Killing Us Softly – Part 6

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Our beloved LowTechGrannie is absent from FOTM because her laptop was attacked by a vicious virus and she hasn’t been able to get back online. I am, therefore, taking her stead by posting Part 6 of Kelleigh Nelson’s outstanding series of articles on ObamaCare and the Death Culture inherent in the godless Brave New World of the Sustainable Development economy. If you value the sanctity of life from conception to natural death, this series will have you in tears.  Please share on Facebook and other social media. It could save lives!
FOTM is grateful for Kelleigh’s permission to re-publish this important series. Here are the previous parts that LTG had posted:

Part 7 will be posted tomorrow!


Part 6

by Kelleigh Nelson

“In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day.” Dr. Jacques Cousteau
“Global Sustainability requires the deliberate quest of poverty, reduced resource consumption and set levels of mortality control.” –Professor Maurice King

“I’ve been a cancer doctor for over 30 years, and I think the proper role for a doctor is to take care of the patient. Assisted suicide should not be in the realm of medicine.”  Dr. Kenneth Stevens

Living Wills

The first living will was conceived in 1967 by Luis Kutner, a human-rights lawyer in Chicago, and cofounder of the pro-abortion Amnesty International, in conjunction with the Euthanasia Society of America. The living wills were distributed by the Euthanasia Society.
Luis Kutner’s musings about death anticipated the day when medicine would cross the line from prolonging life to prolonging dying. In 1967, he wrote his first ”living will,” a document that allows a person to specify under what conditions life-support systems should be discontinued.  In 1930 Mr. Kutner helped found an American chapter of the Euthanasia Society, modeled after an English counterpart that included, playwright and eugenic extremist, George Bernard Shaw and Julian Huxley (the first Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and a member of the Eugenics Society).
The idea did not catch on, but in 1938 the Rev. Charles Potter founded the Society for the Right to Die. In April, 1984, a team of prominent doctors published in the New England Journal of Medicine a set of guidelines for treatment of gravely ill patients, concluding it was ethical to withhold nutrition and even medicine if it only prolonged a painful death.
Anyone who doubts that the Living Will, which is urged upon all Americans, comes from the Euthanasia Society can read the main article proposing its adoption written by attorney, Luis Kutner in 1969 entitled, “Due Process of Euthanasia: The Living Will, A Proposal,” [Indiana Law Journal v. 44, 1969, p. 549] The Living Will was written to create a due process of euthanasia. In addition, in 1970, the Euthanasia Society of America distributed 60,000 living wills. They knew where they were leading American society, but the misguided, trusting Americans couldn’t see it.
Kutner’s intention in creating the Living Will was to provide a way that governmental authorities could allow a form of euthanasia. The living wills were “sold” to the public as patients determining what type of care they would or would not want, but their main effect is to limit care that might allow them to live longer, an incremental step toward open euthanasia. The euthanasia-supporting organizations gave us the Advance Directives and the Living Wills, and now we have the P.O.L.S.T. forms (Physician Orders for [Limiting] Life-Sustaining Treatment) which are spreading across the country.
Even though the public today never thinks they are agreeing to “euthanasia” when they make out a living will, the effect of filling one out can interfere with getting treatment if you change your mind and want care. For example, some physicians will “write off” patients who have a Do-Not-Resuscitate order or a Living Will and simply provide “comfort care” while refusing to treat easily-treated problems. The result is ultimately death for the patient.
If you are having any form of surgery, one of the first questions you’ll be asked is if you have a “living will.”  If you do, I’d suggest you destroy it.  If you don’t, then congratulations, you’re one of the few who have refused to be brainwashed into providing a way for the medical industry to deny you care, and perhaps bring about your early demise.


