Kindergartners required to chant praises to Obama

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Kindergarten students at Tipps Elementary School, in Houston, Texas, were required to learn a chant extolling Barack Obama. (h/t velvethammer of Ironic Surrealism, Feb. 22, 2012)

This alarming news is reported by at least two sources:

Pagliarulo said on his radio show:
“I got a call this morning from a Houston area parent perplexed by a requirement of his child in kindergarten [at Tipps Elementary School] to memorize a song about President Obama for Black History month. […] This has NOTHING to do with Black History month and everything to do with forcing our kids to worship Obama.”
On The Blaze, Opelka has the memo from the kindergarten’s principal, Mary Stovall, which states that students are required to learn the chant:


Attached is a chant about President Barack Obama. All Kindergarteners will be required to learn the chant for the Black History program. Please write how many you will need. Keep one copy to practice with students at school.

Mary Stovall
Bridgette Babineaux

Opelka notes that the principal’s office would not comment on the matter, directing all inquiries to the communications department at the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District.
Kelly Durham, the district’s assistant superintendent for communications, defended the song during a telephone interview with The Blaze last week, calling it “an instructional activity to honor Black History Month.” The kindergartners were supposed to perform it during an evening school program.
This is the “chant” the little kids were required to learn (the spelling/typing mistakes are the school’s):

The Barack Obama Song

Who is our 44th President?
Obama is our 44th President
Who is a DC resident?
Obama is a DC resident
Resident, President

Who’s favorite team is the Chicago White Sox?
Obama’s favorite team is the Chicago White sox
Who really thinks outside the box?
Obama really thinks outside the box
Outside the box, Chicago White Sos
Resident, President

Who really likes to play basketball?
Obama really likes to play basketball
Who’s gonna answer our every call?
Every Call, Basketball
Outside the box, Chicago White Sox
Resident, President

Who’s famous slogan is Yes we can?
Obams’s famous slogan is Yes we can
Who do we know is the man?
Barack Obama is the man
He’s our man, Yes we can!
Every Call, Basketvall
Outside the box, Chicago White Sox
Resident, President
Who won a grammy for “Dreams of my Father”?
Obama won a grammy for “Dreams of my Father”?
Now can you guess who’s a famous author
Barack Obama is a famous author

Famous Author, Dreams of my Father
He’s our man, Yes we can!
Every Call, Basketball
Outside the box. Chicago White Sox
Resident President

Who wants to go to college at Yale?
Malia & Sasha will go to college at Yale
Who’ll make sure they won’t fail?
Barack & Michelle know they won’t fail

They won’t fail, they’re going to Yale
Famous Author, Dream of my Father
He’s our man, Yes we can!
Every Call, Basketball
Outside the box, Chicago White Sox
Resident, President

Here’s contact info for Tipps Elementary School’s principal, Pamela Redd:

Pamela Redd

Address: Tipps Elementary School, 5611 Queenston Blvd., Houston, Texas 77084

Phone: (281) 345-3350

Fax: (281) 345-3355


Radio host Joe Pagliarulo noted that he had found “an interesting image file” that was labeled “Shared Objects – Public” on the right hand side of Pamela Redd’s personal faculty page . Whatever that “image file” was, it’s no longer there. The page was “last modified 02/23/2012.” Redd had removed it. Hmmm….
See for yourself! Go here.

H/t beloved Wendy & Terry!


Glenn Beck says Tipps Elementary School has backed down and dropped the chant!
H/t May

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0 responses to “Kindergartners required to chant praises to Obama

  1. What kind of BULLSHIT is this? Brainwash them young! Our children haven’t a snoballs chance in HELL to live in a free world! Unless we put a STOP o all this Socialist and Marxist CRAP!! Semper Fi.

  2. how much longer we gonna put up with this????????????

