Kmart goes Illuminati Satanic

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Pop music is replete with the one-eye and pyramid symbols of the Illuminati. See “Pop Culture Satanists”.
Now those symbols, including the “I love you” devil’s horns thrown in for ill measure, are in a Kmart ad for the Adam Levine clothing line. Levine is a pop singer-songwriter, coach on NBC’s reality talent show The Voice, and a fledgling actor.
Kmart Illuminati
Source of pic: Vigilant Citizen
H/t FOTM’s Mike and Christy
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0 responses to “Kmart goes Illuminati Satanic

  1. I can’t imagine anyone being enticed into making purchases based on this ad–it’s down right nasty looking, other than the secret meanings.

  2. Attention, Kmart shoppers! Baphomet is an hermaphrodite, and it displays both breasts and an erection. For Republicans who may not know, your elephant logo with three stars has the stars upside down, Satanic style. I can’t prove it, but I read that that was a Rove trick enjoyed by others in his company.

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  4. What do they think they’ll gain by doing this?

  5. It probably really makes their week to see people taking their “gestures” SO seriously…..

  6. The kind who vote for Obama!

  7. Apparently florida “public” schools also got in on the mess:
    Perhaps this big amount of exposure is for the twisted meaning of the chinese calendar rendering of 2015 (which should be the year of the fire ram normally, or when twisted the flaming goat.) Not that it actually means anything in legitimate reality as such, but rather the devil worshipers enjoy perverting things as such and then making it appear that the stuff has significance. (ala 2014 which was, by the chinese calender, a wood horse year, of course twisted it looks like a trojan horse.) Needless to say, kmart just made a very poor choice.

  8. Thanks for posting this, Doc. Most people see an ad like this and think nothing of it. But when one is aware of what’s really happening in this country, it stands out like a red flag.

  9. This is going on all over the place. J.C. Penney marketed to gays, spurring a backlash. It has been going on in the movies. So my guess is that someone, somewhere, makes these decisions and tell the film makers and retailers to push these themes. But who is it?

  10. Reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:
    Surprise, surprise! Edward S. Lampert owns Sears Holdings, which owns K-Mart. From Wikipedia: Lampert graduated from Yale University in 1984 (B.A., economics, summa cum laude), where he was a member of Skull and Bones[2][7] and Phi Beta Kappa.
    Skull and Bones, eh? I wonder if the entire retail operation has sold its soul to the devil.

  11. Kohl’s sells the Tony Hawk line and they were all about the pyramids and the all seeing eye of Horace. Hiding in plain sight!

  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. The devil is attempting to get his hand into everything.

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