KFC capitulates to Muslims: No alcohol-based hand-wipe for you!

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This is why the UK –and all of western Europe — is going down the tubes.
By their “multiculturalism,” immigration policy, accommodation to Muslims, and turning away from Christianity (regular church attendance is in the single digits), these birthplaces of western civilization are willingly committing cultural suicide.

The KFC branch in Leicester

The KFC branch in Leicester

Martin Fricker reports for the (UK) Mirror, Sept. 29, 2014, that a customer was refused a hand-wipe in a halal-only KFC branch of the fast food giant in Leicester, England, because the hand-wipe contained alcohol.
Graham Noakes, 41, was stunned when staff said they could not provide him with a wipe because they are soaked in alcohol – which is banned in Islam. KFC bosses confirmed the policy was genuine.
Naokes said: “They told me it might offend other customers. I explained that it wouldn’t affect me. In fact – I told them I like alcohol, so it wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. When they wouldn’t give me one, I was disgusted. I will never be going to KFC again. Why shouldn’t I be allowed a wipe for my hands? They use wipes in hospital, what happens when we start being told we can’t have wipes there? I just can’t understand it.”
Ironically, Graham, from Birmingham, was working in Leicester on the construction of new Muslim community center in the city’s Highfields district.
Halal is the Arabic word for ‘lawful’ and relates to what is allowed in the context of Islamic law – but is often used in conjunction with the issue of how meat is dealt with.
It is thought the Leicester KFC is waiting for its stock of alcohol-based wipes to be replaced with lemon-based wipes.
A KFC spokesman said the company had been running a halal-only trial since 2010, in “areas where there has been demand from our customers.” As a result “a small number of products from our usual menu are not available,” with the Leicester branch deciding not to stock wet wipes that contain alcohol. “Wherever possible, we have taken steps to ensure that our halal restaurants are close to a non-halal store to cater to all of our customers’ needs. In this case, customers wanting a non-halal option can visit our nearby restaurant in Braunstone.”
Suleman Nagdi, spokesman for the Leicester-based Federation of Muslim Organisations, described the policy as “bizarre”. He said: “I know alcohol is prohibited in the Muslim community, but I don’t understand why you can’t use hand-wipes – there’s nothing wrong with it. Using alcohol doesn’t mean you’re consuming it. It seems like an unusual decision to be made. In fact, it sounds bizarre.”
Noting that such decisions potentially provoked some people to start “lashing out” at the Muslim community, Nagdi said, “I’ve never come across anything like this before. KFC have made a commercial decision to do this, and now the Muslim community will face backlash.”
In a second statement, KFC said: “Our alcohol-based hand wipes are approved for use in all our restaurants, including those who are part of the halal trial. There was a misunderstanding at the store in question, but the wipes are now being used again. We’re sorry for the customer’s experience.”
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0 responses to “KFC capitulates to Muslims: No alcohol-based hand-wipe for you!

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  2. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    This policy is clearly unconstitutional. We just established that a Bakery had to supply a wedding cake to a lesbian couple even though it was against the bakeries owners religion. The policy is that if you have a “public” business you can not do what KFC just did and maybe undid?

  3. One more tidbit from our bizarro New World Disorder life!

  4. I would refuse to eat in that KFC, let the Muslims have it to themselves. A place that serves halal is a place that I would not eat at. From what I have heard from reliable sources concerning the Muslims and their hand washing hygiene or lack there of, they could use every bit of alcohol those wipes contain and then possibly should use another.

  5. That Muslims should complain about the ingredients used for the purpose of sanitation is worthy of their ignorance. The streets of their neighborhoods in Brooklyn would be worse than pigstys were it not for the Department of Sanitation

  6. Hello. I was wondering, do “lemon-based wipes” kill germs?
    “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” I’m not sure where I got that phrase from but I’m not even religious.
    Thanks for the moderation.

  7. I read somewhere else that Muslim nurses are refusing to wash their hands in the claim it violates their beliefs.
    This, and the fact that ebola patients are being flown into the United States.
    Two things are clear to me:
    First, THE FIX IS IN: The government will create a crisis in order to seize and centralize more power and control.
    Second, there is a certain FATALISM and IGNORANCE that enough Muslims practice, and that is the reason they’re still stuck in the Seventh Century.
    And a third thing is clear: The government of the United States, given its choices in the past thirteen or more years, is doing everything it can to drag us into a SUICIDE MISSION. They are having creeping success: Many people I talk to are still asleep or in denial. It seems to me that God is allowing us, corporately, at least, to fall pray to our own corporate delusional thinking.

  8. How one goes from DRINKING ALCOHOL to not being able to use a hygienic wipe is beyond me. STUPID!

  9. The United Kingdomistan isn’t coming.
    It has arrived.

  10. So-they set up this particular KFC just FOR Muslims? How many of England’s population are Muslims? I’ll bet it’s substantially less than 50%. So they’re casting aside the majority of their population,to cozy up to whatever Muslims are living there. Not impressed by their business skills.

    • Doesn’t this just make you want to go out and burn COAL…or lather your hands in alcohol-based “Hand-Sanitizer” every few minutes…or gargle with alchohol-based mouth wash…or whatever…..
      and, dear TRUCK….the UK is maybe not 50% MUSLIM…but London IS now. It’s been so for the last decade. A fellow-teacher is from London and still owns her apartment there….this has been going on for an age already in London.

  11. Political Correctness is becoming deadly.

  12. I see a market for a new line of alcohol hand wipes. “Sir, will that be the Jack Daniel hand wipe or the Wild Turkey? Johnny Walker Red, or the milder Black?”

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  14. Forgive me, how could someone from where I am from forget, “Would you like the Old Bushmill, or will you have the John Jameson?”

  15. Sure makes you want to fry their chicken in pig lard and just mislabel it. Isn’t that part of their mantra, lie lie lie?
    I would not be eating at a place that caters to those trying to overtake their country. The UK has gone to the dark side.


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