  3. Indoctrination….reason number 1,111,112 to homeschool.
    Should have added more to the chant…
    Who really likes to waste our money?
    Crony gifts to Solyndra and Light Squared,
    Tax payer dollars to union thugs,
    Extravagent vacations for wifey Moochelle,
    And record deficits for tax payer fools,
    Thank you resident, president!

  4. To: Show details
    If the requirement that all should memorize the Obama Chant is real; then you are the worst excuse of what a qualified teacher should be. You should be reprimanded and removed from yor position at once. To use tax funded education for the select purposes of political indoctrination is a crime. Funds should be stopped until this type of proactive social engineering is discontinued. What a shame to have this type of garbage attached to Black History Month in this manner.
    Thoroughly Disgusted,
    Michael Griffin

  5. German children were forced to sing the praises of Adolf Hitler.
    These “educators” should all be fired.
    I know it won’t happen, but still.

  6. Having homeschooled my children, way back when, the only thing I can say is that I personally think that a parent is totally crack-brained to sent their children to a public school. The children belong at home with their parents.
    The school subject matter is usually satanic in some way and they will destroy your children’s mind. Take your child out of public school and the problem will at least go away for you.

  7. Al, the kids in that school are a majority black, and this principal is making sure they stay on Obama’s plantation

  8. Very good for people with a limited vocabulary. This for some new kind of special education process?

  9. How about “I Have a Dream”? But the “content of their character” thing is too judgmental and that guy was a Republican, right?

  10. Dear Nazi propagandists,
    Where in your mandate as a teacher is it written that you have either the duty, or the right, to proceed down this road of INDOCTRINATION? Where do you arrogant people come up with the idea that you have any kind of right to fill a child’s head with this sort of nonsense? These are not your children, and the fundamental right of a PARENT to teach their children about the politics of the WORLD belong to the parent, not you. YOUR JOB is to teach a child how to read, write, and perform math calculations. Art and home economics I can even live with. But what your doing here is akin to forcing these children to kiss the ring of a false god. And don’t make the comparison to me that this is nothing more than a school play or some other activity. I did school plays as a child, and I was never FORCED to participate. Additionally, did any of you have the BALLS to let the parents know your intentions here, before you tried to hand down this edict from your liberal, minority worshipping thrones?
    Obama is nothing special, first of all, but I would make this same objection if you were to do this sort of thing with George W. Bush, or Bill Clinton. Regardless of my feelings about Obama, being the worthless muslim-loving traitor that he clearly is, color really isn’t an issue here. HITLER did this same thing with children in Nazi Germany, and look at the result. Shall these kids smooch his ass if he ever comes to visit your school? Is he going to show up wearing a special ring that they can kiss, while swearing their undying allegience to him, instead of to the greater concept that is our COUNTRY? Are you at ALL aware of how dangerous what you’re doing is?
    This goes way beyond teaching children innocent jingles about Old MacDonald, or the color Blue. You are CONDITIONING impressionable youth (again, not your own) by FORCING them to glorify a POLITICAL FIGURE. And, you’re doing it under the very false guise of celebrating Black History Month, which is an abject failure of a concept to begin with, for more reasons than I will go into here. If the traitor Obama is all this and a bag of chips, why is it necessary to essentially LEGISLATE a child’s behavior by FORCING THEM to learn to recite this criminal mantra? Jesus Christ Himself doesn’t get this much f*cking press, nor do we seem to be spending this much time teaching kids about God and lawful behavior, than we do teaching them to kiss this traitors ass!
    All of you should be BANNED outright from ever teaching impressionable youth anything ever again! You are as bad as the worst kind of sexual predator, and I don’t think its a far cry to make the comparison between sexual predators and YOU.
    F*ck all of you social engineering traitors.

    • Gabe, appreciate your input here. Just to let you know I changed your “f”s. Please see our about page for commenting guidelines. Thank you.

