Knife fight in Boston…

From  There’s a battle brewing in Boston over the sale of knives and personal freedoms.  There was a hearing on November 23rd  that was part of their effort to railroad through an ordinance which would require the licensing of convenience stores that retail knives to the public, pointing out that in no way would the ordinance reduce the illegal use of knives. The only councilors at the hearing were the ordinance’s sponsors.
The knives that the Boston City Council is hoping to control will still be available outside city limits, over the internet, and at stores not covered by the ordinance as well as many other places. And, let us not forget the ubiquitous availability of kitchen knives in every household. The ordinance will only result in the hindrance of law-abiding citizens and penalizing honest business owners.
Boston’s current ordinance regarding knives states the following:
City of Boston Knife regulations: 16-39.1.  Prohibition of Sale of Dangerous Instruments.
No person shall sell, give or deliver to any person under eighteen (18) years of age (hereinafter referred to as “minor”) any of the following:
a. Knife having a blade with a length of two (2”) inches or more;
b. Ice pick or similar implement having a metal pointed shaft and handle;
c. Straight edged razor or razor blade fitted with a handle.
Transient vendors, peddlers or hawkers, as defined in Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 101 (licensed or unlicensed) are prohibited from selling the above listed dangerous instruments in the City.(Ord. 1997 c. 9 § 1; Ord. 2001 c. 1) Penalty, see subsection 16-39.2
A government lackey in favor of this ordinance says the following in the video:  “No law is too onerous for government.
At one point, Councilor Michael Ross appears to be encouraging lawsuits against knife manufacturers for the illegal knife sales made by some convenience stores!  He states the following:
“Stores (referring to Lowe’s and Target) specifically in the business of selling sharp equipment, tools and knives are not experiencing problems where minors are buying these deadly weapons.”
Of all the people I know that own knives and guns, they have (combined) killed fewer people than a certain senator did with this deadly weapon:

Everyday the government wants to limit our freedoms.  At what point do we say enough is enough?

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Dr. Eowyn

Thanks, DCG, for reminding us about the late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s deadly weapon!


Are forks still legal in Boston? Need a few to stick into these Boston Bozo Mutants. I feel like I’m living in the movie: “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers”.


When will thesse idiots in varous cities, states, and federal government understand that you cannot legislate bad behavior or dangerous away? It’s NOT possible. Variouis local, state and federal government keep piling on ordinance after ordinance in an attempt to control the way the population behaves. It’s ridiculous, wastes money, time, and effort.


First they came for my knife,and I did nothing.Then they came for my fork….
They’d better outlaw gas and matches….lest the extremest patriots get any non-slave ideas.


Deadly weapons? No deadly people is the problem but they will never admit it.


Hard to believe Boston was the birthplace of America.
LOL – What happened?


I understand that slipping and falling in one’s home is the leading cause of accidental death, therefore they should outlaw that. Just think how many lives will be saved…

Mike Griffin
Mike Griffin

I hope they cut their own socialists throats. Boston is just another example of dip $#1+ politics. Get out and leave them to their own misery.