Lakin v. US Army: Army Loses Nerve

The U.S. Army has failed at intimidating army surgeon and Bronze Star recipient Lt. Col. Terry Lakin. The Army has tried to (1) imply he’s insane; (2) threaten him with court martial; (3) call his bluff by sending him a letter of deployment; (4) strip him of his Pentagon pass and government-issued laptop and really threaten him with imminent court martial. But Lakin, the Braveheart, stands firm.
So now the U.S. Army is backing off. Instead of deploying him to Afghanistan, the Army is “reassigning” Lakin to Walter Reed Army Hospital. In so doing, “reassigning” instead of “deploying” Lakin, the Army is circumventing the good doctor’s challenge — which is that Obama has dubious authority to give orders to military officers as their commander-in-chief because his birth eligibility has not been definitively established.
All of which raises this question: WHAT IS THE UNITED STATES ARMY AFRAID OF? THE TRUTH? — about who and what Barack Hussein Obama really is?
You pusillanimous deceitful commanding officers of the U.S. Army make us want to puke!
~Eowyn & Steve

Officer challenging Obama ‘reassigned’

No charges yet for surgeon demanding eligibility proof

By Bob Unruh – WorldNetDaily – April 14, 2010 

The U.S. Army says a surgeon who has publicly refused to follow any further orders until he sees documentation that Barack Obama is eligible to be president is being “reassigned” at Walter Reed Army Hospital after he refused to deploy to Afghanistan as scheduled.

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is the highest-ranking and first active-duty officer to refuse to obey orders based on President Obama’s eligibility.

While there have been reports Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is facing an imminent court-martial, Army spokesman Chuck Dasey told WND today that Lakin is only “under investigation” at this point.
“Lakin reported to the commander, Medical Center Brigade, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, on Monday, 12 April, after failing to report for duty at Fort Campbell, Ky.,” a statement sent by Dasey to WND today said. “Lakin will be assigned to duty at Walter Reed pending investigation.”
A spokeswoman for the case, Margaret Calhoun Hemenway, told WND that whatever the “assignment” amounts to, Lakin’s access privileges were revoked, his computer was confiscated and he “is not permitted to support his Hippocratic oath … and take care of the troops as a doctor and a surgeon.”
On the day he was supposed to have reported for deployment, Lakin was read his rights by Col. Gordon Roberts, his brigade commander, who discussed the situation with him and told him he had the “right to remain silent” because he was about to be charged with “serious crimes.”
Hemenway said the message was that “he will shortly be court-martialed for crimes (specifically, missing movement and conduct unbecoming an officer) that for others has led to lengthy imprisonment at hard labor.” 
To read the rest of this WorldNetDaily article, CLICK HERE.
~Steve & Eowyn 

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This is my first time to comment but here goes.
My father was killed in WWII,he did it for the same reason all Us citizens have Freedom. my youngest daughter just got back from Iraq.Support this man you can count on it.


Just lost a friend who was in his late 8Os, but when he was 19, he was one of the first pilots to fly the P51 over Germany in WWII.
He would have been furious at this. Had he known, in his frail condition, this would have killed him, because he would have supported Lakin without reservation. He was fed up with this and the former administration.

Doc's Wife
Doc's Wife

When we were in Mississippi last month, my mom had set out a frame containing about 6 different medals. I had never laid eyes on it before, and one was a Purple Heart. Seems that it was my dad’s oldest brother’s medals. He was shot down over New Guinea in WWII, and never found. It made me realize just how HARD it must have been on my grandmother to lose a child. We must remember those who risk their lives to keep us safe.