Kudos to his well-paid agent: Libtard George Clooney makes $40M as Nespresso spokesman

For those who decry “income inequality,” know that Clooney ain’t your man.

For those who love the Hollyweird type, know that nepotism plays an important role in obtaining gigs, especially if your acting skills suck.

And for those who love Obama know that, “at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”

From Daily Mail: George and Amal Clooney saw their wealth grow by £10million last year after the Hollywood star was named as the world’s highest-paid actor.

The glamorous couple, who are friends with Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, have a joint marital fortune of £270million, according to the Sunday Times Rich List.

Mr. Clooney, 58, has been paid $40million (£31million) to appear in Nespresso coffee adverts around the world and made £173million from the sale of a tequila company he co-founded, Casamigos, in 2017.

Mrs. Clooney, 41, has made an estimated £2million from her incredibly successful career as a human rights barrister.

Mrs. Clooney gave birth to twins Ella and Alexander in 2017, and the couple have a Thameside home in Berkshire.

They were among a host of celebrities to appear in this year’s Rich List, led by composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, whose fortune totals £820million, and former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney at £750million.

Read the whole story here.


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Dr. Eowyn

…which is why I will never ever buy a Nespresso.


Clooney and his ilk have money and fame because they sold their souls to the highest bidder, not due to talent. It won’t buy them salvation. I don’t know what nespresso is and I wouldn’t waste my money on one, or it. Even though I too have a home in Berkshire 🙂 I won’t be on any Rich Lists anytime soon though


Ewwww! How does one make $2+M from “human rights” activism? So, her front is being a lobbyist.

As for him, ewwwww! Maybe Phewwww! The more they pay him the bigger his fat head gets. Let’s hope they pay him even more. He’s a no-talent tool.


George New World Order Clooney -scary!


George Clooney!!!???
All this time I thought the hairy guy on the Nesspresso commercials was Cher’s daughter, Chaz (Chastity)!!!
Oh well, you learn something new every day. (sarc)


Nespresso, sounds like a mind control drug or date rape drug, or antidepressant, which you would need if you were dumb enough to watch Clowney’s movies.
How’s this for a marketing slogan:
“NESPRESSO… a hex put into every cup!”
Yeah, I’ll bet he made his money “honestly”, just like the Bush’s and Clinton’s did.