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R.3590) has already modified how Medicare will be run. Under Section 3021, “Establishment of Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation,” the Secretary of Health and Human Services “shall adjust the payments made to an eligible safety net hospital system or network from a fee-for-service payment structure to a global capitated payment model.” [H.R.3590 p.205] Going from a Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement system that pays fees for each service provided, to a system that has a cap on payments made for all services provided to a patient is one of the most significant changes to Medicare ever made and will certainly result in drastic changes.  In Part 2 of this series I told about the Geisinger Hospital programs President Obama has praised.  They have already moved away from the medical standard of fee-for-service.
Hospitals will have to change what tests, surgeries and treatments they provide if they know the amount they will be paid is capped for each patient they serve! This certainly will result in more people dying for lack of care, or needed life-saving surgeries, or even for surgeries like knee or hip replacements.
The changes to Medicare/Medicaid are not being seen by the majority of the public, nor are they being reported by the controlled media.  These changes are also being made to all health care.  We are quickly moving from a sanctity-of-life society to one that closely resembles Hitler’s eugenics program, targeting the elderly and disabled for early death.  The changes aren’t for efficiency, they’re for something else.
Those of us on Medicare or Medicaid are already experiencing the decisions made by unelected bureaucrats in D.C.  (Remember, in older dictionaries, “Soviet” is defined as unelected councils.)  America’s seniors are stuck with Medicare even though in 1965 when it became law, it was a “voluntary” program.  Lyndon Johnson pressured all private health insurers to cancel all policies available to seniors. And get this, if a senior wants to opt-out of Medicare they have to give up their Social Security, even though we’ve paid into it all our lives.  Only the very wealthy (think politicians) can opt out.  Medicare is a monster program that has NEVER been run efficiently and has been crippled by fraud from day one, and is in enormous debt.  Link
Both political parties are silently promoting the stealth euthanasia already begun long ago in America.  The past generous benefits of Medicare are to be phased out to make the program more “efficient.”  The politicians tell us there is no rationing of care, and truly there are no “formal” death panels.  However, they have set in motion the processes that reduce reimbursement under the guise of “limiting expenditures,” or “keeping costs down,” and these processes will result in rationed care.  The HMOs, and private health insurance companies will make decisions knowingly resulting in denied tests, denied treatments, and certain death in many cases.  When the federal government completely takes over health care, test and treatment denials will be the equivalent of death for many.
Obama Care creates several methods which are likely to result in rationed care.  The “Independent Payment Advisory Board” (IPAB) is allegedly not allowed to make recommendations that result in rationing, but it can and will exert pressure on providers by reducing how much they get paid to provide a service.  It’s all about our money folks.
PJ Media states, “The IPAB would consist of 15 members appointed by the president (and confirmed by the Senate), empowered to decide what medical tests and procedures Medicare would cover and how much it would pay providers.  However, giving this power to the IPAB would put tremendous medical decision-making in the hands of unelected officials with minimal accountability.   We’ve already seen a foretaste of this when a federal government medical panel attempted to save money by restricting screening mammography to women over age 50, even though decades of medical research has shown clear benefits to starting annual mammograms at age 40.”Although the Obama administration stated that the IPAB would not ration medical care, its power to set payments to doctors and hospitals would give it de facto rationing power.
Once the feds take over management of the entire health care system, (as in Medicare and Medicaid), it will have control over how care is delivered, what care is available, and who receives the care …. or not.  It controls how much providers are paid…the very reason physicians are being driven from the field!  According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, America will face a shortage of more than 90,000 doctors in 10 years.  With the growing population of baby boomers and the shortage of doctors, anyone with a brain can see what will happen.  The Agenda 21 planners will eliminate a good many of us just because we can no longer receive life saving care.
Politicians of both stripes are promoting palliative and hospice care as the destination for us all.  There is no need for the “death panel.”  Rationed care will result in early death for the elderly, ill, and disabled.
Ione Whitlock of The LifeTree Organization tells us, “Thanks to Big Death – a collection of heavily funded non-profit hospice and palliative care groups – the line between palliative care (pain relief; symptom management) and imposed death has become blurred.” 

