford(Conn.) Courant is demanding that the state use background-check records to prosecute those who haven’t registered, but the state doesn’t have the resources and it’s doubtful juries would convict ordinary, law-abiding people for failure to file some paperwork.

Though people have taken to the streets from Egypt, to Ukraine, to Venezuela to Thailand, many have wondered whether Americans would ever resist the increasing encroachments on their freedom. I think they’ve begun.

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  2. What we need now is “Group Therapy”. No violence. Just keep practicing at the target range, and pray you NEVER have to use your Second Amendment rights.
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  3. At this time I’m more concerned about what is being done with all the jihadist training camps in this country. I had heard about them a few yrs ago. I had thought that they were being watched, but with this regime I am more concerned than ever. Where is the FBI? People should be in a major uproar, yet nothing. Any one else have anything to add to this?

    • No dee, you said it the same way I would have.

    • Disaster Plans: Dear dee—refer to traildust, above— i.e.,……..
      I Learned I’d not be “saved” if “big CA quake’ or disaster came, when my “poor” little inland town was circled by fire for a wk & “they” chose to let us burn in order to save big coastal (some celebrity) houses, 30 mi. away (same fire, same horrors). We lost 16 homes, people & horses/other pets burned alive, while no one died on the coast, but some big (some celebrity) homes were saved. I’m sure owners of big houses thought it a fair trade. 🙁 YOU KNOW…those same people who today support Obama w/his “tax the rich” agenda( .tax the “upper’ middle class —the two-income families—who can’t afford to hide their “money” anywhere like WE CAN W/OUR TAX ACCOUNTANTS AND OFF-SHORE ACCOUNTS/ INVESTMENTS/ BANKS…yeah team! We are sooooooo humanitarian and we ALSO support a BLACK president—give us points, buy tickets at the box office…give us a cookie!!!!) OKAY…so, I digress. Forgive me 🙂

      Since then, I’ve KNOWN that, even if I save myself fr imminent death ….when I survive, no one will come to give me food, water or protect me fr marauders that rob me of MY preparations in disaster (think Katrina). No one will save me fr illegals camping on my land (in depressions dug & lined w/ my stolen car cover) who won’t be prosecuted if they kill me ( I’ve learned fr real killings that already happened to farmers on their own land across my co. line in AZ)..& so on..BOTTOM LINE….no one will save me EITHER fr home-grown JIHADISTS or ones who walk over Mexican border w/dirty bombs to “take out” San Onofre nuclear plant (& 1/3 of West Coast).

      Do you understand yet that this means the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES…who swears at his inaugural…on a BIBLE….to protect and defend..and enforce the Constitution of the United States of AMERICA….
      from ALL forces, foreign AND domestic….is in default of his/her duties if and when all lof the above happens/happened? The Constitution says we alll have EQUAL protection under the law…among other things….& does not allow the executive the pleasure of picking and choosing which laws he will enforce/ignore/modify/extend/rewrite…..

      My advice is…get a sweet little Henry for your birthday. Celebrate your self-reliance w/this pretty gift…(it’s light, a work of art, easy to handle) by going to the range to practice, practice, practice. You might not have to shoot people…but for sure, you’d shoot a rabbit or dove or other if you —or your treasured pets—-were starving…..which, to me, means only about 2-3 days of nothing to eat…even IF I had some granola bars 🙂 And, BTW…if you live near a nuclear plant & have even a chance of surviving….stock up on potassium iodine pills. Make sure grown kids have a stash at their places, get some walkie-talkies w/a good range & share a set w/a friend or relative who is in a “safe” location relative to yours (w/i that range, or w/i a range that you can expect to be able to travel to by foot or bike during a disaster in order to communicate) …keep an out-of-state buddy that you, your family members, employers, others in your lives know they can call upon in your interest during disaster….keep fresh batteries…and one or two functional bicycles…..have at least ONE solar dynamo that can charge and keep laptops, phones, radios,, etc going at least an hr a day….KEEP your car gas tanks filled, & hide cash in the freezer in something that looks like a food container (when the electricity goes down, you can’t withdraw money or buy gas from any machine-driven only….etc etc)….Store a supply of essential first aid & PRESCRIPTION MEDS and other OTC meds/thermal blankets/water disinfectiing pills..etc. in a big “holiday popcorn tin”(the kind you get at the pharmacy or Walmart that’s filled w/popcorn at Christmas …eat the popcorn…keep the big tin) that you place somewhere outside your house (in a storage building or strapped to a backyard fence or tree, high up w/bungie cords–safe fr housing collapse, flood levels- fires). Always keep a manual can opener & supply of canned goods –remember..the liquid in these counts as “water” in your daily intake!) Plan w/neighbors for an accounting of people or an “all clear.” If you live in a flood zone…keep an AXE in the attic so you can chop your way out onto the roof if you are forced up into the high points of your home….etc etc etc….more stuff….like keep laying hens and a garden…..learn how to dry food….and so on.

      I’m NOT a “survivalist” like you see on TV these days…but I learned that I can’t trust my state or local government to help in an emergency….the Federal government????? That’s just a BIG JOKE…I can’t even wrap my head around THAT. I don’t trust my government or anyone else to “save” me from either disaster, or evil others. I’m doing the bare minimum, logical easy stuff, against the “obvious” in case the “obvious” comes to be. Plan to be able to survive a disaster—and THEN live another month beyond before anyone gives you aide toward continued survivial. 🙁 sorry.

    • Yep, exactly why I stareted relaoding. Thought it would be cheaper but ends up costing about he same amount. Only reason why is I spend a lot more time at the range shooting a lot more ammo and getting better at my aim!

  4. Don’t worry Dee, as soon as the Jihadists apply for 501 tax status the feds will be ALL OVER them!! Then we can rest easy again!

  5. Everyobe knows that American Spring is going to happen on May 16th in DC

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  8. FYI, Glenn is also Instapundit.

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  10. Lets hope they don’t “spring”, because if they do the already-compromised occupy and tea party movements will both ensure that a full-blown civil-war scenario will play out, eliminate whatever is good in the govt and the citizenry, and bring in a third party to pick the carcasses, merge canada and mexico into the U.S. and make a “north american union”. The main problem here is the people aren’t educated enough about these matters and will react blindly and emotionally, which is what the puppets of evil want them to do, just like they want the govt. forces to react in kind, and stack a “persecution complex” on top of it all.

    The U.S. doesn’t need a “spring” it needs the general public to get wise to how things really work, be aware of the tactics of those who would use them as pawns, and refuse to play their war game. If both govt forces that are good, and civilian forces that are good can keep control of their respective sides, then the war scenario won’t play out and the puppets of evil will be disappointed.

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