Kentucky woman’s death was “hastened” by frustration with President Trump

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Imagine living your life (or dying by it) being so invested in politics and letting TDS kill you. Although I’m sure the woman’s age had much, much more to do with her death.

From Fox News: The obituary for a Kentucky woman who passed away in November reportedly claimed that her death “was hastened” by her concern over the Trump administration.

The tribute to the life of Frances Irene Finley Williams, 87, who died “peacefully at home” on Nov. 21, remembered her as “an avid bridge player” and “a voracious reader,” while also reflecting on her being a fan of Elvis Presley and Willie Nelson, according to Newsweek.

The obituary, which described her as “a passionate Democrat,” also reportedly included a line about Trump. “Her passing was hastened by her continued frustration with the Trump administration,” it read.

Williams son, Art, told Newsweek that he thought the president and the current state of America negatively affected his mother’s health.

Following her death, the family submitted the obituary, photos and a $1,684.44 check to the Cremation Society of Kentucky, which gave it to The Louisville Courier-Journal to be included in the publication for a few days, Newsweek reported.

However, the family later learned that the Courier-Journal would not print the obituary “with the one sentence that refers to Pres. Trump,” Art told the outlet. Art was reportedly notified via email that the line violated the Courier-Journal’s “policy against negative content.”

While the family ultimately decided to remove the line from Williams’ obituary, Art took to social media on the subject in January, Newsweek reported. “I was–and still am, dumbfounded, surprised–but most of all disappointed and aghast that a once historically- courageous American newspaper that exists by reason of freedom of speech would so trivially move to abate the free speech that it seems, when convenient, to hypocritically champion,” the post said, according to Newsweek.

Art reportedly also sought an apology for his father, a World War II veteran who had just lost his wife.

Richard Green, the editor for the Courier Journal, told Fox News via email that upon learning about the situation, the publication “immediately dug into what happened” and ultimately sought to remedy the situation.

He explained that paid obituaries, which are managed by the outlet’s corporate sales team, “are not processed locally, and the Newsroom does not see these paid obits before publication.”

“It took a little digging, but we discovered that someone on a Wisconsin Sales Team that handles obits made a bad call and said the obituary that was presented by the family could not be published,” Green said. Following the discovery, Green said he got involved as “it was a bad decision, and we are rectifying it.”

Green offered an apology to Williams’ family and the newspaper is “republishing the obituary for the family for free,” he said.


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13 responses to “Kentucky woman’s death was “hastened” by frustration with President Trump

  1. “I’m insane and its YOUR fault!”. If only that were true we’d have a much saner world by the end of his administration. What are these propaganda outlets gonna do when they can’t scream “Trump, Trump, Trump, Russia, Russia, Russia” day and night? Will they have to revert to actual “news”?

  2. Goin’ by that guideline,about 90% of the FOTM Readership could make the same claim about the Democrat/Liberal/Leftist/Socialist Marxist/Communist Party’s FULL-OUT attempts to drag America into the pits of Hell where THEY live. But WE have more class than THAT. (I SHOULD say YOU have more class-I can’t claim to be that classy.)

  3. She may have been a ‘voracious’ reader but apparently she only read democrat sanctioned material.

  4. Let’s see: The Left have accused Trump of making them fat, sleepless, anxious, and now an early death.
    It’s astonishing the power one man has, and how utterly powerless those curses the Left’s witches inflicted on him are. /Sarc

    • Every time I see these Maoists and their fellow travelers my arse hurts. Does that count for anything? I personally can’t imagine a life so devoid of interest that all I did all day was wallow in self-pity, whining “Trump, Trump, Trump, Russia, Russia…….”.

      If she was that delusional maybe its best that its all behind her now. Those who are left to carry on their batshit crazy crusade to remake Western Civilization into a “Clockwork Orange” version of Hell will not miss her.

  5. Sad that this bitterness will be memorialized in writing forever and ever. So much for resting in peace.

  6. Since this is sheer lunacy I don’t feel I have to be polite. If the Trump presidency hastened her demise then I hope it spreads.

  7. Let’s see what blame they are going to pin on the President next. Everytime they pitch him a fast ball, the man delivers a home run and all bases full! HOME RUN, MR PRESIDENT!

  8. Looks like Art Williams took advantage of his mother’s death to make a statement and use it in an adverse way. I am not sure how a woman that passed peacefully could honestly be claimed as an hastened death at the age of 87. Shame in the family for bringing yet more divide. Would the mother really want to be used in such a way?

  9. Good for the cheesehead salesman who made that call!

  10. Maybe if Mrs. Williams had only known this, then she may still have been alive.

    “Furloughed Federal Employees are Still Paid More Than You”

  11. Sounds to me like they’re scrounging for laughs. Compare the Trump body count to the CLINTONS’ BODY COUNT.

  12. Years ago I lived in a rural village in prominantly Mormon Utah, and was the “church reporter” to the local newspaper from our shared-ministry outclave of a tiny, rural Methodist/Unitarian/Presybyterian church. I reported the usual social things..(who was ill? Who graduated from somewhere? Who married? etc—from a ministry that was MAYBE about 20 per Sunday….MAYBE…100 if you included the homebound elderly members, & those who moved away/ retired but still sent support, etc )….but my last maybe 5-10 sentences summarized the Sunday Biblical study from the worship committee/elders and delivered by an elder (we had a minister ONLY once a month come to us from Salt Lake, sometimes on a Grayhound bus) or the shared “GrayHound” ministry pastor of that particular once-a-month-Sunday-sermon. My column was struck /discontinued by the local “Mormon” paper because of these last, summary sentences concerning the message of our Sunday worship. This was the 198os. My point is…I’ve had enough in my lifetime of politically motivated/religious governmental-supported/and otherwise censorship. I recognize it for what it is. I can NOT be fooled more than ONCE. This Kentucy woman’s obit is Tom-Foolery by her offspring, and shame on them for reducing her life to THIS petty political difference. PS: I think that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer gave me my recent kidney stones. OY! OUCH…whom do I contact/publicly blame?????


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