Keith Olbermann – All the Dirt from the ESPN Days

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Of interest to old sports fans who watched ESPN in the 1990s, the big shots dish the dirt on Olbermann. 
Rece Davis
There was a rumor a few years ago that maybe Keith would come back, and one of our coordinating producers said, “I think it would be a good idea but with one caveat. He first has to stand in the reception area, and everybody who wants to gets to come up and punch him in the stomach.”
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0 responses to “Keith Olbermann – All the Dirt from the ESPN Days

  1. Seriously, the warning sign is right about Olbermann’s repulsive face causing one to have diarrhea. Who’s the craziest nut case
    of the three, Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz, or Chris Matthews? They are worse than a bad case of the flu.

  2. Ah, so he wasn’t just an obnoxious butthead when it came to politics; he was always that way.


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