King County passes law requiring gun stores to post signs outlining dangers of owning a gun

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More “feel-good,” useless legislation (show me a study where it’s been shown that signs reduce gun violence) that will do nothing to stop criminals.

From The King County Board of Health passed legislation requiring stores that sell firearms and firing ranges to post signs warning customers of the various dangers posed by gun violence.

The law was passed unanimously, and will require gun stores and ranges to post signs warning of the risks of suicide, fatal acts of domestic violence, and unintentional deaths to children as they relate to gun ownership.

The signs will also carry contact information for Crisis Connections, one of the longest standing crisis lines in the country.

Coupled with the recent passage of I-1639, Washington state, and to an even greater extent, King County, has suddenly become ground zero for sweeping, comprehensive gun control across the board.

“We need to be open and honest about the harm that guns can cause,” said King County Councilmember Joe McDemott in a news release. “This means acknowledging there is risk in owning a gun, often for the people who live in the home that gun is intended to protect.”

McDermott proposed the law over the summer, with the hope that it would assist those in crisis situations.

“The goal of this law is to ensure people are aware of the risk and those who may find themselves in a crisis can quickly find help they need so that it doesn’t end in harm and tragedy for themselves or others,” he said.

This legislation was the final piece of a sweeping selection of gun control measures passed by King County Council, known as its “Gun Safety Action Plan.” Other measures previously passed include a law requiring gun owners to safely store all firearms, a “youth-led report on reducing gun violence,” mandating that the sheriff’s office destroy all forfeited weapons, and the formation of a task force to identify other gun violence prevention strategies.

King County’s law requiring warning signs in gun stores will go into effect 30 days after it’s signed by the Board of Health’s chairperson.

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16 responses to “King County passes law requiring gun stores to post signs outlining dangers of owning a gun

  1. So, if I find myself in a crisis where I actually NEED a gun, can they help me with that also??

    What a waste of everyones’ time and effort.


    • Right, the intent is to put us in civil crisis where we have no guns and can be herded like sheep into the slaughterhouses historically waiting at the end of every leftist rainbow for the past 250 years. Next that crisis line becomes a way for Dems to call in made up stories so their gun owning neighbors have their front doors bashed in by SWAT teams itching to kill anything patriotic that moves.

      But people still don’t get it that despite the conservative rhetorical optics resulting in a few token crumbs, the bought-paid-for Republicans are effectively the Dems’ rear guard, preventing us from routing the left while we still have a chance. How about McConnell almost gleefully announcing that the Dem takeover of the House is a restoration of business as usual? as if giving the Dems everything they wanted in the last budget wasn’t bad enough.

      Fox News is also predictably insinuating that the McConnell doctrine of compromising with evil is proof of the vitality of American democracy—compromises giving us sodomite marriage, abortion, euthanasia, drugs, sexualing children, usurious debt slavery, affirmative action dispossessing white men, and endless wars incinerating children in faraway lands. Compromising with evil is evil itself and says a lot about those pushing it as a sign of the good.

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  3. It prince’s sole purpose is harassment, a trait of leftist. Incapable of living and letting live, a gift for them is only complete with the humiliation of the vanquished.

    • Not sure what happened there……the above is supposed to say ” The ordinance ‘s sole purpose….. “

  4. I think they mean it is dangerous for us to own a gun in order to fight them when they barge into our homes and take over our lives.
    I am sure they called Chicago to see how gun control is working so well there.
    What is in the water in some of these liberal areas?

  5. But what about the defensive aspect? These gun stores should also be required to post the results of the CDC study that shows that defensive gun uses result in more lives saved than lost each year due to offensive use of guns. If we ban guns, all of those defensive uses ***plus the lives they save***, will vanish as well.

  6. ALL news reports on gun statistics are invalid.
    One only needs to follow John Lott, who thoroughly debunks the “skewed studies” and reports made by FBI and reported on mainstream media. One only needs to know that those people who wrote those “studies” and those fairy tales, absolutely refuse to debate John Lott. They know they will lose and be discredited publicly. Any LIE repeated often enough is soon believed to be the truth.

    This is why I view the agenda King’s County et al as nothing
    more than LAUGHABLE at those blatant LIARS.
    Omission of facts and opinionated skewing of real data, even when done by the FBI, where distortions of statistics alongside omissions to prove an anti-gun agenda, like any other omissions are the worst lies imaginable. The CDC has been repeatedly discredited from vaccines to their lies on pandemics.

  7. During the next big quake, the entire pacific north west along with Northern CA needs to fall into the ocean.

    Before I complete this, I’m going to put up more, “This is a gun free zone sign around my house and then clean an oil my shot gun.

  8. That law is there to help brainwash the public into believing the need to disarm the public, and it is doing this at the expense of the gunshops. Forcing self execution.

  9. So are these dipshits going to post it in 17 languages too? Nothing surprises me when it comes to the mindset of the antigun crowd…

  10. Are they also regulating and making car dealerships post warnings on their windows? Or every other “risky” behavior one might engage in that could lead to injury or death. I think not.
    Car accidents, fist fights, slip & falls, drugs & alcohol, smoking etc. etc. etc. kill or injure more people than firearms.
    Just more of the dumba$$ liberal logic for the groupthink lemmings.
    It is becoming impossible to live with these morons who are assisting in their own destruction out of ignorance.


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