Knock, Knock, Obama

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Presidential seal falls off podium as The Fraud spoke at the 2010 Fortune Most Powerful Women (!) Summit:

Design by the brilliant BKeyser!

Got the message, Obama?

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0 responses to “Knock, Knock, Obama

  1. Unfortunately, it could have been a two X four in the head and I don’t think this narcissist would get the message!

  2. No! we don’t know who you are. In my mind you are a fraud,muslim America hater that needs to be removed in cuffs, and tried for THE BIGGEST CRIME EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  3. First came the flies, then an attack of the bees, followed by a visiting rat in front of the president’s podium. Now the presidential seal falls off the podium during a speech to a woman’s group. Could this possibly be a warning from the real messiah that we have an imposter? Red flags or bad luck?

  4. LOL I like to think it is subtle message from God telling Obma: “You ain’t all that. Can you hear me now?”

  5. Dave from Atlanta

    On the news this morning I heard it described as “a metaphor that the Democrats do not need right now.” Occasionally the truth even slips through the liberal media.

  6. LOL – Obama inspires incompetence everywhere he goes.
    Now government goons can’t even hang a seal on the front of a pulpit – oops, I meant podium.

  7. I wish the seals would fall off of this fraud’s life’s paper-trail, beginning with his long- form birth certificate…if it exists! What bull pie…”You all know who I am”.


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