DemoRAT Hypocrite Kristen Gillibrand: “A country that values women wouldn’t allow this”

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Gillibrand and Harvey Weinstein

Gillibrand and Slick Willie

By now you’ve heard about the latest Alinsky tactics to derail Brett Kavanaugh.

DemoRATs are working very, very hard at this smear campaign. It’s coming fast and furious thanks to many, many demoRAT operatives. See here and the many posts on Twitchy.

And the RINOs are, of course, succumbing. Arrrrgggggghhhhh!

Another demoRAT working hard at this effort is Senator Kristen Gillibrand. You should see her Twitter timeline – full of sympathy, empathy and disdain for women who are victims of sexual assault and are not being heard because of the evil republican men.

Some examples of her tweets:

  • “We can’t change our country’s culture of sexual harassment and assault if we don’t change our treatment of survivors. A country that values women wouldn’t allow this.
  • By refusing to treat her allegations properly and by playing games to protect Kavanaugh’s nomination, they’re telling women across the country that they’re not to be believed. That they are worth less than a man’s promotion.”
  • “This isn’t just about one incident. It’s about whether we’ll send women who have experienced sexual trauma back into the shadows.
  • “Why don’t they want the facts?”
  • “We’re all better off when women’s voices are heard.”
  • To every survivor out there: I see you. You deserved better, and we will keep fighting for justice.”

You want to know Kristen about women who were sent back into the shadows because of sexual trauma? Listen to what these women have to say:


All you demoRATs pushing these unverified and libelous stories about Brett Kavanaugh without acknowledging the voiced experiences of Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey prove just one thing:

You don’t care about women who are victims of sexual assault ONE BIT. All you care about is POWER.

All you demoRATs involved in this smear against Brett Kavanaugh are HYPOCRITES.

I wonder what Mary Jo Kopechne would have to say…had she been a survivor.


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20 responses to “DemoRAT Hypocrite Kristen Gillibrand: “A country that values women wouldn’t allow this”

  1. Thank you, DCG, for exposing this hypocrite.

    Kristen Gillibrand is a slimy politician who shifts with the wind.

    “In the House, she was known as a conservative Democrat or centrist…a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, a caucus of fiscally conservative Democrats. In the Senate, she is known more as a populist-leaning liberal, representing…the heavily liberal and Democratic metropolitan area of New York City. At the time of her appointment to the Senate, a editorial said that Gillibrand’s reputation in the House was as “a hybrid politician who has remained conservative enough to keep her seat while appearing progressive enough to raise money downstate. On social issues, Gillibrand is generally liberal, supporting abortion rights and legalization of same-sex marriage.”

  2. The DemoCrap party is not the party of Jim Webb, but the America hating cultural marxist party of von Coudenhove-Kalergi, George Soros & Saul Alinsky.

  3. I came across this meme, and thought it was pretty funny.

  4. Not to mention that her father is linked to the NXIVM cult. But she will never talk about that!

  5. If our country wouldn’t allow this (meaning the Kavanaugh confirmation), then WHY did she cavort and with two of the biggest sexual harassers in the universe (Weinstein and Clinton)?

  6. All the drama! All right, every lady who ever got pawed in high school form a line to the right. Wait a minute, I don’t think there’s enough room.

    How long does a “pawee” have to live before they are no longer a “victim”? I’ll bet if they were pawed by a 300 lb. tranny with AIDS it would be OK.

    I don’t believe any of this. Frankly, if it were true, she should have reported it when it happened, not 36 years later. By having Congress (ha!) giving credence to this behavior instead of “manning up” and telling them to go pound sand, we can expect more of the same behavior.

    It’s all just Cultural Marxism. Most of us here are aware of this. I really don’t think we can ever over do mentioning it. The end game is to destroy Western Civilization and all sense of coherence. They want thousands of splinter groups, all warring with each other. They want thousands of different “standards”.

    I fear they will let them get away with this. If I were king we would have already voted. Who says she’s “entitled” to testify before the Senate? Why?

