King County Tax Dollars at Work

Last fall, King County (Washington) adopted a budget  (entitled, “Balancing the Budget, Sharing the Pain”) that included cuts to close the $60 million shortfall anticipated in 2011. “We went through this budget line-by-line to cut spending in the most responsible way possible, just as many individuals and families everywhere are doing with their own household budgets,” said one councilmember.  “We had to make extremely difficult choices in this budget and use our limited resources to protect as many residents of King County as possible,” said another councilmember.

So guess how King County Library  System (KCLS) is spending their money responsibly? By paying employees to attend Seattle’s Pride Parade!


 A portion of the email sent to the staff:

“For a second year, KCLS will proudly carry a banner and march in the Seattle Pride Parade! This year the parade is on Sunday, June 26th. KCLS employees, volunteers, family and friends are invited to join our contingent on a march through downtown Seattle. For employees, participation requires manager approval. Because this is a KCLS Diversity Committee sponsored event and because this event is an outreach activity, this is a work-related activity.”

Julie Brand, Community Relations and Marketing Director with the KCLS, said this is just another one of the library system’s outreach activities. “We do extensive outreach throughout all the communities we serve, whether it’s festivals, parades, or farmer’s markets,” she said. Brand explained many libraries are open on Sundays, so the Pride Parade falls on a work day for many of the employees. “There’s no difference between doing it any other day of the week.”

Brand said employees will be educating the public on the library’s available resources. “They go with library materials. They use it as an opportunity to talk to folks about what the library has and what sort of resources and programs and services we can be providing to them,” said Brand. There will be about 20 employees participating in the parade on Sunday.

KCLS has an extensive website where you can thoroughly research all the programs and services they offer. And do you think those attending a Pride Parade are going there to be educated about the library programs? Glad to know King County is spending their money in the most responsible way to “protect us”.


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Dr. Eowyn

King County has its priorities, you know.

Just what we need: another parade of freaks.


The residents of Washington State should have included a mote filled with piranhas in front of the wall they should have built along their southern border.

That would have kept the Bay Area refugees in Oregon fer sure. 🙂



Hey, can they pay me to drink beer at Hooters… equal time, you know.


Was this KCLS outreach tied to “Lap Dances For Literacy” or “Washington State Weenie Wavers”?