Hospice Growth

“There were more than twice as many Medicare hospice patients in 2008 than in 1998.” — Hospice Data 1998-2008 – Centers for Medicare Services.  With the number of patients, i.e., “customers,” increasing by 10% every year, without fail, the Corporate Hospice industry will grow exponentially.  “Expenditures for the Medicare hospice benefit have increased approximately $1 billion per year. In fiscal year (CY) 1998, expenditures for the Medicare hospice benefit were $2.2 billion, while in CY 2008, expenditures for the Medicare hospice benefit were $11.2 billion.”  (Source: Health Care Information System (HCIS)].” — Hospice Data 1998-2008 – Centers for Medicare Services).
In 2009, only about 40% of hospice patients were cancer patients. However, in the 1980s, almost all of them were!  Patients are now being shunted into hospice because they are elderly, some may be weak, others with minor non-Alzheimer’s forgetfulness, and not always with terminal diseases.  Sometimes the elderly are not receiving proper care, either by family or in nursing homes and become frail and weak.  Then they are shunted into hospice.  The plan is for 100% of Americans to die in Hospice.  The cost for acute care is much too high to be “sustainable,” according to our government.  Some private insurers are creating “Advanced Illness” programs where patients are admitted for care by a hospice agency even though they are not expected to die within six months. This appears to be a move to save money by having patients die sooner with fewer or no hospitalizations, thereby saving the private insurance company (and the government) significant expenditures and increasing profit.
What used to be a strictly volunteer program for the dying patient is now very big business.  The CEO of the largest nonprofit hospice in the country, Hospice of the Florida Suncoast,  is Mary Labyak, and she has told her staff, “We’ve got to corner the market.”  This is corporate mentality, and it’s all about money, not caring for the patients at end-of-life.  Labyak’s salary in 2009 was  $320,347.  Labyak is regularly placed on the board of directors of the nation’s largest hospice lobbying group, the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.
Hospice of Michigan, Inc., the second largest nonprofit hospice in the U.S., reports it paid $447,008 in 2009 to its CEO, Dorothy Deremo.
Hospice of the Western Reserve, Inc., the third largest nonprofit hospice in the U.S., reports it paid $323,740 in 2008 to its CEO, David Simpson.
The top level policymakers, most of them unelected, have decided that people will die in hospice or palliative care units, and that they will be pushed into hospice through a wide variety of means. Researchers at Duke University found that hospice reduced Medicare costs in 2009 at about $3.6 billion.  With the baby boomers aging, imagine the increase in “cost savings” for the government as hospice doubles in the years to come.
The nation’s most prominent hospice physicians (such as Joanne Lynn, MD and Ira Byock, MD) are proponents of terminal sedation to hasten death. Link  Link   Willard Gaylin, MD, co-founder of the Hastings Center is a proponent of euthanasia who applauds the efforts to expand the definition of “death” in order to overcome obstacles to legally performing euthanasia. Gaylin is widely accepted in the mainstream media and policymaking circles, and the Hastings Center is one of the organizations that has most influenced the modern American hospice industry to betray its original mission to care, not kill.
If patients are hurried along toward death, the savings skyrocket.  Obama Care’s cost savings will come from the baby boomers being euthanized quickly rather than being treated for illnesses, chronic or otherwise, at the end of their lives.  Not only is this part of the United Nations Agenda 21 plan of population reduction, but this will rid America of those who still remember what this country was founded on and our God given rights.  We are considered “useless eaters.”  The plan is a fait accompli.
In Part 7, we’ll discuss the policy makers and those who fund the euthanasia and assisted suicide through the World Federation of Right to Die Societies, one of which is, of course, the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.

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  1. I wonder if the witch with the poster will follow her own suggestion ?And the answer is ……………………………………………………………….@#$%^&*()

  2. Sorry, if you start an article by quoting Dr. Cousteau out of context, I won’t even bother reading the rest…

    • How did Kelleigh quote Cousteau out of context?

    • Here is a piece of Jacques Cousteau page on Wikipedia:
      In November 1991, Cousteau gave an interview to the UNESCO Courier, in which he stated that he was in favour of human population control and population decrease. Widely quoted on the internet are these two paragraphs from the interview: “What should we do to eliminate suffering and disease? It’s a wonderful idea but perhaps not altogether a beneficial one in the long run. If we try to implement it we may jeopardize the future of our species…It’s terrible to have to say this. World population must be stabilized and to do that we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. This is so horrible to contemplate that we shouldn’t even say it. But the general situation in which we are involved is lamentable”.[11]

  3. It seems obvious to me that the point of that quote is to leave the impression that Jacques Cousteau was in favor of efforts to “eliminate” 350,000 people per day.

    • You didn’t answer my question. Leaving an impression is NOT quoting out of context.
      Did Cousteau say that or not?

    • It’s funny that you make a vague statement and then refuse to explain it or back it up!! You accuse others of misquoting but fail to provide evidence of an opposite viewpoint.
      So-called conservationists like Cousteau and Britain’s Sir David Attenborough have been shown to be raging eugenicists. Attenborough is involved with a population reduction front called Population Matters and is aided and abetted by Prince Philip who wants to come back as a virus to wipe out most of humanity.
      It’s also funny that eugenicists never put themselves into the same equation and limit their “carbon footprint” and consumption of resources, perhaps they’re not human???

