Last Blooms

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The last day of October.
It’s pumpkin time — as in the gourd and the orange-yellow-brown colors of Fall.
Here are some last blooms from the garden, of violet clematis and pink mandevilla — a reminder of the spent Summer.
[Photos by Eowyn]

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0 responses to “Last Blooms

  1. Beautiful pictures–I love Mandevillas! After this past weekend’s cold nights, my New Guinea impatiens finally bit the dust. They have been beautiful all summer, and now winter is arriving.

  2. Thanks for sharing! After 2 months of utter neglect, my garden looks like crap! Boy, will I have my work cut out next spring. LOL

  3. Oh Eowyn… I am so in love with your garden… 😉 What you have there is such a breath of fresh air and a look at God’s wonderous creations… A beauty to behold! 🙂


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