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  1. what is the problem? none of these creatures of the administration work for America. there job is to give their masters any and all info to destroy the country. sheoples know no better anyhow. they were told explicitly that the americide plan I mean obamacare needed to be passed before read, and the sheoples bleated back “do we still get welfare?” ho hum, just another day at the slaughter house.

  2. Bet they were wearing kneepads for her.

  3. Yep, the media is all of course, controlled by leftists, even Fox is left wing, allegedly 96% of Fox employees vote democrat, so they had to take the internet so we would have no truth coming from anywhere.. To bow to this lying no good cheating, foul mouthed beast is beyond me. Ugh…remember I knew her well in high school.

  4. MEDIA
    This crowd of wannabes make enough money and stand close enough to the tower of power that they think they are part of the click. but
    one wrong move and they’re over, so they kiss any butt they can & we accept it as real news.
    Some guy named Theisman on FOX NEWS said Hillary was brilliant, then recounted how she sleased her way thru some BS about her ’email scandal’
    Her slease sucked and that guy was an idiot complimenting her.
    She’s an incredible lier, and piece of crap like slippery Willy.
    But after all he is media: he gets paid to sit in front of a camera as though he was some sort of authority on anything relevant.
    I think he an ex football player so off hand I’d say he is an expert on diminished intellect caused by head trauma.
    All morning they were half hoping and half fearing the German plane was downed by terrorists. But it isn’t over. They can still massage the story to whatever suites them. They can fabricate school shootings, and pretend assasinations never happened, and the Iranians are good guys, so we may never know for sure.

  5. She is a moral, ethical leper. She deserves no respect. She deserves prison for all the things she has done in her long and psychologically twisted past.

  6. A bag of garbage is just that–a bag of garbage. So many people with eyes, and yet they “do NOT see”. Even though “Hellary’s” evil ways become more obvious with the passage of time, so many remain in darkness, listening to and following the deceivers, with ears to hear yet deaf to truth.

  7. Hillary is a power prostitue, she will do anything for money and power. The fact that these idiots stand and applaude this corrupt, evil, unrepentant witch is just more proof of the lack of a properly functioning media in this country. The media is now just a political arm of the Progressive Party and they function like the “canned laughs” on a sitcom.

  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this excellent post. The media’s behavior is reprehensible and downright sickening. She has no remorse for what she did, especially in the Benghazi tragedy. Absolutely horrible!


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