Lady Gaga keeps it classy

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Lady Gaga is a very famous American singer and songwriter.  She is hugely popular around the world, with both adults and children (fortunately my tween niece doesn’t like her, says she’s “nasty”).  She has the most followers on Twitter with over 17 million worldwide.  Wikipedia says of her performance and musical style:
She professes that she is “liberating” herself by constantly reinventing her image and sound, insisting that it is a practice she has been drawn to since her childhood. Her career has been a continuous experimentation with new musical ideas and images in constant quest for new heights of fame and acclaim.  Although her early lyrics have been criticized for lacking intellectual stimulation, “[Gaga] does manage to get you moving and grooving at an almost effortless pace.”
Her latest musical “idea” to get you grooving? The title of her new song is “Stuck on Fckin You”.  She tweeted on Christmas day: “Merry Christmas! Here’s a SoundCloud download of my unreleased song “Stuck on Fckin’ You”…I love you!”  Classy, huh?  Take a listen if you’d like.

Some of the lyrics:
Baby you’re my liquor I’m addicted to you.  So I’ll just be stuck on, stuck on fckin you. Stuck on fckin you. 
I’ve got nothing to do but to be stuck on you. Baby you’re my Johnny Walker, baby it’s true.  So I’ll just be stuck on, stuck on fckin you.  Stuck on fckin you.
For such a “talented” artist, you’d think she could come up with 1) more original words and 2) something that isn’t so offensive that children can’t listen to the song in front of their parents.  But guess her quest for new heights of fame and acclaim are more important than being a truly creative artist.

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11 responses to “Lady Gaga keeps it classy

  1. Right up there with I kissed another girl and I liked it… Coursening of society is part of the downfall…

  2. Are you serious??? Classy? NOT!!!! Lady Gaga is a sleezebag of major proportion. She enjoys the thrill of being twisted and disgusting. I wouldn’t recommend her to anyone.

    • Happy Birthday, Wendy !!!!! 😀

    • Yes,Happy birthday, Wendy! Have a super day!

    • Amen & ditto! I’ve never listened to this critter until this blog. I did manage to get through the video, however, as I have 15db hearing loss due to power tools and gun use w/o hearing protection when younger.
      It’s a blessing today, as I missed all the aspirated sounds, etc.! This poor thing’s a desperate Madonna copy-cat, but w/even less aesthetic sensibility, so it’s a negative state, lower than zero. We’ve now completed all twelve stages of Dr Michael Grant’s definitive work on the collapse of the Roman Empire: our barbarians are fêted, to buy the rich a few more days’ time….

  3. Nothing generates more $$$$$ than catering to the lowest common denominator, does it?

  4. They left out a few letters in this BITCHE’S Name it’s really lady gag gag. This stupid bitch needs to go catch up with Amy Winehouse, and take some more of these morons! We have enough NASTY in Washington, with all the Peter Puffers and Carpet Munchers. These sons a bitches has a LOT of class, it’s just LOW CLASS! The reason they do all this weird crap is they DON’T have enough talent to entertain like any normal person. Semper Fi.

  5. Sage, didn’t want to listen yet had to suffer through the 5 minutes of pure garbage for the post. If she’s so proud of her musical ideas, why can’t she spell the word, in full, in her tweets? Nothing but a fame whore seeking to shock for a buck.

  6. Lady Gag-a-maggot has had her 15 minutes.
    Now just go away.


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