Labor Day – Time to Practice!

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Hope you all are enjoying the Labor Day Weekend!  My boyfriend and I went to the gun range and got in some practice.

I loves my pink!

We got to shoot a very nice weapon – The Browning Hi Power.  This was John Browning’s last design, first high-capacity 9mm pistol and still in production after 75 years– compact, good balance, simple, reliable and shoots nicely.  🙂

A co-worker of mine, who had never fired a pistol before, had no problem with the Browning.  Excellent choice for the ladies.  And check out this shot below – muzzle flash!

I’ve never had a picture captured with that before – cool!


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0 responses to “Labor Day – Time to Practice!

  1. Boyfriend takes good pics! 😉

  2. Replace the walnut grips with the rubber wraparound ones
    that add no thickness but finger indents (from Hogue)…
    they bolt/screw on… then the Highpower/P-35 is perfect.
    what brand are your muffs….asking for my daughter in law,lol’s.

  3. I need to learn how to do that!

  4. The Hi-Power/P-35 is indeed an excellent pistol to start a new shooter.

    At a get-together a few years ago, one of the members had brought a co-worker who’d expressed an interest in learning to shoot. He’d loaned her his Glock 19 and she was at the falling plate range, missing most shots (as were a LOT of more experienced shooters with expensive Kimbers, Clarks, and Les Bauers,) mostly shooting low. I took her aside and, using my KBI PJK-9HP (an FEG exact Hi-Power clone) had her practice dropping the hammer while holding the sights motionless on the target. Then, using my “Hi-Power,” she went back to the plates and knocked down 24 straight. Suddenly many of the more experienced shooters who’d been enthusiastically missing 4 or 5 out of six decided to go visit the refreshment stand and wandered off.


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