Kitty is rescued!

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MSN: Birds, squirrels and rats are all part of a Boa constrictor’s regular diet. Imagine the horror then of seeing a Boa wrapped around the body of a cat, strangling it forcefully. This was the scene facing Andres Gonzalez, who captured this close-up video on his cellphone. It shows a man pulling the Boa off, allowing a battered cat to escape his clutches. Andres said the cat was seen later that day looking okay. Credit: YouTube/Andres Gonzalez.


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0 responses to “Kitty is rescued!

  1. Happy ending! 🙂

  2. No wonder cats hate snakes.

  3. Thank you God for helping Andres get it off!!!!!! omg.

  4. Poor kitty! God bless the unnamed man for rescuing kitty — while Andres Gonzalez just watched and took the video on his cellphone.

    Snakes give me (and many people) the creeps. 🙁

  5. I wish he was able to get to the kitten and make sure it didn’t suffer any long term damage.


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