    • Dear Dr. Eowyn, Minou, Kelleigh, and PatriotUSA,
      Golly, you didn’t really think I’d just let this go without defending myself, did you? This may not surprise you, but I’m not backing down. I have gone back and read Kelleigh’s article, but this only entrenched my position. I’d like to address the issues you have with my comment, and I’ll try to not lower myself to PatriotUSA’s level by referring to any of you or your comments as stupid.
      I have to admit I may be a little biased when it comes to Jacques Cousteau. As a youth, I lived in the Caribbean, and for my family every weekend was spent on and in the water. We’d sail somewhere – often with dolphins riding the ship’s bow wave – and then spend the day diving for shells and longusta (those fresh longusta sandwiches were the best!).
      Looking back on it now, I’m ashamed about having taken live shells from the ocean (because they were for display, not for eating), but it was the thing to do at the time. I suppose today it’s probably illegal – heck, it may have been so back then, but I didn’t think twice about it. Dr. Cousteau probably would have scolded me for it.
      Perhaps you can understand, then, why Cousteau was (and is) a big-time hero of mine. While I may have been a little quick to take offense at his quote being used to set the tone for this article, I still maintain that it was used out-of-context and is an insult to a great man’s legacy. Kelleigh, you’ll get no agrument from me that Cousteau was a proponent of population reduction. My beef is with the use of the quote to link him to euthanasia and some radical, sinister plot to “cull the herd.”
      Let me be clear: I never said Dr. Cousteau didn’t make the statement as quoted. I simply said it was taken out of context. I can see why one might think this is not so. After all, the article is about population control, and Cousteau’s comment is undoubtedly on that topic. But that’s not what “context” means. Let me give you an example. we all know that Dr. Eowyn loves animals. So it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine her making the statement, “I love cats!” Now, imagine that I have written a cookbook containing recipes for cat stew, cat fajitas and such (purely hypothetical; I am actually quite fond of feline companions and would never eat one). But in this pretend scenario, let’s say I quoted Dr. Eowyn in my book. My book is about cats, and Dr. Eowyn’s comment is also about cats, but I think we can all agree that for me to use her comment in that way would definitely be out of context.
      In other words, context in quoting another’s statement isn’t satisfied just because one is talking about the same subject matter. Context refers to all the other stuff on either side of the ORIGINAL statement, and what the commenter actually means by the statement. PatriotUSA says I need to do more homework before commenting, but one reason I was compelled to make that comment is that I had actually read the original interview and, therefore, knew darn well what the context was.
      Minou, you say that Dr. Cousteau was a raging eugenicist. Either you don’t know what eugenics is, or you’ve read other quotes from Cousteau that I haven’t. Because, if you go and read the entire UNESCO interview, you’ll see that he says nothing about eugenics. Eugenics is about “engineering” the genetic make-up of the human population. This does include population control, but that’s just one part. Read about eugenics, and you’ll see lots of references to “segregating the unfit” or “sterilizing the mentally ill” or the Nazi-inspired “racial hygiene.” If you read the UNESCO interview, you will not see anything of the sort coming from Cousteau.
      You’re free to disagree with him, but as a scientist, Cousteau did conclude that the Earth has a human overpopulation problem (assuming the continued existence of humans is our goal), and he saw a link between overpopulation and environmental damage – especially to the ocean. I’m convinced the quote in question was nothing more than a scientific observation: we have too many people, and it’s threatening our very survival. If you want to drop the bomb that Cousteau was in favor of genocide or euthanasia, you’d better bring some serious citations with you. I haven’t found any credible evidence that he supported any such things.
      So what DID Cousteau think we should do about overpopulation? Convene “Death Panels”? Sterilize those over-consuming Americans? Re-open Auschwitz? Again, I refer you to the original interview for the proper context. He talks about the global need for safe drinking water, schooling for girls, and pensions for the elderly. Does that sound like a sinister plot to you?
      So yes, I think to put Cousteau in the “pro genocide” camp of folks who want to “cull the herd” of humans is unfair. But to your credit, by attempting to slam me, you did get me to go back and read Kelleigh’s article. Well done!

      • Crusty,
        Please give us the link to the original Cousteau interview so we can read/watch it and judge for ourselves whether the quote had been taken out of context.
        FYI, I too was an admirer of Cousteau, having watched his oceanic shows on TV. For that matter, I’m a devout recycler, hauling tin and paper to industrial recycling centers long before there was curbside recycling. God created us to be stewards of the Earth and its creatures.

