LAPD Gives Illegal Alien Drunk Drivers a Free Pass

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According to Kelleigh, my good friend and source of juicy tips, this article was featured in a story National Review sometime in April, 2011.  I just did a search on Google News and found a recent ABC news story that elaborates on the issue.
 “At a Senate Public Safety Committee meeting Tuesday, Ellen Rosenberg of Westlake Village held a picture of her son, Drew, who was killed by an unlicensed driver last year. She was there to urge a vote against a bill that would stop law enforcement from impounding the cars of unlicensed drivers, mostly illegal immigrants, at DUI checkpoints.

Police would still be able to impound the cars of drunk drivers and vehicles suspected of being involved in a crime.

“How could I not be furious at the double-speak I’m hearing here? We’re going to say you’re above the law because you can’t get a license?” said Roseberg.

State Assemblyman Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles) says cities throughout California have been abusing DUI checkpoints, using them to impound the cars unlicensed drivers to collect hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in impound fees to fill up local coffers.

…. The bill passed and now heads to the Appropriations Committee next. A 2000 study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that when compared to licensed drivers, unlicensed drivers were nearly five times more likely to be involved in fatal crashes.

Full story with video here


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8 responses to “LAPD Gives Illegal Alien Drunk Drivers a Free Pass

  1. Hello? Does anyone in law enforcement not understand that illegal is illegal? Undocumented is not legally here. The Constitution has plenty of ways to enforce laws as against those that are illegally here, i.e., without proof of citizenship or legal residency, or visa for visitors. Others should, and must go home. Their cars, driven by unlicensed drivers should, and must, be impounded so as to prevent them committing other illegal acts with that car, such as driving without a license that assures society they understand and will obey the rules of the road.

    Of course, if they’re DUI on undocumented tequila, that’s another story altogether.


  2. WOW, that is some of the most tiwisted reasoning I have ever seen . They break the law when they invade, then when they drive and drink without a license, they get another pass? The reasons he gives are incredible. I simply am amazed at the debased mentality of some of the folks in charge.


  4. We have the same problem illegals can do as they like the cops turn a blind eye. Come Lord Jesus, come.

  5. So, let me get this straight: The cars of illegals do not get impounded. Okay, got that part.

    So, how do they get home? A personal escort and a complimentary tow to their driveway?

    • I checked it via LA Times. Drivers without a license can call to have a licensed driver come drive their car home. This applies to illegal aliens AND US Citizens. That the chief says it is to lift an “unfair burden” on illegals that is placed by impound, I think, is BULL. They are ILLEGAL, ANY punishment they get, within the bounds of Constitutionality, is fair. That includes, as far as I am concerned, their cars being confiscated, as it is being used in an illegal act. F$#K just impound, confiscate and sell to defray the cost of their imprisonment and deportation. The LA Times article cites the strain it puts on their tenuous jobs, GOOD! They should not have jobs here anyway! When did we forget what “ILLEGAL” means?

  6. Do the police take the offender out for some black coffee to sober him or her up, and call them a cab as well? Geeez Louise!! Only in California.

  7. Fire that SOB Police Chief! If the mayor supports it, vote him out of office! If the state senators and congress persons support it, send them packing too!


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