Kido's First Shell Game

“I know all cats and dogs are smart. The main purpose of sharing this video is not to show how smart Kido is, but to share my joy of knowing that Kido was willing to play shell game with me and he got it right, regardless of how he did it. If you are a pet owner, you know how hard it is to get them to do something, especially on the first time (without previous training).”

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0 responses to “Kido's First Shell Game

  1. That is truly amazing! I couldn’t keep track of the cup-with-ball all three times. LOL
    Kido’s power of concentration and observation is astounding. Mice don’t stand a chance around Kido. LOL

  2. Awesome, just awesome! Watching that kitty focus & then pick the correct cup was just the “cat’s meowwwwwww” !!

  3. That was easy for the cat. just watch the ears. they are very tuned to sound. it was the metal ball clancking around in the cup.

  4. Seems like another stunt to try and show cats are smarter than dogs !! snark


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