Kids playing outside unsupervised – endangerment?

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Tammy Cooper, Texas Mom, Arrested For Letting Kids Play Outside Unsupervised

Huffington Post: Tammy Cooper, a stay-at-home mom who lives in La Porte, Texas, was arrested earlier this month after a neighbor reported her for allegedly letting her kids play outside on their motorized scooters unsupervised.

Cooper, who spent 18 hours in jail overnight, says she was watching her children, ages 6 and 9, from a lawn chair during the time of the incident. The family lives in a cul-de-sac, and Cooper told KPRC that the safe location was one of the reasons she had chosen to reside there.

When police showed up at Cooper’s home to arrest the mother for child endangerment, her kids protested. “My daughter had him [the police officer] around the leg saying, “Please, please don’t take my mom to jail. Please, she didn’t do anything wrong,’” Cooper told the station.

The charges against Cooper were dropped, but she is now suing the City of La Porte Police Department, the arresting officer and her neighbor for damages.

According to GA Daily News, police took the neighbor at her word, and a few hours after the call, arrested Cooper for child endangerment. Cooper told KPRC that the arresting officer told her, “We’re here for you.

Remember the good ol’ days?

Utter insanity. I played outside in the cul-de-sac all the time when I was a kid and survived just fine. Mom wanted us outside exercising any way.

I’d say this neighbor that complained has a little too much free time on his/her hands or a beef to grind with Ms. Cooper. If the neighbor was so concerned, why didn’t they just go over there and ask the mom what was going on? Madness…

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0 responses to “Kids playing outside unsupervised – endangerment?

  1. We are seeing more and more stories like this popping up all over the nation.

    If the law enforcement community isn’t careful, it is going to squander what is left of post-9/11 goodwill.

    I hope her lawsuit is successful.


  2. This is so self-evidentially stupid that one wonders why did the police even bother with it? Of course, we ALL need SOMEONE to watch over us, which is why the Obamamama was created….

  3. It might be pretty quiet with very little traffic in a cul de sac, but I have seen kids on motorized scooters almost killed. I’ve seen them dart around corners without stopping right in front of cars. Luckily the drivers were able to stop in time. I’ve seen the same thing happen with kids playing basketball in the street. Certainly, the arrest of a parent seems a bit harsh, but there are times when parents do have to understand that the street is not a playground.

    • It is not government’s job to be our nanny and to “protect” us from ourselves.

      • Egg-zackly!! It was Dr Weaver’s “Ideas Have Consequences” explicit warning about this that confirmed my conservative nature. Most definitely a MUST READ for anyone wondering what’s really going on or who has doubts about their own beliefs validity in these times. And it came out in 1948, same as Orwell’s 1984: imagine just how much worse matters have become!

  4. Insane! What a waste of taxpayer money. Puts a new spin on neighborhood watch doesn’t it?

  5. I always gave the boys guns so they could shoot things when
    they were out…I always slowed traffic by putting a garden hose
    across the road.When motorists would ask I’d tell them that I had two…one had mails in it. Traffic always slowed appreciably after
    word got around…..too bad I don’t live on a cul-de-sac

  6. Gestapo busy with ordinary harmless citizens, burning up our taxpayer $$ on nothing, while crap like this is allowed to come to fruition without any interference whatsoever.
    Common sense has gone away and we live in upside-down world.

  7. I know, GF…I used to hop on my bike every day and pedal 10 miles to the pasture where we boarded my horse (mostly busy road traffic, I stuck to the sidewalk when I could). I would then climb the fence to get on the back of that big 16 hands high buckskin and ride him bareback because I had no money for a saddle. When I was good and sweaty I would peddal back home. I’m still here. Nobody ever turned my parents in. No cops ever stopped me. Sheesh, what a bunch of sissies we’ve become.

  8. Reporting one’s neighbors to the authorities to get something out of it (jollies, most likely)… how commie.

  9. It’s something I have noticed for a while and it’s gotten worse since I retired.Many cops are no longer investigators, they are just report writers. Just write it up and go to the next one. There’s no excuse for that arrest and the taxpayers will foot the bill for the lawsuit. Most likely nothing will happen to the officer(s) as long as he was following procedure.

  10. paulette kennamer

    I moved to a small rural community several years ago and bought a small home. Most of the people are retired, some working poor, many on drugs, welfare. When I walk my dogs on the streets, I carry a bag. Many times, people have come running out screaming at me to not walk my dogs on their street! There are no sidewalks on this side of town so i have no choice but walk the paved road and move into a yard when vehicles come. Screaming at me? Really? One man got out of his vehicle to tell me I couldn’t cut thru an overgrown lot to get to the next street. It wasn’t his home! Never saw him before. When he threatened to run me and my pets over, I took his picture and called the sheriff. Sheriff won’t do anything because it’s my word against his. Another neighbor tried to grab me as I walked the dogs. Sheriff said he didn’t break the law and I shouldnt have made him mad….really. I’ve wanted to move since the first year and cannot yet. Not even sure where I would go. Have to carry my phone at all times, even in my own yard.

    • Paulette, I’m so sorry that happened to you. Do you have anyone who can stay with you for a while? Maybe a friend could come by frequently and walk with you. Having a witness would help.
      Years ago my husband and I bought some rural property and moved on it thinking it was a place we would finally have peace and quiet. Evey year, during the first five hunting seasons, whe had to defend our rights with guns. It seemed we had unknowingly moved into an area where poaching was a problem.
      Our efforts finally paid off but, that was a time in which we did not feel safe. We were defending our rights with guns against people who had guns. No, the local law would do nothing but show up long after the poacher were gone.

  11. Let’s interject a bit of sanity here. There are cases where unsupervised children are such a bother to the neighborhood that some action has to be taken. If you have kids racing, screeching, shouting obscene language, throwing things, vandalizing other people’s property and doing all this till very late at night something just has to give. Oh, did I forgot to mention they were my own out of control grandchildren. Protective services paid a visit to their mom very early one morning. They walked into a home that had been trashed. Mom of course was still in bed.

    No, she didn’t go to jail as far as I know. She just needed some help. You see, the children’s father had been fighting in Iraq for 18 months straight, she was a long way from family and had developed a drinking problem. There are support services in place for military families but, for some unknown reason she wouldn’t take advantage of them.

    We read and hear all these things and quickly post an opinion without knowing anything about the situation. If a child is never disciplined by the parents then, is turned loose on a neighborhood things can get “nasty” very quickly. This case sounds like one of those but, of course I don’t know any of the personal details and won’t critique her parenting.

  12. I also live in Laporte and personally know Tammy shes a wonderful mother to her youngest daughter and son. I went to school with her middle son and hung out a lot at their house with their oldest son. I myself am going about a case of my own with Laporte PD, an officer off duty at the time. Official Oppresion.

  13. OK, we agree that Red fascism has triumphed in the USSA. Now, can we move on to getting rid of it? As Malcolm X predicted, it would eventually come to either the ballot or the bullet. Voting doesn’t seem to mean squat, so what’s left?


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