        • Dr. Eowyn,
          I should have added the link to my comment in the first place! Sorry about that. I found an online pdf here:

          Doesn’t surprise me in the least that you were a trail-blazer for recycling, Doc. I may disagree with many (OK, almost all, LOL) of your political views, but I do believe you are a special person. (and I don’t mean that in a snarky way, either :))

          • Thanks, Crusty, for the link.
            I just read the interview with Jacques Cousteau. While he did believe overpopulation to be “the number one problem” in the world, he never even remotely suggested that the problem’s solution is euthanasia or coercive depopulation. What he recommended was for us to find ways to limit population growth. Here are quotes from the interview:
            “After travelling the world as I have for years on end … I would sum up my feelings by saying that the resources of our planet are finite, that there is a limit that should not be exceeded, a habitability threshold that must not be crossed. We should ask ourselves how many animals and people our planet can continue to support before the quality of life deteriorates, before all Earth’s beauties fade. … [In 1976] I tried to construct a mathematical model to find out how many people our planet could support with the income, purchasing power, and amenities enjoyed by the average American…. With the parameters I had at my disposal, I came up with the figure of 700 million…. Overpopulation is our planet’s number one problem. Of the 5.7 billion people on Earth, less than 2 billion live in decent conditions. This figure will soon double…. World population must be stabilized and to do that we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. This is so horrible to contemplate that we shouldn’t even say it.”
            You are right: that quote “World population must be stabilized and to do that we must eliminate 350,000 people per day” was taken out of context. I believe it was most unwise of him to have said that, precisely because it could so easily be taken out of context, but it is true that at no time in the interview did Cousteau actually RECOMMEND that 350,000 people per day be eliminated, i.e., killed.
            In the end, Cousteau offered little in the way of solutions other than educating the world’s people about contraception, overpopulation, industrial pollutants and pesticides that are killing off beneficial insects (such as what we’re discovering with honey bees) and — for the people of the affluent First World especially — over-consumption. “Our society is geared to increasingly useless consumption. It’s a vicious circle which I compare to a cancer.” To that I heartily agree!

  4. For Crustacean:
    “Jacques Cousteau, the internationally respected oceanographer, explained to the UNESCO Courier in an interview in November 1991: “The damage people cause to the planet is a function of demographics—it is equal to the degree of development. One American burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshes. The damage is directly linked to consumption. Our society is turning toward more and needless consumption. It is a vicious circle that I compare to cancer.” He then added: “This is a terrible thing to say. In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it’s just as bad not to say it.” Source;
    There is no doubt Cousteau said this and it fits right in with this series and this article.. I suggest you do your homework BEFORE you get all offended over the TRUTH and how is this out of context? That Cousteau said this can be found from numerous sources and his implications are very clear to me. If you do some research it is very clear Cousteau was in favor of eugenics. Just because the man was an incredible oceanographer does not make him impervious to UN agenda 21 which was well under way when he made this statement. Cousteau and the UN, in my opinion worked together to further UN Agenda 21 and his comment about Americans is quite sinister to me. Cousteau was a staunch radical environazi which underscores and negates much of the fine work he did.
    Thank you, Dr. Eowyn for posting this up for LTG. This has been an excellent series of articles and I know many people who I have shared these with have shocked deeply into their core beliefs.
    I am one week into recovery from my third spinal fusion surgery and to say it has been rough is an understatement. The Lord has been there again for me and never fails us!

  5. If one does a study on Jacques, you’ll find he was definitely a population reduction proponent. There is no doubt about that whatsoever. I wish you’d read the rest of the article however because it is written to try to alert people in what to watch for when your loved ones, or you yourself are coming to the end of your life. Do you wish to choose the Dame Cicely Saunders type of Christian sanctity-of-life hospice care? Or would you rather have someone terminally sedate or starve and dehydrate you to death. Is the choice God’s timing or man’s? This is the question. The reason I wrote the series was simply to alert people of what is happening and how it is getting exponentially worse because of Obama Care. If you let one quote (which is true) deter you from perhaps enlightening you about what is happening, then you are closing your mind to information that could be very valuable to you and your loved ones in the future.

  6. Noticed Crusty never came back, aww… defending the stupidity of what he/she/it said.
    Thanks for the kind thoughts Dr.Eowyn, much appreciated.