    • Take a few minutes and watch the video. There are many of these out there, most are good. This one is brief. This is EXACTLY what’s happening. I would take it further and explain WHO is responsible. He doesn’t, but some of us know.

    • “All the drama! All right, every lady who ever got pawed in high school form a line to the right”

      Isn’t that the truth. The drama is beginning to make my head spin. As for being pawed…that is exactly what I told my husband when this came out- even if true, I said, what women hasn’t been pawed at some point or another? That is pretty much what guys used to do at least, by seeing how far they could get, and the response if you didn’t like it was no. Have you noticed how the ” pawing” has been turned into attempted rape by Boxer and the rest? I’ve had worse experiences with pervy gynecologists.

      • Exactly, Lana. I was a varsity swimmer in college and could physically hold my own with most male college students. I was aggressively pawed a couple of times and a firm “No” or two was enough to get them to stop. But, even if it hadn’t stopped them, I was strong enough to get them off of me if I had to. I was never scared or afraid, just highly irritated. These experiences didn’t “scar” me for life……..they did make me more cautious in my dating choices. All young women, including athletes, should take martial arts classes and self-defense training.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      The only reason to let them proceed with their (limited) shenanigans (besides the infinitesimal possibility one of them is telling a bit of truth, which I highly doubt) is so that they and their puppet masters can be SHOWN, once and for all, to be FRAUDSTERS, interested only in denying the Constitutional actions of a democratically-elected PotUS and his same-party controlled Senate (and for now, at least, House). They are, in effect, attempting a “bloodless” coup.

      It’s the only way they can deny another conservative justice a seat on the SCotUS, and thus keep abortion-on-demand in play for now. Besmirch the nominee. Whether found “guilty” or not, he will have been damaged, as will the GOP Senate for backing him, regardless of the outcome. Make us the enemy of women, and they also steal the biggest demographic group they can away from Trump’s voting pool.

      They are trying to by-pass evidence, fact, and truth in favor of reaching for public opinion… particularly that of women voters on BOTH sides, as well as the majority of Democrats — leftists, proggies, and other assorted nuts, ALL AIDED by their co-conspirators chomping at the bit of a Godless society — the MSM. And backed, of course, by Soros et al.

      But Grassley has to take control now. He has to show that we will NOT be controlled by mob rule when there’s NO EVIDENCE to back claims made DECADES after the alleged crime took place, intentionally to effect the outcome of such an important appointment.

      And that message has to get out to the public that in GENERAL, you can’t made unfounded allegations against someone just to get a political (or other vendetta-type) outcome. Otherwise this crap will continue with the Me2s and similar political actions that have very little connection to what they purport to be about. The ALLEGATORS must be stopped. (I just made that word up.)

  7. Check this out. Here’s her letter, finally. It resembles Obongo’s birth certificate. Those guy’s are really lousy forgers:

  8. From Pelosi: “Predators have long counted on doubt and intimidation to stop survivors from coming forward. No more! Survivors, we stand with you. We stand with Dr. Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez and the countless more out there. Know that we have your back! #TimesUp #BelieveSurvivors”

    I’m STILL waiting for ANY demoRAT womyn to stand by and believe Broaddrick, Jones and Willey. STILL WAITING…

  9. I think this stems from a false sense of success. Until Kavenaugh they were batting 1000. Primarily because the men being accused had questionable character. Enter one with a sterling reputation and it did not stick. Progressives do not care about character so that was irrelevant, or so they thought. Now that they have flung the allegation retraction is impossible so they resort to their always handy back up: just the accusation alone indicates an issue. They do the same with accusations of racism or sexism. Now that a grip has been formed the right has a position to finally challenge their rhetoric and shoot it down for the confused, illogical, untruthful pack of nonsense it has always been.

  10. If she, Gillibrand, had any morals and valued herself one bit, she wouldn’t have been photographed with Weinstein and Sick Willey. One for all and all for one.


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