LAUSD's argument that a 14 year old can give consent prompts bill on age of consent

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Sacramento Bee: California’s civil code would say that teenagers must be at least 18 to consent to sex under a bill Assemblywoman Nora Campos said she plans to introduce Monday, the Legislature’s first day of the 2014-15 session.
The state’s criminal code already says 18 is the age of consent, but a recent civil case in which the Los Angeles Unified School District argued that a 14-year-old girl consented to have sex with her 28-year-old teacher prompted Campos to call for a change.
“It is stunning that a 14-year-old girl would be considered responsible for the predatory behavior of a pedophile,” said a statement from Campos, D-San Jose. “This bill makes it absolutely clear that a child does not share the blame for predatory behavior. This blame the victim attitude in sexual assaults must stop.”



The teacher, Elkis Hermida, was convicted in 2011 on criminal charges of lewd acts against a child and sentenced to three years in prison, according to the Los Angeles Times. Last year, the girl sued the school district in a civil case seeking compensation for the emotional trauma of the months-long sexual relationship with her math teacher. The school district argued that she was a willing participant in the affair, and a Los Angeles jury found the district was not liable for damages.
No wonder LAUSD believes a 14 year old can give sexual consent. With sex education starting in kindergarten and the progressives’ desire to sexualize children, teens ought to be experts in the matter!


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0 responses to “LAUSD's argument that a 14 year old can give consent prompts bill on age of consent

  1. We must remain vigilant for the sake of our children. The school systems are loaded with predatory teachers.

  2. Another instance of what progessive left/liberal “educators” do being child abuse done by anyone else…

  3. How far the Marxists have come! This is not true of many educators who take their responsibilities most seriously and capably, but the exceptions are unacceptable. In some schools, children are to be wards of the state, not objects of natural unsurpassable parental love and affection. They are taken and put into the control of those seeking development of non-thinking robots, objects of the desires of the state and its administrators, all with money we have earned and provided for development of their minds and principles.
    A moral conflict is taking place at every level of life, in parts of our existence, and we should recognize the fact. In some areas of life, the vote still matters.

    • “You can’t make Socialists out of individualists– children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone is interdependent.” –John Dewey (progressive, educator and left/liberal hero)

  4. Good quote, good point! Dewey saw the problem, and he and his followers want to be the last of individualists; all those following are to let his ilk think and moralize for them.

    • In case anyone wonder’s why liberals’ vaunted “critical thinking” doesn’t include independent thought. (Really, “critical thinking” and “creative thinking” are distinct and opposed mental functions, the latter inherently involves independent and individual thought [can’t be creative without it] and the former doesn’t [analysis is non-generative, can be done by “following instructions”]). In good ol’ Critical Theory, it’s a vehicle for dissecting (“deconstructing”) everything in cultural Marxism terms… everything is sexist, racist, classist, etc.– unlike their obvious preferred alternative, of course.

  5. If the code already says 18 is the age of consent, then shouldn’t the court be found in the wrong, instead of “new legislation” being required? Given how legislation is typically used (as a subversive agent), and the fact that the “law” already says 18 is the age of consent, I suspect this bill is going to be utilized for the opposite of the stated intent, anyone have a copy of Campos’ bill handy? We should get a good look at it before anything is done one way or the other. Lest we forget things like this: are done with intent to “help” (encouraging meth use, promiscuity, sexting, etc.) as well and only just recently was exposed.

  6. Another situation where Islam and pedophilia overlap, but Islam and homosexuality doe not.
    And the LAUSD is slime

  7. When he gets out of jail LAUSD will probably give him his job back…..was he fired from his job?
    Also, I am again disgusted with CA and how children are driven to become sexual objects. Girls (minors of any age/without parental consent) can consent to abortion, contraception, “medical care” for pregnancy, and a host of other things sexual. By age 12, they can consent to the gardasil shot, AIDS/HIV treatment, mental health, drugs and alcohol treatment. Their poor bodies have become rife for satan’s playground at the hands of the state.

    • Which is all very odd and telling, as you would think pregnancy etc. for minors as such would be proof of a crime committed against the child, and should be reported immediately to law enforcement as such, why does it not seem to be treated so? This combined with the fact that gardasil is deadly and debilitating/maiming to all human beings (they did try to get it pushed on males too by the way) is pretty clear evidence of malevolence, and it must be malevolence, because if it were simply stupidity it would be far easier to correct. I hear that sheriffs in Oregon are investigating the “sex ed con” in seaside, hopefully that will impede the devil worshipers, assuming they don’t bribe their way out of it, so that seems like good news at least.


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