  7. “. . .the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you think that he doeth God service” John 16: 2b
    The “enlightened” coalition of bankers, politicians, educators, clerics, entertainers, and media elites are being used by the evil one. Their “god” has fooled them. The heathen are captivated by Mystery Babylon and the culture of death. They seek to build Atlantis, Shangri – La, Shambala, Utopia. . . what they are really building is the kingdom of anti-Christ. Look to the godless, Marxist entity known as the People’s Republic of China – infamous for ruthless population control measures – the elite’s plum plan for the world –
    “Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.” David Rockefeller, The New York Times, August 10, 1973.

      • Hello Sister Sage Brush, just a thought. We were studying Revelation again on Sunday in church, and I got interested again in the Seven Seals as they were opened and the Green Horse came up, and because of the lousy results of the “green agenda” i.e. windmills solar panels etc made by Obama campaing supporters etc, that are designed to produce less and less moe and more expensive energy, and make it necessary for the average family to cut back on energy consumption and save their non existant money, is this Green Horse anything to do with the post? We are talking about genocide arn’t we. Population reduction is genocide yes? When Eric Holder says that the Adminstration isn’t allowed to kill US citizens by drones, does that mean he can do it with his “green energy ” policy instead? You don’t have to pay attention to this if you think it’s worthless, I will not be offended. Halliluyah anyway, Best regards in Jesus name.

        • Even the apologists for population reduction by restricting number of children fail to appreciate that this is in fact genocide as you rightly say. If a population’s birth-rate falls below the rate required to sustain present numbers then we are talking about the eventual dying out of a population. The greenies and warmistas are like turkeys voting for Christmas (and Thanksgiving!!!).

        • Hi Alice,
          Green horse? There is no green horse in the Book of Revelation. Are you thinking of the “Pale Horse?”
          Revelation 6:7-8
          King James Version (KJV)
          7 And when He had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.
          8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.
          The four horses come in this order:
          1. the rider on a White Horse = Rev. 6:2, the world conqueror, will usher in the Tribulation period as a “man of peace,” but will prove to be the ruthless world leader.
          Daniel 11:21 And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.
          2. the rider on a Red Horse= Rev. 6:3,2, world war, since the rider “takes” peace from the earth, this means there will be a brief period of world peace at the beginning of the Tribulation.
          1 Thessalonians 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.
          3. the rider on a Black Horse = Rev. 6: 5.6, economic collapse, following the war, the rider holds scales, and indicates that the famine is very severe – but not for the rich! (you see – it is always the devil’s desire for people to die before they get saved – ergo – the culture of death)
          4. the rider on a Pale Horse = Rev. 6:7,8, death – with hell following afterwards, one fourth of the earth’s population succumbs to war, starvation, disease, and devouring wild animals. They then go hell, to await the Great White Throne Judgement.
          Certainly Agenda 21 and the green movement are part of the anti-christ system – we are a way off from it yet, as the Muslims still control the Temple Mount. Islamists don’t realize that the PTB are really against them – and are setting them up to be destroyed, by Israel, possibly with the help of the Illuminated U.S. You see – the Temple that will be built – will be the Temple of anti-Christ. The Dome of the Rock will be reduced to rubble. All this control being put over every aspect of our lives – world wide – including population reduction – to set the stage for the man of sin. There already exists the technology to implant thoughts in the human mind through magnetic wave manipulation.
          From a well known Illuminati author –
          “… it may be possible for the New David to ride into Jerusalem in all his resplendent majesty. Note the word ‘ride’ … on a donkey as predicted in Zechariah 9:9 … it would seem advisable for the new Messiah to repeat it, donkey and all … The processional route will, of course, lie directly across the Kidron ravine, as close as possible to the Temple Mount … he must be duly enthroned and anointed with oil (in token of Psalm 45:6-7) amid the rubble of the dome of the Rock …” [Peter Lemesurier, “The Armageddon Script” , p. 233-35]

