Kill the Bill!

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Do just one thing today to kill Obama Commiecare:

  • Call/fax/e-mail your Congressman/woman (go HERE for contact info.)
  • Ask a friend to do the same.
  • If you live near Washington, D.C., join the protest tomorrow! (go HERE for details)

Whatever it is, DO SOMETHING! If this bill passes, it’ll be the death of the America we know and love. Seriously.


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3 responses to “Kill the Bill!

  1. Sorry Steve Chuckles committed a felony as soon as he took office.

  2. I ended up having to fax my reps…funny thing, they weren’t answering my calls. All I got was recordings…

  3. One of two things are going to happen:
    Either CommieCare dies, or America dies.
    And there will be no repealing of the former, should it become law, which will bring about the latter, and far sooner than most realize.
    Sad that so many don’t understand that.


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