Keith Olbermann, Most Overpaid TV-man. Ever

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Former MSNBC leftist talker Keith Olbermann’s new gig is a flop.
After he left MSNBC, Al Gore scooped him up for his Current TV, America’s least watched network. (Gore is Current’s chairman and co-founder.)
As Constantine von Hoffman (what a name!) reports for bNet, Oct. 18, 2011, Olbermann’s new show has lost nearly a third of its viewers in four months.
When Olbermann first started, he had drawn a big (for Current TV) audience, averaging 106,000 viewers a night. By August, however, it was down to 79,000. Last month’s numbers were even worse: Olbermann’s average was down to 46,000 viewer.
That means Olbermann is paid $217.39 per viewer!
As a comparison, to put Olbermann’s numbers in proper perspective:
ABC’s new Charlie’s Angels got 5.9 million viewers last week–128 times that of Olbermann’s 46,000 views. The new Charlie’s Angels is now cancelled.
But this doesn’t mean Olbermann (networth: $35 million!) is at risk of losing his job because even at 46,000 viewers, he is still drawing twice what Current was getting before him. Pre-Olbermann, the network was averaging about 23,000 viewers a day in 2010. That means nationwide they had fewer eyeballs than a CW affiliate does in a mid-sized U.S. city.
Adept at lying, Al Gore tried to put a gloss on Olbermann’s dismal numbers. Speaking in 1960s clichés, Gore told Crain’s New York: “We’re going to be creating a lot of jobs for people who are not afraid to speak truth to power.”
Al Gore, you won’t recognize Truth if it bites you on your ample rear end. But you do know how to get power, I’ll grant you that.

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0 responses to “Keith Olbermann, Most Overpaid TV-man. Ever

  1. Who knew! Not I! It is amazing to me that you write so well and have so much to say and I was totally amazed at this, so should others.

  2. Some of his analysis is intelligent but most of it is just Dumbocrat Party
    bipartisan crap. He sure beats Fox but then I like Judge Napolitano better than Olbermann, but then I hardly watch TV at all.

  3. Bathtub boy couldn’t draw flies at a BBQ.
    And what a first-rate jerk.

  4. Check your arithmetic, please. 5.9 million is not 128% of 46k.
    Also, re: Current, shouldn’t it be obvious they are trying to grow the network from a bean? They may fail, but fail or succeed, it will take some time. Right now they’re not available everywhere, so their obvious strategy is to sign on a bunch of well-known figures to increase demand for their content, and thus force the cable companies to carry them.
    And does it really make sense to compare a very traditional broadcast network with a brand new cable-only network?
    If you have a garden and plant some seeds, would you declare it a failure because you have no flowers after two weeks of growth?

    • Well my calculator verifies Eowyn’s 5.9 million and 128% numbers…(actually it’s 5.888 but whatever).
      And I’m going to go out on a limb and predict failure for this network as well. Nobody is buying the BS that Gore and Bathtub Boy try to ram down our throats.

    • Frank,
      Thank you for bringing my error to my attention. I mistook 128 times for 128%. The error’s been corrected in the post.
      As for Current TV being a mere “seed” in the garden, so you consider a SIX-year-old network to be “a seed”?
      “The Current cable television network went on the air in the US at midnight EDT (4:00 UTC) on the morning of August 1, 2005.” (Wiki)
      Can I have a time-frame from you for when a TV “seed” is no longer a seed, please? Whatever your time-span is, give it to us now. Later, we’ll check back with you on whether you think Current’s continuing abysmal ratings still qualify it as “a seed” experiencing growing pains.

  5. Not just that, but… Huh, Al Gore has a TV network?! (Really, hadn’t even known about Current TV at all and I’m not living under a rock… heck, I know that Oprah has her own network and it’s not doing so hot– obviously, Current TV isn’t even that good.)

  6. This guy is pathetic. I absolutely cannot stand him… ugh… Lord I pray he’s not still doing sports too… is he? Because I will not watch if he is, I’ll stick to The NFL Today for my hosting needs.


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