          • Thank you so much for your amazing in depth response to my question Sister Sage, I really appreciate the time you took to put it all in context.
            My Bible is the Llamsa translation of the Peshita, it is taken from the Aramaic and in certain verses the words are a bit different. There are notes in the front of it that show the Aramaic writing and then the way it would appear if the KJV text was in Aramaic, and there are a few startling differences, but that’s interesting to me, and not for rocking anyones’ boat.
            The pale horse is referred to as the green horse in my bible, and the pastor wasn’t actually covering the horses on last Sunday, I just got carried away reading the rest of the chapter he was preaching from.
            We attend a spanish speaking church so things are really different in Spanish, but that is interesting too, we are all followers of Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost is leading us into All Truth so everything that we are seeing through the glass darkly will become so much clearer by and by.
            Meantime, it has been exciting watching Emmanuel TV and watching Prophet TB Joshue and the Wise Men dealing with so many people who need help with deliverance from all kinds of oppression. He is praying for the Lord to save our countries our nations and our peoples from destruction and judgment. People from all over the world are praying along with him at his Synagogue Church of all Nations in Lagos, Nigeria.
            We are not alone, and this genocide obsession that the oligarchs have is so disgusting, justifying people by saying it’s like “mowing the lawn” as I heard was said by someone in the Obama Administration, or somehing in that vein. Say what!!!!!! They obviously think that it would be easier if everything was astroturfed. There seems to be a demon called Numeral who is all about numbers and the alphabet who is all up in the ID nos and names etc and statistics, I looked up numerology and found it is an occult science and is also connected to the alfabet, so thats why they are coming with all these figures to justify their austerity programs etc. They are tweaking the numbers of people unemployed, they have tweaked the mortgage bundles as well as gambling on them while the homeless are being counted perhaps but not fed or taken care of properly, and we are given tweaked numbers of drone casualties….
            Chrintine laGarde is giving Argentina a hard time about the reports she is getting from that country and altogether all these numbers and statistics and interest rates and LIBOR rates and all the other crazy facts and figures that are thrown around everyday are enough for all of us to say FIRE, all over the demon possessed fanatics who base their cruel agenda on false information which is causing so much mayhem.
            Obama was just now praising the farmers, saying what a great year they had because of insurance claims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They have had to get rid of their dairy herds and their other livestock because of feed shortages and high prices, we are looking at world wide famine, and he’s congratulating them on the amount of money they have gotten from insurance claims. He wants the farmers in Alabama to start growing sugar cane for fuel purposes? What are we supposed to eat?
            Anyway, God is in control so that’s what REALLY COUNTS.

  8. In the UK we have the Liverpool Care Pathway within the NHS which targets the elderly and withholds food and water. It can take over a week for someone to die an agonising death. It is supposed to be an agreed “treatment” between physician and relatives but in fact many have been put on the pathway without the knowledge of the family. To add insult to injury hospitals are paid to attain targets, and the LCP is one of those targeted areas. So hospitals are in effect being paid to extinguish life, not to save it.

  9. – Attenborough includes as evidence the AGW and Thomas Malthus, both of which are thoroughly discredited by the passage of time if nothing else! The eugenicists are clutching at straws . . . – one of the patrons is Jonathan Porritt, an avowed population control fascist who says that Britain’s population must be reduced by half in order to be sustainable. he is also a Bilderberger attendee.
    I would dearly love to have proof of the so-called population explosion. The numbers are collated by the very agencies who advocate the culling of the human herd. Showing overcrowded cities is NOT proof of overcrowding the planet. The planet can support many times the number that is put out. Human inventiveness and the freedom to pursue “free” energy and equitable food production would be truly sustainable, not the hyped up and deliberate food shortages, and gthe iron grip of the banking leeches.

  10. The woman in the photo above can start saving the planet by killing HERSELF.

  11. Such brilliant comments…thank you all for reading this important article…the entire series has even been picked up on Lew Rockwell’s site. Lord be praised, maybe it will save some of us from being euthanized.

  12. Nelson is one stupid individual

    • Sadly, “E” (Edward Palmer), no one, including Kelleigh Nelson, can be as stupid as you. Nelson actually can write not just a whole sentence, but entire well-researched and thoughtful essays, whereas you manage to barf out one sentence that contains no thought, no substance, but merely a gratuitous insult. You must be on Obama welfare because you have time to troll the net just to insult people.
      And to think you’re not some snot-nosed pimply-faced teen but actually 67 years old! Quelle horreur!
      So many years, so little wisdom, and completely devoid of manners. Tsk, tsk.

  13. Looking thru this post again is a shocking experience. The forces of evil have been fashioning this stuff for a long time, getting ready to not only offer it, but to FORCE IT on a population clueless about its actual consequences. Man, my hair (what there is of it) is blown back by this article!


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