Kentucky man arrested for pulling gun on couple wearing MAGA hats

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It’s a war zone out there.

The Left have declared war on Americans who are patriots. It’s just that the complicit media haven’t told us.

On February 16, 2019, at a Sam’s Club in Bowling Green, Kentucky, a 57-year-old man named James Phillips pulled a gun on Terry Pierce and his wife because of their MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats.

The Pierces were at the checkout line when Phillips gave them the finger.

Mrs. Pierce said to Phillips: “Excuse me. Did you flip us off?”

Phillips went into an obscene tirade and said: “Yes, I did, because of those hats.”

Mr. Pierce moved in front of Phillips and said: “What gives you the right to flip me off? Because of the hat I’m wearing?”

Phillips pulled a gun out, pointed it in Pierce’s face, and said: “This is a good day for you to die.”

Pierce: “Then pull the trigger. You either pull the trigger or put the gun down and face me like a man.”

Phillips started to back away, but said again: “Yeah, this is a good day for you to die.”

Pierce stood his ground. As the two men continued to argue, Phillips backed away and stuck his gun in the backside of his belt.

ABC13 WBKO reports that Pierce said Phillips accused him of assaulting him, but Pearce never touched Phillips.

According to the police report, surveillance video confirms Pierce’s story that he did not put his hands on Phillips. Police say Phillips had a Glock .40 caliber with a round chambered in his back pocket and two additional magazines in another pocket.

Phillips was promptly arrested, charged with “wanton endangerment” and is in the Warren County Regional Jail.

Fox News points out that if this were a conservative pulling a gun, the news would be plastered everywhere. Watch the Fox News video here.

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14 responses to “Kentucky man arrested for pulling gun on couple wearing MAGA hats

  1. Well, I wouldn’t want to be arrested but since everybody were witnesses to the threats, I disarm the “muther”, beat the shit out of him because I feared for my life and then turn myself in to authorities, but that pos ain’t worth my time in the back of a cop car.

  2. try pointing one @ me, d-suckers

  3. Phillips looks like a loon, just like the rest of the Democrat communists. Take a good look at Adam Schiff…yikes but he’s scary!

  4. A big gun makes a small minded person feel superior.
    Until someone takes it away from him shoves it where the don’t shine.
    (contraction is intentional)

  5. No need for an actual article here. The photos tell the whole story don’t they?

    • Ha, ha, that’s the truth. He looks like a “true believer”. If he was packing a gun he’d be rattling bones on the corner and screaming “we’re all gonna die”.

  6. Just another run-of-the-mill unglued DemonRat doing exactly what a DemonRat is expected to do.

  7. I wonder if CNN or MSNBC might be prosecuted since Phillips was incited to seek out and threaten people like the Pierces just for wearing MAGA hats. Even though the msm’s and Dems’ wildly inflammatory rhetoric doesn’t, so far, meet the test of being the imminent cause of such violence, its constant repetition is nonetheless cumulatively responsible and effectively imminent for such acts as targeting random strangers wearing MAGA hats. Obviously the msm is responsible, but the msm is above the law when it’s not making laws by holding Congress accountable to deep pockets on the left. As the old saying goes, Before the msm exposes, Congress disposes. Where were the Republicans when freedom of speech was turned on its head to subvert every decent thing this country once stood for and now allows the msm to fan the flames of outright anti-white racism and genocide against us whites?

  8. One unhinged fools is gonna pull a gun on an armed MAGA patriot. Idiots…

  9. Try that sh!t on me and before he knows it I’ll shoot him! My weapon only comes out of my holster for a few reasons, and threatening someone isn’t one of them!

  10. Wow, left out two words in a single sentence….Proof reading really is important!.

  11. Stephen T. McCarthy

    >>… “Phillips backed away and stuck his gun in the backside of his belt.”

    At which point he would have “went out” (as my friend Mark D. once put it, after taking out a pedophile cop at an Orange County, CA. fairground), and would have awakened sometime next week in the ICU.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’


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