Labrador determined to befriend Down’s Syndrome boy

Here’s an antidote to DCG’s post yesterday — on New York Times writer Jane Brody lamenting that her friend was not given the “choice” to abort kill her Down’s Syndrome child 30 years ago.

Pro-aborts like Brody regard those with Down’s Syndrome to be sub-human. The German word for sub-human is Untermensch, which was what Hitler and the Nazis called Jews.

But in the eyes of a gentle yellow Labrador named Himalaya, a little boy with Down’s Syndrome is fully human and deserving of love.

dog and Down's Sydrome boy

Ana Marta Vegas in La Plata, Buenos Aires, took this video of a gentle yellow Labrador named Himalaya befriending Herman, her 3-year-old boy who has Down’s Syndrome and shuns physical contact.

Himalaya first places a gentle paw on the little boy’s foot. But Herman baulks and moves away.

Himalaya waits, then tries again, gently touching Herman with her paw before dropping her head in the boy’s lap. Herman is ambivalent, first picking up the dog’s paw, then pushing Himalaya away.

But Himalaya is undaunted and rolls over on to her back, stretching out a paw
in a playful fashion. Herman then moves across the patio, only to be followed by the determined Labrador.

Eventually Herman relents and starts to touch the dog, at one point stroking her
snout and pulling back her fur to reveal her teeth.

At the end of the video, boy and dog have become friends, contentedly sitting side-by-side.


There is more love and holiness in this Labrador than in most human beings.


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Christine Watts C.

***There is more love and holiness in this Labrador than in most human beings. ~Eowyn*** Amen, Dr. Eowyn!–no wonder someone spotted the fact that, when God created English, He made the name for “dog” the reversal of His own title–God-Dog–there is so much love inside a dog for people that it boggles the mind at times–those who also might seem completely unlovable to us, due to their horrid behaviors and attitudes, suddenly can become the focus of dogs who befriend them in spite of how they may have treated other people–I know because I’ve seen that happen– –it made me… Read more »


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this wonderful post. What a holy and loving dog!


So sweet!


I am sitting here weeping! What a precious story – eternal gratitude for posting this, Dr. Eo! Our beloved animals will be in heaven with us. Such unconditional, unquestioning love….


Hate to bring up Obamacare, b/c I loved this post (dog looks just like my recent shelter rescue Lab, “Maggie,” and so my heart is melting…esp. b/c she acts JUST like this…we also rescued a days-old kitten & Maggie is a “surrogate mother” to her….) But…does anyone remember when Obama, right before he was first elected, (&his grandmother who–mostly–raised him was about tto die) was downright DERISIVE about grandma’s hip replacement sometime in that past year….HE (the ALMIGHTY) judged it “not necessary,” and on and on? Anyone remember THAT? I knew THEN that we were headed for damnation if this… Read more »