Kids try to figure out a “Walkman”…

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0 responses to “Kids try to figure out a “Walkman”…

  1. This has me wondering if they know what a turn table is?

  2. That was too funny. Thanks DCG. LOL
    Although I suddenly feel old.

  3. Technology is growing by leaps & bounds. Already, when I watch a TV show from the 1970s or ’80s, I find myself aghast that the police or detective doesn’t have a cell phone, but must use a land line or a phone booth. LOL

    It is said that computer tech is advancing exponentially. In a 100 years, the world will be unrecognizable, that is, if humanity survives.

  4. I still have my walkman. Think I’ll get it out and see if it still works. :~D

    • Judy, I’m stuck on walkman I mean whenever I try to say to my son about his I-Pod for some reason I always say “You know your walkman”
      Drives him nuts LOL Maybe that’s why I do it. hehehhee

  5. Dang, I’m old…

  6. LOL – Good thing it wasn’t an 8-track.


  7. 🙂 LOVE IT. Thanks. Here’s some more—my students : can’t tell time on a “regular” clock w/hands; don’t know what a “quarter of an hour….etc…is….; can’t read or write cursive; can’t read/understand historical documents b/c they’re at barely a 2nd-4th grade vocabulary (in middle/high school)…words like, “feign, compact (n), abolitionist, harken, billow, and so on…..

    Here’s a sad one: once I had to administer a year-end standardized test (upon which my school/I were being evaluated in the “No Child Left Behind” measurment for passing or being a miserable failure……) & poor, largely hispanic, ESL kids who’ve barely ever been out of a half-mile radius of where they were born/ live…..had to nuance/make answers about a reading that never named the main character—-which happened to be a raccoon—-In the story, he was referred to as the “masked bandit.” THEY NEVER HAD A CLUE. They could not answer, no matter how many times they read it…BECAUSE….they’ve never seen a raccoon….maybe somewhere at some time they read about one…but it was not in their experience in real life and they never connected to it, & the context did not give them the information needed to take that leap!

    I guess the sum of my comment is—I enjoyed this post immensely—-(I like historical websites, too, that post really old machinery & have us guess what it was for back in the day….)….but there’s a sadness to the shallowness of cultural knowledge that our rising generations possess.

    • CalGirl, This not knowing cursive scares the crap out of me. My son is in 8th and does not know it Was never taught it. I think it will be a problem in the future. My wife does not think so. She says everything in work place will be email and text.
      Well here’s my argument. There are still plenty of people that know how to write cursive. The boss jots a note and says go do this…
      Umm what now? Do you realize in a generation or two this will be a lost language? Do you know when the stopped teaching this?

      • I am teaching my 8 year old cursive…. I believe it is still important… by the way… what number does this fall into for homeschooling? 😉

      • Steve & all, my own kids barely read cursive & only can b/c I did as you—we practiced enough so they could HANDWRITE college essays for their applications. I wanted them to send it in neat, readable cursive instead of word processing. I thought it’d make a difference to the old dudes/
        dudettes who sit around the big table to evaluate these things to fill up the acceptance rolls. Most don’t know how this–but they do sit around a big table/pass applications around. I think it did make a difference in our case.

        Also…I’m like you all…I KNOW an older generation will be the ones running businesses for the next 25 or 30 years. These are people who learned to write cursive in the 70’s/80’s in elementary school…after that is when it stopped (it’s always been an elementary school standard…we in secondary schools didn’t know why they were showing up w/ZILCH & w/ worst made-up scribbling you ever saw…). Empoyers will have no patience w/”made up” hen-scratching of our present generations & no patience when they can’t read a written instruction like, “Turn the valves off at a quarter after 4.” They’re screwed…they can’t read cursive & they don’t know what a “quarter” after 4 means.

        Additionally, teaching in So. Cal w/ a huge English as a second language population…I’ve seen from the very start of my career that the lack of uniformity in the “printing” that the kids do (b/c it’s all made up…b/c they were not required to use cursive in 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grade…so they “made up” their own printed script without supervision through those years & all the ones to follow right up to 12th grade…) confuses & hinders the learning of reading/writing/speaking English for these kids…Every day, if you have to “learn” a new script…you will always fail. You’ll NOT learn the language or the way in which you should write it in order to communicate to a teacher or anyone else. Hello! We did not become a truly successful industrialized nation w/great/rising middle class until manufacturing had established standardized measures…including right down to how big one gauge of screw or nail should be forever& ever….to the standardization of a product from head to toe…like Ford’s Model T. My kids come to school & have to reinvent the wheel every day. People who don’t understand this don’t see the problems arisen since NOT using cursive…or AT LEAST a standardized hand printing.

        Last….my big fear is…..our historic documents are all written in cursive. I get the same argument as your wife says….”everything will be in email and text.” Well—OK…suppose I tell you in MY PRINTED or EMAILED “official document” that the moon is made of green cheese…or Putin says you owe your first born to HIS state? How are you going to know if it’s an authentic “translation” of cursive, or not? How are you going to know if it was signed by Jefferson or Putin? Because your neighbor told you so?? Because your SENATOR told you so? Because your POTUS told you so? Whom do you trust?

        PS..and yes..ALREADY I use it as a “secret” language. When I send a kid to the office with a note that I don’t want them to read…I don’t have to staple it shut…I just write it in cursive. Even the KIDS KNOW that it’s a “secret language” and they react to it…with frustratioin (b/c they can’t read it and they know that I know they can’t read it and they know it reduces them to “surfdom”).


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