  11. Who is the man in the can?
    why it is non other than Obama man
    Obama man,why is he in the can?
    he is in the can because he ran
    for an office that is above his wit
    he is in the can because he is full of sh*t
    (as are those who support him)
    Wild Bill

  12. Who is the “Thumbs down” creep thumbing down everyone? Must be a Michael Moore clone.

  13. I’m teaching my kids to never ever trust blacks.

    • Any kind of racism is a weakness in a man’s character. There’s nothing more to it than that because racism teaches hatred of people. Ones race is something that is not chosen, we’re all born with it.
      Anyone who teaches a chant in honor of Obama is a satanic communist. That should be the real reason for the statement; not because of race. This woman is evil to the core; she looks harmless, but she is engaging in mind manipulation or brain-washing.

  14. The followers of Jim Jones chanted songs about him. The followers of Pol Pot chanted songs about Pol Pot. Followers of Edi Amin chanted songs about Edi Amin. Followerrs of Hitler chanted songs about Hitler. Followers of Stalin chanted songs of praise for Stalin. They were all FOLLOWERS. Most all those FOLLOWERS died soon after chanting for their “Great Leader”. If there are enough ignorant Americans to chant for………………………

  15. of all the crap going around the country under the incompetent administration of obama this is among the most ominous chants for der leader are you kidding this is insane the principal and teachers responsible for this should be taken out and shot immediately..

  16. Everybody on this site that is leaving a comment are brainwashed themselves including the idiotic radio host that spear headed this non-sense, only in America and non-monority communities would you make a BLACK history program about politics. This is not at all about politics and if you people would take your heads out of your butts for 5 minutes you would see that. Bottom line they should be doing a chant about Obama, why you ask?? Simply put a BLACK man being elected president, something BLACK and white forefathers never thought would happen is one of if not the largest accomplishments in BLACK history. Wait but I guess because it’s an election year it makes it wrong to discuss his part in Black history because he is still relevant. NEWS FLASH kindergarteners can’t vote, so them singing a song about him will not sway your precious election unless you let your 5 year old tell you how to vote. Funny thing is if you actually listened to them the country might be better off lol!!!!

    • Obama is not Black. He is not even half Black. Those who claim Obama to be Black are the same people who claim America is evil. Communism like a terrible malignancy is the creeping death to all our freedoms.

    • So we can have school kids celebrating a half black man simply because the sheeple elected a senator that consistently voted present who then became president? And that is an accomplishment? Of what? That people vote based on color? MLK would not be impressed.

  17. To assume that race means anything one way or another is ridiculous. That’s why some blacks can be just as racist as they claim white people.
    Racial tension is brought upon us mostly by media. I hate to break this to you but my experience in being in mixed race neighborhoods, mixing the races is no big deal. Being black isn’t anything more than being white. A man can’t choose his race so why don’t you stop talking about it? The issue was chanting to Obama. I believe this group would have been just offended if they were chanting for Bush. The chanting is the problem and it is a tool of evil communists to brain-wash children. This has nothing to do with race.

  18. The Government controlled schools are enforcing Racism and Hate, all in the name of political Correctness. Government institutions always see themselves as being perfectly correct (Godlike), the public as always the sinner that must be re-educated.

  19. @Rich Young If he is not black what is he then? His father is a black man so that would make him 50% black…and for the record America isn’t evil. The People who run it ideals are evil possibly…and again a black man in the presidential office is something to celebrate for black history month…now chanting and worshipping him like God no but acknowledging him as the first BLACK president in BLACK history month should be done.

  20. @DCG the sheeple system is what your beloved America came up with to elect its leaders, so now u don’t back the system because someone that you don’t agree with was voted in??? And yes we will celebrate that half BLACK man because you all don’t acknowledge that he is half white as well lol!! And honestly would you really even know what MLK would be impressed by??? all you probably know about him is that he had a dream and he has a holiday

    • @Donald,
      Yawn. Don’t you “progressives” ever get tired of your one-trick “Racist” pony?

