Latino Grocery Chain Under Attack for Using E-Verify

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Mi Pueblo Foods, a supermarket chain serving the hispanic community in California, employs approximately 3,000 people.  The CEO, Juvenal Chavez, is a naturalized citizen.   Homeland Security Newswire reports:

Juvenal Chavez built his Mi Pueblo supermarket chain from the ground up into twenty-one stores, revitalized San Rafael’s Canal neighborhood in San Jose. He has been hailed  the king of Latino supermarket.

Now the entrepreneur has come under fire. Mi Pueblo shocked some of its 3,000 employees last month when it told them the supermarket chain has joined E-Verify, a DHS program that aims to verify the immigration status of new hires and existing employees.

Union activists accuse Chavez of betraying his own people, and are threatening a consumer boycott if he does not pull out of the program by next month.

In my opinion, Mr. Chavez is properly following federal law.  Part of the application for employment for every job in the U.S. includes a DHS Form I-9.  It is basically an affidavit completed by both the applicant and the employer attesting that the identification provided is legal and true and the applicant is eligible to work by federal standards.   The Form I-9 must be kept in the employee’s human resources file to be available for scrutiny.

Employers who use the E-Verify program merely submit the ID provided on the Form I-9.    People with legitimate Social Security Numbers and appropriate ID have nothing to fear.   ~LTG

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0 responses to “Latino Grocery Chain Under Attack for Using E-Verify

  1. Not every Latino in this country is an Illegal. He has a perfect right to make sure his employees are legal. It would cost him if they started fining employers fir hiring Illegals.

  2. Wow! This is just more evidence that liberals lack logic and justice. I was hoping this video would be in English, or at least translated for us.

    • Even though the video is in Spanish, I put it up to show Mr. Chavez, the CEO. I think the video is actually showing him as a rising entrepreneur in the Latino community, not about his decision to comply with E-Verify.

  3. Liberals don’t like using e verify since they know mr.soetero’s documentation failed when it was submitted.

  4. Ridiculous….follow the laws or get out of this country.

  5. Among too many racial-ethnic-gender-whatever groups in America today, they practice amoral groupism. It’s whatever that benefits my group, and to hell with the rule of law and with morality.

  6. So, he’s supposed to violate the law and get fined out the behind (possibly closed, even) for La Raza Pride or something. (Viva Aztlán and free healthcare!)


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