Lady Gag Gag hijacks the National Anthem to promote homosexuality

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NY Daily News: Not even hip surgery could keep Lady Gaga away from performing at New York’s Gay Pride Parade Kick Off Rally.

In her first public appearance since she was forced to cancel her tour due  to injury, the “Born This Way” singer, 27, joined throngs of fans to celebrate  the start of pride weekend.

The diva, known for her vocal support of the LGBT community, gave a stirring  speech about how much the support of her gay fans has meant to her.

“When I was in high school and grade school and younger, I was considered to  be an outcast and I just couldn’t find my place,” she said. “Where did I fit in?  And I look back on that time and I remember feeling that I was cut from a  different mold. ”

“There was a particular crowd who did accept me,” she continued. “There was a  particular crowd who made room for me at their table, who held me up when I felt I couldn’t, who loved me for exactly who I was. It was you. ”

“You saved me, my friends in the LGBT community, time and time again. And I saw God for the first real time in all of you.”

The New York native, born Stefani Germanotta, praised the last week’s Supreme Court ruling overturning the Defense of Marriage Act and slammed recent homophobia-spurred attacks in the city. “The violence that has taken place towards LGBTs in the past moths is unacceptable here and anywhere,” the singer announced.

“We are not a niche. We are a part, a big giant part of humanity,” Gaga said.  “It’s time for us to be mainstream. I demand the rights! To safe streets!”

Gaga closed her appearance with a version of “The Star-Spangled Banner,”  substituting a lyric to commemorate the ocassion: “Oh say does that star-spangled flag of pride yet wave.”



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0 responses to “Lady Gag Gag hijacks the National Anthem to promote homosexuality

  1. I just saw this on Fox News half an hour before this blog post showed up in my email inbox. And I have noticed so many homosexual men love Lady Gaga.

  2. Good grief. Is she back at her self-promoting satanic mischief?

    Gag, indeed.

  3. Dressage Rider

    They probably like to pretend that they are her and emulate her in drag.

  4. Dr. E, we refined our statement from yesterday:
    Linguistics is not immune from loss of Tradition. The very real problem of moral and cultural relativism hijacking language, purely from the linguistics point of view, to serve their narrative, is tearing down Tradition and smashing its natural and moral law foundation.

    Unless you wish to be labeled as an unenlightened homophobe, viciously attacked, you may not identify sodomy by Linguistic Tradition, call it by its proper, Traditional name. This rather queer non-traditional deviant sexual behavior must be identified by the approved language of the enlightened sodomite progressive agenda and its government allies.

    • In total agreement, k2! That’s why I’ve stopped using the word “gay.” The Left have taken over America’s language — and soul. I will not let them hijack my vocabulary as well.

  5. If self proclaimed “superstar” gag me found God among the LBGT, then good for her. She can’t sing worth a damn, so don’t try to improve on our national anthem. Get thee to a nunnery!

  6. She also sang “land of the free and home of the gays.” After that, some idiot will probably be singing, “land of the fruits and home of the nuts.”

  7. Jeez, leave the national anthem alone, Gaga…

  8. Pitiful infantile yearning for incessant stimulation. Nothing is Holy to these ungrateful animals –

  9. She would rather have their acceptance than God’s. She and many others will regret that some day!

  10. The queen of baphomet bimbos.


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