Keith Olbermann is Worth $7 Million/Year?

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The latest issue of TV Guide has an article on the salaries of top-earning TV stars and news personalities.
Get this: MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, who does not even pretend to be an objective journalist, is paid $7 million a year. This is the same Keith Olbermann who exploited his dying and dead parents for audience sympathy. In one maudlin and bizarre broadcast, he even talked about killing his father. (See HERE)
According to Business Insider, Olbermann averaged a measley 1,059,000 viewers in the second quarter of this year (March 29-June 27), a decrease of 100,000 viewers from the same period a year ago. His ratings in the advertiser-friendly 25-54 demographic, however, have been declining even more sharply every quarter since 1Q2009, when he averaged 452,000. He’s now down to 263,000 in that demo.
To put Olbermann’s bloated pay in perspective, let’s take a look at Katie Couric’s salary and ratings.
TV Guide has Couric as the top earner among TV news personalities, at $15 million a year. In the second quarter of 2010, CBS’s “Evening News” with Katie Couric pulled in about 5.5 million viewers, down 6% from last year. Although Couric’s CBS News remains the lowest rated of the three big networks, still she has 5 times the number of viewers as Olbermann, while her pay is twice that of Olbermann’s.
Popular and industry opinion is that Couric is over paid. What is less known and discussed is that Olbermann is even more over paid.

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0 responses to “Keith Olbermann is Worth $7 Million/Year?

  1. send them both to fallujah and let them work for al jazeera. who even watches network news anymore anyway? its been someones opinion and not news for so long now why is it even still called the news.

  2. Both are overpaid propaganda tools…you couldn’t pay me to watch either one…

  3. You mean people ACTUALLY watch olby’s show? Lobotomies are Us?
    Couric smouric! Can’t stand her either. I have my list of favorites, and they are the only ones I will watch. And guess what? They are ALL on Fox News.

  4. Is he pimping coke?

  5. I know Steve, my mom is one of those types. But while she’s in town visiting me she’s getting a daily dose of Hannity…lol welcome to the real world mom!

  6. In a check to “Cash” or lots of used small bills?

  7. Little Keithie Olberdouche isn’t worth $7.
    At least it’s safe to watch Sunday Night Football again. 🙂
    LOL – And I would still pop for the PPV charge to watch John Madden beat the absolute shit out of this jerk.

  8. real life is turning into a bad b movie directed by george romero and written by stephen king. the educational system graduates moron after moron, people to stupid too know that they are stupid. the idiot box in the front room tranquillizes and numbs their brains with the crap left wing hollywood dishes out. i’m mad as hell and cant take anymore (network 1976). steve i think you’re wrong its not the 50- 56 crowd that you have to worry about. it’s the 20’s and 30’s with dumbing down and race norming this age group thinks that jonathan stewart is really a newscaster.


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