    • Donald
      Do not presume to know what the posters here know regarding Dr King.Did you know that he was a conservative,who were he alive today,would be one of the loudest voices against Obama’s blatant,divisive racist policies?
      Wild Bill

    • Our founding fathers did not envision a system where clueless, ignorant, publicly indoctrinated people voted based upon the color of a person’s skin instead of their capabilities.
      I know a little bit more about MLK than the public indoctrination system teaches students today. Maybe you should listen to his niece Alveda sometime. She provides good insight into her uncle.

  21. My daughter attends this school and she isn’t required to do anything participation is optional

    • Hi, Sylvia,
      If chanting is optional, then why does the principal’s memo use the word “required”? Even if participation is optional, the chant is still repugnant. Obama is not king. Nor is he a “charismatic” leader idolized in totalitarian countries, like Mao Zedong, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Kim Il-Sung.

      • I hope you don’t mind if I butt in, but optional and required are two different meanings that mean the same thing in government speak. Optional means required, just like in the income tax where voluntary compliance means required or they’ll put you in jail. This is why I think all government people are just liars. The second they open their mouths they are lying. If they manage to tell the truth, they use that to promote the ultimate lie.

    • No “Peer Pressure”?
      My Father spent 5 years in World War Two. He was there when they were releasing the prisoners from the concentration camps. All of Europe stank of death. The skys were black with the polution from burning bodies. There were still trains on the tracks to the ovens with bodies stacked like cord wood upon the flatcars. The German People were so well schooled in denial and the worship of false idols that they were totally unaware of all the horror. The military forced German citizens of all ages to bury the dead and clean up the bloody refuse. The Citizens began to cry and sob so heavily that many broke down and were never were the same again.
      Chanting to a false God in any way means or manner is the calling upon the murder of the Innocent by the Ignorant.
      Are the inmates of our public schools becomming the diciples of death?
      About face, America!

  22. the kids aren’t chanting nor worshiping the president they aren’t telling the kids he is a King or a God, they just sent the poem home for black history month and said participation is optional the only requirement if you allow your child to participate is that they learn the poem that was chosen (I’m sure it’s required so your child isn’t the only one that doesn’t know what to say), if the parent had a issue they should of called the school instead of hiding behind some radio station.. I think you all are making this way bigger than what it really is

  23. I’m waiting for the chant for Bawney Frwank to celebrate LGTB….will have to come up with a poem for that one (after work of course). So much material to work with on that one 🙂
    What about one for Dipstick Maxine? And the guy who said Guam would tip over?This could be fun!

  24. Glenn Beck says Tipps Elementary School has backed down and dropped the chant!
    H/t May
    Gosh, if the chant was “optional,” why would the school back down and drop the chant? [snark]

  25. Pamala Redd is as Red as Red gets.

  26. Sounds like idol worship to me. Kindergarteners are being Psychologically conditioned to like Obama, and not even know why.

    • Let’s say if only ten people from this forum withdrew their children at $10,000 per head, that would take away $100,000.00 I think there has been enough complaining, now do something about it.
      Homeschool your children. They belong at home anyway, and not with some wacked out communist teacher from hell. Now if thousands of people do this, well…perhaps a major problem has been solved. But talking without doing doesn’t accomplish anything.

      • Just tell them that it is against your religion to send your own child to public school. Tell them you don’t want your child to go to hell where all the teachers will end up. I homeschooled my sons and I am happy with the results. They are nice young men now and they are productive.
        The country should empty out the public schools, throw dung on them, and make a bunch of planters. Now that we have computers, they can learn what they need to learn much easier without all the pain and suffering of having to go to a rotten school 6-8 hours a day. These schools are nothing more than communist training camps.

  27. Sounds like the government is engaging in “Psychological Sex” with our children. There is another term for this kind of perversion, “Mind F–king”.
    They should keep their Sense and Semen to themselves on a very isolated Atoll “Bikini Atoll” 1950’s style.


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