Know thy liberals: Meet 5 of Hillary Clinton's Biggest Hollywood Confidants

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Hillary April 2014
THR: Will she or won’t she? If anybody would know — aside from Bill — it’d be the women who make up Hillary Clinton’s California cabinet. The Clintons have spent decades cultivating Hollywood support, and along the way Hillary has chosen a small but trusted band of confidants who are fiercely loyal to her. Before they supported Barack Obama in the last two general elections (and they all did), these longtime Clintonistas first stumped hard and spent big for Hillary in the 2008 Democratic primary — traveling with her, hosting fundraisers and rallying influential, deep-pocketed supporters. And they’re poised to double those efforts if and when Clinton announces a 2016 run.

Thomason (r) with womanizer Bill Clinton

Thomason (r) with womanizer Bill Clinton

One of Clinton’s longest-running Hollywood friendships is with Designing Women creator (and one-time Arkansas resident) Linda Bloodworth-Thomason; they’ve known each other since the ’80s, when the Clintons were occupying the governor’s mansion. “I just knocked on the mansion door in 1980,” recalls Bloodworth-Thomason, 67. “She opened the door and had on jeans and a sweater and socks. She was holding Chelsea’s hand, and … I was taken with her authenticity, with the way she was very comfortable in her own skin.”
Steenburgen with Killary

Steenburgen with Killary

Arkansas-born Mary Steenburgen also knows Clinton from her time in the statehouse and flew around the country with her during the 2008 campaign. “When I first met her, I thought she was dazzling,” says the actress, 61. “She has a sense of humor that I just loved from the get-go.”
Cheryl Saban, 63, is the wife of top Democratic donor Haim Saban, who — like Steenburgen — has flown with Clinton, though he nearly didn’t survive the experience. As Haim later told his wife, when one of the engines conked out and the pilot announced an emergency landing, Clinton didn’t break a sweat. “She said, ‘Oh, OK,’ and went back to her book,” says Cheryl. “She has this ability to be very strong in the face of calamity.”


Laura Wasserman, 50, wife of sports mogul Casey Wasserman (whose parents also supported Bill), is moved by Clinton’s personal touch. “Every year Hillary would call Casey’s grandmother on her birthday,” says Wasserman. “She doesn’t ever forget friends.A “powerhouse human being and a very loving person” is how Friends producer Marta Kauffman, 58, describes Clinton. And Bloodworth-Thomason notes her “unrelenting ability to endure” — then jokes about the wait she and her compadres have endured as their political hero deliberates: “Yes, she’s [running]. She’s asked us to announce it here at the Mondrian Hotel.” Adds Saban, “If we have anything to do with it, yes.”
Gee, I wonder if the families of Stevens, Doherty, Smith and Woods find Hillary “dazzling” and a “a very loving person”?

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0 responses to “Know thy liberals: Meet 5 of Hillary Clinton's Biggest Hollywood Confidants

  1. Excellent post, DCG!

  2. You have to ask, has all the drugs and Botox erased their memory of all the history Killery has, and it isn’t good. To ignore her crimes and mean spirit is astounding. Is her reprehensible behavior acceptable? The people around her that have disappeared? Do they think ignoring Benghazi, Whitewater, lying under oath and stealing files and being fired for lying makes it ok?
    You have to ask yourself, does any of them even have a soul or conscience?
    Just because she is a woman, doesn’t make her the right woman for President. There are so many others much more worthy.
    The only other one that scares the bejesus out of me is Warren. Now, there is one demented human.

  3. People of like values and mindset tend to hang together well, this a a prime example of the Hollyweird crowd and the Clintons sharing their lives of lies, deceit and no morals. Match made in Hell I’d say.

    • “People of like values and mindset tend to hang together well, this a a prime example of the Hollyweird crowd and the Clintons sharing their lives of lies, deceit and no morals. Match made in Hell I’d say.”
      I don’t think it’s related to any kind of loyalty;I think it’s more like,”If I’M going down,I’m taking THEM with me!”

  4. Ive come to the conclusion that anything Hellywood endorses has satan’s rubber stamp. That first picture of Killary looks like some evil witch “I’ll get you and your little 401K too”
    I read one article (pray it isn’t true) that Klinton is considering Eric Holder as a running mate, race baiting on steroids

  5. THAT’S a scary thought!!!

  6. Of course Monica would endorse Hillary. She wants to LIVE. But the reality is GOD SEES everything Hillary is doing and has done and God will render justice, just like He exposes all things dark and EVIL. Recall Cosby….. Only a complete fool who didn’t do their homework and chooses to live in a fantasy world would support Clinton. Bill Clinton has abused women. Hillary could care less. All she cares about is wining. A true sociopath. Wake the hell up people. This woman is NUTS. Karma is coming Hillary. U have dodged a lot of cra&. and been given chance after chance after chance to come clean and you continue to lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and attack those who dare to expose you. Sooner or later, this :strategy will fail.

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    For your information. A blast from the past.


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