Kitty to the rescue!

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  1. Cats rule inside and out!

  2. This cat, Tara, is AMAZING and a true hero. Here’s more info:

    A family’s cat dramatically went to the rescue of a young child riding a bike in the family’s driveway in Bakersfield, California, when the boy was attacked by a neighbor’s dog on Tuesday.

    Amazingly, both the initial dog attack and the cat’s rescue attack were captured by the family’s surveillance video cameras.

    The cat, named Tara, seemingly emerged from nowhere to jump on the dog and protect the young boy, whose mom, Erica Triantafilo, was nearby.

    Triantafilo said the dog continued to hang around after the cat chased him, and the dog then bit her when she tried to chase it away. Triantafilo said her son, who is mildly autistic, received 10 stitches, and her neighbors voluntarily turned their dog over to animal services to be quarantined.

  3. That was nothing short of fantastic. I would not have thought that a cat would take on another animal that was so much bigger than herself.

  4. amazing!

  5. Thank you DCG for this great post. Tara is a true heroine, loyal and courageous!

  6. I had a cat tell me something was smoking and on fire at the kitchen stove one time! She got me out of the bathroom by beating on the door and took me crying the whole way, directly to the stove. I was astounded. Cats can be very good friends indeed.

  7. I saw this on the news this morning and was amazed—but not dumbstruck…b/c, we had an old Calico who woke us up in the middle of the night screeching at our youngest son’s bedroom doorway. Upon investigating, she’d been running back and forth at the threshold to keep a scorpian from entering the room! And, the heart of my hearts was an abandoned cat who was trying to attach herself to us or our neighbors. Neighbors tried to kill her with lawn-mower gas exhaust until I threatened to turn them over for animal cruelty…not too many days later…in the middle of a horrible heat wave, I went outside in darkness to hang up clothes on a clothesline in the comparative coolness of the evening….but I didn’t turn a light on….and I stepped into the path of a rattlesnake. I had to “freeze” and could NOT see where that snake was…I could only hear it….I prayed and prayed for help and that dear, dear abandoned cat came over the fence and put herself at my feet, lay flat on the ground, ears back, pointing toward the snake…..she remained like that until the snake left….at which time I could tell it was gone b/c she sat up and relaxed…..then she led me step by step to the patio so I could safely return inside the house……We spayed and adopted that cat……


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