Latest Knock-out Games in Cambridge, MA

Cambridge police seek suspect who punched two in head

Attacks reported on Massachusetts Ave in Cambridge



CAMBRIDGE, Mass. —Cambridge police are on the lookout for an assault suspect after he allegedly punched two people in the head on a Massachusetts Avenue sidewalk and took another swing at a third.

The video is viewable in the following link:

Watch NewsCenter 5 report

A worker at a furniture store in Cambridge, told NewsCenter 5 he tended to two people Saturday at the store. The first, a tourist, said a tall, young man walked up behind him at the intersection of Mass Ave. and Dana Street and swung underneath his umbrella to punch him in the face. He suffered a bruise.

The second victim had just left the store with his girlfriend when the suspect rushed him from behind and punched him in the side of the head. That attack, caught on the store’s surveillance camera and obtained exclusively by NewsCenter 5, shows the suspect swinging at the victim and then walking away in the direction of Harvard Square.

“They were stunned, confused, angry,” said Alex Farrell of the victims. Farrell is the store worker who called police after witnessing the second attack.

“It’s hard to really find an explanation for things like this because it was unprovoked,” he said.

A third victim, a chef at Cellar, a restaurant and bar on Mass Ave., said the suspect swung at him but missed. He declined to be interviewed.

Cambridge police told NewsCenter 5 there is “an active investigation being conducted by our detectives.”

Those detectives have the surveillance footage seen above. Anyone who recognizes the suspect can call Cambridge police.

Farrell, for his part, said he hopes the suspect turns himself in, or that somebody can ID him.

“He wasn’t even running; he was just walking casually,” Farrell told NewsCenter 5. “So I don’t know what was going through his head, but he was certainly disturbed.”

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Note: actually used the term, “knock-out game,” in their piece, but failed to mention the racial component. It would not surprise me if the city’s prevailing political correctness motivates them to take their story down. ~ TD 

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I’m hoping someday the good Doc comes up with a story with the headline ” KNOCKOUT GAMES PARTICIPANT IS INTRODUCED TO THE BIG BANG THEORY “……as in .44 mag .
If this would happen a couple of times this crap would stop rather quickly .

Dr. Eowyn

And from race baiters Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Attorney General Eric Holder and the POS in the White House — only the Sound of Silence.


Everyone knows that the pos and his henchman holder will not prosecute any of them. If someone stands up and protects themself they will be persecuted by the liberal unconstitutional gestopo.


Thank you Trail Dust for this important post. Such people are so full of hatred, anger and cruelty! They live in their own hell on earth, notwithstanding what fate awaits them after they die. . .


Makes you wonder if these perps have been listening to Farrakhan, as their “boldness” in unprovoked attacks seems to be increasing: