Keeping A Sharp Mind In Retirement.

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As some of us are of retirement age, we need to keep our minds sharp and occupied with small projects………like this guy.



 know, I saw it right away too…. No safety glasses or hearing protection! 

And I caught something else that is really important: he’s not wearing gloves.

I might be up in age but I a still as tack as a sharp.

 ~Steve~                             H/T   Miss May


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0 responses to “Keeping A Sharp Mind In Retirement.

  1. And to think they want to outlaw guns, LOL!

  2. Dain Bramage!

  3. Golly, he’s not wearing a hat– it’s bright out, that may hurt his eyes. 😉

  4. Ouch!


  5. Oh, and somebody might want to call OSHA, as I am pretty sure he isn’t wearing steel-toed boots, either.


  6. Yikes – I hurt just looking at this picture – I reckon he has his quota of children!!

  7. That’s why ya never, never let a liberal use a chain saw… oh wait, nevermind, let me help ya start it…


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