LA Sheriff Leroy Baca – “BUSTED”

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Yea, What He Said.

Hot off the wires , here is more creeping sharia. To which I say.





Posted by Dr. Rich Swier on July 9, 2011 at 7:19am

The Florida based non-profit organization The United West sent a team to California to attend a town hall meeting hosted by L.A. Sheriff Leroy Baca. The town hall meeting was an outreach to the Muslim community. Alan Kornman, from The United West, was there to ask some simple questions about using federal tax dollars to support Muslim outreach. The questioning revolved around two concepts under the U.S. Constitution. The first is equal protection under that law. The second is the federal government cannot favor one religious groups over another (the Establishment Clause).

Please watch this twelve minute video of the town hall meeting hosted by Sheriff Baca, narrated by Tom Trento, President of The United West:

The questioning by Alan was direct, insightful and caught the Sheriff’s department, the Muslim Community Affairs Unit Commander and the U.S. Attorney in a problematic situation. It appears that over $128,000 of public money is being used to support one religious group over another via the Muslim Community Affairs Unit.

The United West found the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the L.A. Sheriff’s department and holds sway within its Muslim Community Affairs Unit, a unit unique within the Sheriff’s department. There is no other unit for Christians, Jews, etc. This is akin to Sheriff Baca having an Italian Community Outreach Unit, which defers to members of the Mafia because of they are predominately white Italians who are Catholic.

Sheriff Baca is busted!




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8 responses to “LA Sheriff Leroy Baca – “BUSTED”

  1. “over $128,000 of public money is being used to support one religious group over another via the Muslim Community Affairs Unit… There is no other unit for Christians, Jews, etc.”

    Not only does this violate the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause, this is also discriminatory of non-Muslim religions. Outrageous! Where’s the ACLU? I’m sending this to the Thomas More Law Center.

  2. Of course, the ACLU’s reaction will be: “What, somebody’s telling muslims they have to respect other religions in violation of their faith or, at the very least, saying it’s wrong to use taxpayer money to kiss their butts in appeasement?!”

  3. You can call me a racist or paranoid, or any other name you choose, but these people are not in our country to be friendly or good American citizens. I’m sure there are some exceptions, but I’ve yet to see them. After WWII our country was infiltrated by millions of illegal Mexicans. I believe it was Presidents Truman and Eisenhower who began what was known as “Operation Wetback.” Within a period of two years MILLIONS of illegal Mexicans were deported. This was done to free up jobs for returning war veterans, imagine that concept, jobs for AMERICANS! I think it’s past time that a similar program be instituted for Muslims and the illegal Mexicans who are getting tuition breaks, etc. I want our country back. I’m sorry, I lost quite a bit of tolerance for Muslims when the first plane hit The World Trade Center. Please Goggle “Operation Wetback” and see for yourselves what can be done if the government is willing.

  4. we all need to stop relying on the gov. to solve the problems that they started in the first place. voting, toown hall meets, protests… etc can’t stop tyranny.

  5. They’re all complicit liars. Morsi – from Egypt – doesn’t know a thing about the Muslim Brotherhood…?? Gee, Pal – they’ve only been around for decades and waiting for the pounce.

    As for the other useful idiots featured in this video – good luck. You’ve all been sold a bill of goods called taqayya. I’ll try to include you in my prayers as you sink into the hell of dhimmitude. I’ll even play you a song by the prescient Leonard Cohen:

  6. Good, my links computed (I’m new at this copy and paste thingy 🙂

  7. I want every single muslim out of the United States of America. Boca needs to go to prison for the rest of his sorry life.


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